Xperia X10 Mini Replacing Applications

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Sony Ericsson includes a custom calendar application with its' Android phones and it is extremely limited, ugly, and slow. It is possible to replace it with the default calendar for Android.

You will need a rooted device, adb installed on your computer, and the stock calendar application, attached here.

Make sure that the calendar has been synced with your google account. Then on the phone uninstall 'Calendar' and 'CalendarProvider' or 'SemcCalendar, SemcCalendarVanillaApi and CalendarProvider'. So in short, copy everything related to calendar from '/system/app' to '/data/app' and reboot. Now go to 'Phone Settings -> Applications -> Manage Applications' and delete:



  • Calendar
  • Calendar Bridge
  • Calendar Storage

Connect the phone to you computer in debug mode and in a terminal, execute:

adb install /pathToFile/CalendarProvider.apk
adb install /pathToFile/Calendar.apk

or install in any other way the two applications given in the zip file.

Now copy *, * from '/data/app' to '/system/app' and reboot.

Now go to Settings -> Synchronize Accounts and sync the google calendar. This might ask your permission, don't forget to give it. The permission question might come up as an warning in the notification area and is easily overlooked. Then you can use the default calendar.


In some mysterious way, bluetooth file transfer might not work on the Mini with Android 2.1. This can be fixed by removing Bluetooth.apk from /system/app. First by moving it to /data/app, then reboot, and then go to Settings->Applications->Manage applications->Bluetooth share, and choose delete. After the default bluetooth application is deleted, instal 'Bluetooth File Transfer' from Medieval Software (free on the market).