WPMU Functions/wpmu admin redirect url

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Depreciated - This function is still a part of the WordPress MU code base after its initial introduction in revision 465 of wpmu-functions.php as part of a merge from WordPress, there is no explanation as to what this function does however it appears o prefix $_GET['s'] with 's_' and return the combined value.

The function is used in wpmu-users.php and wpmu-blogs.php where it is used to generate the redirect part of a query string sent to wpmu-edit.php. Without knowing more about the code it is hard to guess what this is for but I suspect its part of an older version of the blog and user admin area and being prefixed with s_ I would expect it is probably used to maintain any search terms entered.

The two known uses were dropped in revision 699 of wpmu-blogs.php and revision 1237 of wpmu-users.php however the code still exists for this function even in the latest revision at time of writing which was 1928.

A ticket has been issued in trac for this seemingly superfluous code here.



Return Values

value of $_GET['s'] with 's_' appended infront if $_GET['s'] is set.


%%%<?php wpmu_admin_redirect_url(); ?>%%%