Version 1.5

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Note: The working version number for version 1.5 was 1.3.

Archive version available at:

This page lists the goals that Version 1.5 aspired to. Striked out items have been implemented.

  • Critical bugs that need to be fixed
  • New functionality that needs implementation/fixing
  • Other stuff

I know many potential users are trying to decide whether to install 1.2mingus or wait until an official 1.3 release. This page should help them tackle that decision.

1.3 (now 1.5) Goals

This is a temporary section outlining goals for 1.3(now 1.5) for developers to work on if they have the time. Not all of this will make it into 1.3(now 1.5). If you have any questions or comments, or even better if you want to work on any of this, please email

  • Dashboard - blocker: magpie/custom decision
  • Finish options
    • Remove tables:
      • optiongroup_options
      • optiongroups
      • optiontypes
      • optionvalues
    • Fix geo 0;0 behaviour re: Carthik
  • Add GUID field to wp_posts (should be permalink at time of posting, with isPermalink=no)
  • Users
    • Ability to edit other users
  • Login page
    • Needs to give errors in a big red box
  • Plugins
    • Update Markdown to 1.0 re: Michel Fortin
    • Update Staticize, more graceful errors
    • Move Geo to plugin and enhance. (Geo removed from core. MooKitty working on plugin.)
    • Doc what to do with bad plugin
    • Add API for providing admin UI (Options pages done. What else?)
  • Additional slugs (category and author) - blocker: UI decision
  • Comments
    • Emergent registration - Kitten will provide patches
    • Retrospaminator - Kitten will provide patches
    • User agent field, record and filter Still needs a little work
    • Throttling - if there are more than 20 posts, then take a weighted average of the number of comments on recent posts and if more comments than that are left in a short period of time start putting them into moderation
    • Moderation notification when you leave a comment
    • Whitelist trackbacks and pingbacks from blogroll
    • Automatically moderate posts more than 10 days old
  • Texty stuff
    • Fix ending double quote bug in Texturize
    • Make autop faster
  • Pages
    • Polish Admin UI (Getting there. Add slug?)
    • Add page support to template
    • Add wp_list_pages() to template
    • Add folder/subpage support
    • Add custom, per-page template support
  • Cleanup database install/upgrade
  • Presentation
    • Theme Switcher
    • Theme Editor
  • Migrate to IXR
  • Link Manager UI
    • Remove Options->Link Manager
    • Move link update options to Options->Misc
  • Permalinks, Cruft-Free Links
    • Tidy Options->Permalinks
    • Full PATH_INFO support
    • 404 support
    • %category%
    • %author%
    • Timestamp permalinks
    • Automatically update .htaccess
    • I18N Support
    • Clean page links, everywhere
    • Clean feed links, everywhere
    • Have htaccess redirect to path info by default?
  • I18N
    • Fix email subject encoding bugs
    • Audit use of htmlentities
    • Add UTF-8 support to title sanitizer (Almost done. Need to complete remove accents.)
  • Feeds
    • Enclosures (pretty much done?)
    • RPC 3299
    • Extended ping support
    • Image?
  • Template and file editing UI cleanup

Developer Notes

  • Don't use the trackback and pingback pseudo-xml tags anymore, use the new comment_type field.
  • Note that the table names have all moved into $wpdb
  • Use WP_Query and the is_*() functions.

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