Windows Mobile 5

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Windows Mobile 5 (WM5, originally codenamed "Magneto") was the latest version of Microsoft's Operating System for embedded systems, until February 12, 2007 when Microsoft released Windows Mobile 6 ("Crossbow"). It is also known as WindowsCE 5.0.1 Its primary target platforms includes the PocketPC and the ~SmartPhone, both of which are labels for specific device and operating system platform combinations.

Major differences from the previous version of Windows Mobile, WM2003(SE) include:

  • New system kernel (Windows CE 5, instead of 4)
  • CPU architecture support decided upon the ARM family of processors (ARM, StrongARM, XScale, TI OMAP)
  • Persistent storage (data is saved on 'flash'-like memory, retaining its data even when performing a reset or having an battery run empty)
  • Addition of ~Direct3D, ~DirectX and ~DirectDraw Mobile, enabling faster and richer graphic applications and games
  • 'Soft-key' support on both PocketPC and ~SmartPhone, previously only available on ~SmartPhone editions of the OS.

You can try out the WM5 with the Microsoft WM5 emulator Standalone Device Emulator 1.0 with Windows Mobile OS Images

Tips, Tricks and Tweaks


  • How do you replace the battery icon (on Today screen, top right) with time?*
    • For AKU2.2 ROMs (registry tweak)
      • Refer to [registry tweaks - other | WM5_Tweaks_Other] at section `Restore Clock on Taskbar when on Today Screen`.
  • For other ROMs
  • What is the easy way to backup/transfer your contact and calendar?*
    • The pim.vol file in your unit root folder stores all your contact and calendar information. Backup/transfer this file will do. (Note: Some people have problems copying/overwriting this file. A way to by pass it is to first rename the file before overwriting/copying). Only transfer this file in between WM5 units.
  • Why is the 2nd boot-screen blank now?*
    • This problem results from older versions (pre 1.3) of pRSSReader. They replace the file \windows\zlib.dll. To cure this, rename that file to zlib--.dll and reboot. Then delete the zlib--.dll.

More information

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