BA ERK 131vs122

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Version 1.31 Vs 1.22

Based on I-Mate 1.22.162 WWE and I-Mate Arabic 1.31.112 WWE

The following patches supplied by I-Mate in 1.22.162 can not be found in 1.31.112

Other Known Patches not found I-Mate Arabic 1.31.112 WWE

Patches found in I-Mate Arabic 1.31.112 WWE

Wireless manager upgrade to date stamp 20.08.04
Replace files WirelessMgr.exe.0409.mui & WLanMgr.exe
Replaces Battery.dll with date stamp 01.11.04

Based on I-Mate Arabic 1.31.112 WWE Contribution from Bebbo

  • OEM_ALL_122_04111601.CAB; Patch Audio serial = Not need as it is in Base 1.31

The OEM_ALL_122_04111601.CAB contains files found in OEM_WWE_124_008.CAB BUT is a DOWNGRADE of some of them, the remainder are same date. I do not think this cab file is needed at all!!!!! I installed it on my device and it downgraded the dates on files such as GWAudio.dll........!!!!! I think this is an old patch and if installed out of order (ie 122 AFTER 124) it will downgrade the dll's! I would remove it completely as all files are in 124.

  •; Major Bluetooth Upgrade = Not need as it is in Base 1.31

My 1.31 ROM has ALL the upgraded files (Same dates) as ones from OEM_WWE_124_008.CAB with some which are EVEN NEWER. So this patch is not required.

  •; Minor Bluetooth Upgrade

The OEM_Patche_12100401.CAB contains newer versions of some files than the 1.31 ROM so this MAY be beneficial (Though when I installed this patch on my unit I suffered a lot with "No Memory" errors when starting BT).

  • BroadcomCorp_BTUpdate.CAB; Broadcom Bluetooth Upgrade; 12.10.04 5 files; ERK_1.22_002

There is no high quality audio profile in BT so the Broadcom Update is also not present in the 1.31 rom. However this patch does not solve any problems, it just adds two more profiles.

Therefore I feel that the 1.31 rom was released at some point BETWEEN 124 and the OEM_Patche_12100401 as a few file dates are at a point in-between the two (Please don't ask for a comprehensive list as I did it manually!)

  •; Camera.exe = 22.09.04 ; ERK_1.22_003

No Info at the momment

Based on Orange UK 1.31.124 WWE Contribution ???