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语  法:timeconfig [--arc][--back][--test][--utc][时区名称]
补充说明:这是Red Hat公司遵循GPL规则所开发的程序,它具有互动式操作界面,您可以轻易地利用方向键和空格键等,设置系统时间所属的时区。
参  数:
--arc  使用Alpha硬件结构的格式存储系统时间。 
--back  在互动式界面里,显示Back钮而非Cancel钮。 
--test  仅作测试,并不真的改变系统的时区。 
--utc  把硬件时钟上的时间视为CUT,有时也称为UTC或UCT。 


NAME timeconfig - simple interface for configuring system time parameters

SYNOPSIS timeconfig [--utc] [--arc] [--back] [--test] [timezone]

DESCRIPTION timeconfig provides a simple method of configuring both /etc/sysconfig/clock and /etc/localtime which is compatible with both the standard Red Hat startup scripts and timeconfig(8).

If a timezone is specified, the system timezone is change to the timezone specified. Otherwise, a menu of available timezones is displayed. If --utc is given, the system clock is assumed to be in universal (Greenwhich mean) time. If --arc is used, the system clock is assumed ot be stored in the format used by the ARC platform on Digital Alpha platforms (the --arc option is only available on Alpha hardware).

The timeconfig window contains a Cancel button by default. If --back is specified at run time, a Back button is presented instead.

If --test is specified, timeconfig may be run as a non-root user, and no changes are written to the filesystem.

RETURN CODES timeconfig returns 0 on success, 2 on error, and 1 if the user cancelled the program (by using either the Cancel or Back button).

FILES /etc/sysconfig/clock Configures the format used by the hardware clock.

/etc/localtime File containing timezone data, copied from /usr/share/zoneinfo.

SEE ALSO setclock(8)

AUTHOR Erik Troan <ewt@redhat.com>

Thu Sep 18 1997 1