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This is a simple built-in function for displaying custom fields for the current post, known as the "post-meta" (stored in the wp_postmeta table). It formats the data into an unordered list (see output below).

It must be used from within The Loop or in a theme file that handles data from a single post (e.g. single.php). the_meta() will ignore meta_keys (i.e. field names) that begin with an underscore.

For more information on this tag, see Custom Fields.


%%% <?php the_meta(); ?> %%%


This tag has no parameters.


<p>Meta information for this post:</p>
<?php the_meta(); ?>

Output from the_meta:

<ul class='post-meta'>
<li><span class='post-meta-key'>your_key:</span> your_value</li>

Source File

the_meta() is located in onlyincludecodewp-includes/post-template.php/code/onlyinclude

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Template Description

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  2. (option) path to codetag/code (version) or codetrunk/code. This option is only used for a new /Default: codetrunk/code -- trunk is the latest bleeding edge development version of WordPress.


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Custom Fields: the_meta, get_post_meta, add_post_meta, update_post_meta, delete_post_meta, get_post_custom, get_post_custom_values, get_post_custom_keys (See Also: post_meta Function Examples)

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