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Update: There is a new Version of XDA2Unlock (v 2.2 as of this writing) available, which does not require the bootloader or the reset. Please visit http://forum.xda-developers.com/viewtopic.php?t=6963 for information and the download. The setup file is in the forum post.

Only users with Radio 1.05.12 should use the process below:

  1. Backup all data on your Himalaya. (It will be erased!)
  2. You enter the bootloader by holding the Power button and the Action button (th ecenter of the rocker direction switch) while pressing the stylus in the reset hole on the bottom.
    In the bootloader mode, the display will be gray and say "Serial" at the top.
  3. Next put the device in the USB cradle. The display will now say USB. The first time you do this, Windows will detect a new device.
  4. Disable USB in ActiveSync in 'File' -> 'Connection Settings'
  5. Now the device is ready to extract the unlock code.
  6. Download and run xda2unlock
  7. Write down the unlock code it provides
  8. Reboot the Himalaya
  9. Insert a SIM that the SIMlocked phone doesn't like
  10. Enter the above code in the SIMlock box that pops up on the screen.
    Alternatively, you can connect to the wireless modem and enter the following AT command:
    AT%HTCLOCK=0, <your code written down above> ,1
  11. Do not forget to enable USB in Active Sync again: 'File' -> 'Connection Settings'