Adding Asides

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What Are Asides?

When you lean towards someone and tell them a little bit of information, you are making an "aside" comment. In blogs, you can do that on your blog by passing on small bits of information to your readers called Asides.

Also known as remaindered links or linkblog, Asides were originally implemented by Matt Mullenweg, developer of WordPress, and it soon spread far and wide and became a very popular method of adding little bits of information to your blog.

Asides can be run from within your WordPress site, and do not require installation of another blog.

Post formats

The current implementation of Asides is to use a theme that supports post formats.

Asides With plug-ins

A number of different aside plugins are available to allow you to add Asides to your blog easily. Take a look through the built-in plug-in browser to find one.