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Read/Write chinese on your WM5, without installing CE-Star/Monster

Small installation

approx 3.3MB (1.8MB font + 1.5MB Input method)

Enable viewing of Chinese on WM5 WWE version (require approx 1.8MB for fonts)

1. Download the SC_Song font here

2. Copy this to your \Windows directory on your mobile device

3. Apply this reg file: [1.reg SysLink[1].reg]

Or do it manually:

In your WM5 registry, under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\ add a new key call ~FontLink. Then, under this newly added ~FontLink key add another key call ~SystemLink. Example, you should now have the following in your registry


Now add the following 4 "String" values to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\~FontLink\~SystemLink

   [Name of value] '''~[Value (in bold)]'''
   Times New Roman \Windows\sunfon.ac3,~SC_Song
Arial \Windows\sunfon.ac3,~SC_Song
Courier New \Windows\sunfon.ac3,~SC_Song
Tahoma \Windows\sunfon.ac3,~SC_Song

4. Do a soft reset and you are done.

Note: WM5 has delayed registry updating, the registry changes may disappear if you soft reset too fast. Try switching off/on (sleep/wake) or try to modify some settings (like ringtone) before you do a soft reset. If things doesn't work, probably just because of this. Double check to avoid disappointment.

Note: Some devices may need the file wince.nls to able to view Chinese. Refer to `Multi language support` at the Related threads section below.

Chinese SIP (require approx 1.5MB)

1. Go to Asukal's page and look for `Chinese FEP for WM5 Down load 1.5MB` near the bottom of the page
Direct link (ChinaFEP_No5en.zip)

aiwan Character Set Support

This tweak will also work with other Chinese based fonts. For example to get a Taiwan style character set (as opposed to the Mainland China character set provided in the SUNGLOBE.TTF file) you can use FontCreator (trial version) to extract one of the fonts from MingLiU.TTF (a Taiwan font provided with desktop Windows OS in Taiwan). Then replace all above references to "SUNGLOBE.TTF,UniSun" with "MINGLIU.TTF,MingLiU". Tested on my HP IPAQ Hx2490B and it seems to work like a charm.

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