Typhoon downgrade to WM2003

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Typhoon downgrade to WM2003

using typhoonnbfdecode.pl you can create flashable sd cards. this allows you to modify the bootloader to a version that does support wm2003.

NOTE: no garantee that this does not completely screw up your device.

RaiN_: i made it without any problems :)

What do you need

with these addons:

NbfUtils http://www.xs4all.nl/~~itsme/projects/perl/ppm/,

Crypt-DES library (http://ppm.activestate.com/PPMPackages/zips/8xx-builds-only/Windows/Crypt-DES.zip).

now you will be able to run typhoonnbfdecode.pl

You have to figure out what the uniqueid of your disk-on-chip is.

the easy way, if your phone is booting and working ok

run this tool from itsutils:

 pdocread -l

it will tell you the disk on chip id.

the more difficult way, if your OS is broken somehoew:

RaiN: i tried that method - worked :)

create a sdcard image using the bootloader in your phone, for instance:

 r2sd spl

copy the sdcard image to a file on your pc:

 [psdread|XdaUtils/psdread.exe] F: 0 0xc00200 curspl.sdimg

find the disk-on-chip is:

 perl typhoonnbfdecode.pl curspl.sdimg

in the output it should say somewhere : docuniqueid <32 hexdigit number>

now create an spl sd image:

Extract the to-be-flashed spl image from an NBF:

 perl typhoonnbfdecode.pl -x nk.nbf

you can edit the filenames by cutting the numbers out at the beggining of each filename, then you can use exactly the commands below. It's because you will get filenames like this "90000000-IPL.nb", so rename it to "ipl.nb".

Create sdimg for this SPL:

 perl typhoonnbfdecode.pl -r spl=SPL.nb -d newspl.sdimg -p docuniqueid=<32 hexdigit number>

Write this image to your mini-sd:

 psdwrite F: newspl.sdimg

Insert minisd in your phone, and bootloader boot it, press volume down to flash.

Now restart your phone, it should now fail to boot WM2005.

Now repeat the above steps with the os-image,

 perl typhoonnbfdecode.pl -r os=os.nb -d newos.sdimg -p docuniqueid=<32 hexdigit number>

Power on your phone and wait. It will take rather long time because it's first boot of your new WM2003 :)

You're done! Now you can install any ROM you like, just by running installer from your Windows XP machine.