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Common queries which have come up on the forums about the HTC Universal device, feel free to add.

This is very much a shell of an FAQ at the moment as there was not one at all for the Universal

General questions

What is it?

It is a PocketPC device with a built-in GSM phone.

What names is the Universal known under?

The Universal is known as:

  • O2 XDA Exec
  • Dopod 900
  • Qtek 9000
  • MDA Pro
  • I-mate JASJAR
  • SPV M5000
  • Vodafone v1640

So what makes these versions different?

Only the contents of the ROMs and the exterior piece of plastic. You can always change the OS version, OS language and provider personalisation of your phone if you don't like the way it is now.

Frequently Asked Questions in the forum and the solutions can be found here

What is/How do I access the Extended ROM?

The extended ROM contains a number of items mostly registry edits specific to your network which are added during the customization stage of the factory reset.

To access it you will need first need to unlock it get an unlock tool here

Then get a copy of Total Commander. Download and run the windows installer for ARM/XSCALE/PXA processors and then start it on your Universal. At the path line at the top of the screen type


This will take you to the extended rom directory.

WARNING: Modifying/Deleting these files may cause problems with your Universal upon a factory reset, do so at your own risk!

There is a very useful page on editing the config.txt file found in this directory among other things on Pocket PC Dubai

"Windows cannot recognize the device..."

My O2 XDA Exec/i-mate JasJar/Orange M5000/HTC Universal isn't recognized by Windows or ActiveSync when I plug it into my PC (to synch or to install apps, etc), saying "Windows cannot recognize the device...", how do I fix it? (Forum post) Ensure that you're running at least ActiveSync 4.0 (as of this writing, 10 Jan 2006, 4.5 is the latest) or preferably the latest version.

  • Disconnect your device from the PC
  • Go to Start > Programs > Wireless Modem
  • Select "IR" from the list
  • Press the "Start" button, then hit the "Stop" button
  • Reconnect your device to the PC

Windows should now recognize the device, and you should be able to use ActiveSync as usual.

Connecting a laptop to the web via Universal


Battery Problems/Won't Wake Up

Flashing Problems/Bootloader

If you can not flash the universal then you must use the original usb-cable! If the Universal in the Bootloader you often can not flash the device if you not use the original usb-cable. Also you can not see the "WESUSB... " Port in the mtty utility!

Please add as you discover more, we are all learning here!

This page has so far been written by someone using a UK O2 XDA Exec version of the Universal and techniques etc mentioned are based on experiences of this and so are not guaranteed to work quite the same on other versions!

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