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Restore CAMERA after using Siemens upgrade on PDA2K

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The Siemens SX66 has the Model Number PH20B1 and is shipped without a Camera. Thus, any upgrade performed with a Siemens ROM will lack the necessary files to support the built-in camera.

The Thread on this subject is.

Restore CAMERA after using Siemens upgrade on PDA2K

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It took me a couple of hours of finding out which files where needed and how to rebuild an unremovable CAB file, but I've done it!

(thank you so much, I have voicemail notifications!).
  • I took the Camera patch CAB file from Wiki and replaced all the necessary files and
  • threw the new CAB file into my Extended ROM and
  • hard-resetted my PDA2K.

Now, I'm at 1.33.10 with Radio 1.06.02 and full Camera and MMS support on my PDA2K! Woohoo!

You can run the CAB file on your existing setup, or you can pop it into your Ext. ROM, too.