“BA Radio 1.15 Upgrade”的版本间的差异

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Instructions Radio ROM upgrade to version 1.15.00

Please note that the 1.42 Roms include Radio 1.13.00

NOTE: This is the latest version at time of writing.
Procedure for newer versions should be the same unless clearly indicated.

Old Versions

Thread on this subject is:

Radio v. 1.15.00

First Method (Quick/Easy) (TYPE II)


  1. Download update to desktop
  2. Unrar or unzip all files in exe or rar into a new folder
  3. Open the folder with the extracted files
  4. Download this file: MaUpgradeUt_noID.ZIP
  5. Extract MaUpgradeUt_noID.exe from this file and place it with the other upgrade files.
  6. Run this new exe file instead of BaUpgradeUt.exe to update your rom
  7. If you get an error the first time, run MaUpgradeUt_noID.exe again without touching your device (don't take it out from the cradle, don't reset it, don't touch it at all!)

If you get a Device ID error with the above:

  1. Find and download the SHIP ROM version that matches your current ROM version here: SHIP ROM Versions
  2. Unpack the file and place on your desktop
  3. Copy the above radio_.nbf to this folder (replacing the 'old' radio_.nbf)
  4. Del the other 2 nbf's (ms_.nbf and nk_.nbf)
  5. Double-click BaUpgradeUt
  6. Follow the instructions on your screen

Second Method Type I (EASY - If you have ever upgraded your WM rom, the procedure is similar. Only, in this case, the Radio ROM is being upgraded, not Windows itself)

  1. Download the file directly from:
    Radio Type I
    BA_Radio_ROM_1.15.00 (There's a Trojan virus on this page!) or
    http://www.ziddu.com/download/2732268/Radio1.15.zip.html or
  2. Unrar the package
  3. Put your Device in Serial Mode (WM5: Power+Softreset+Record)
  4. Run 'BaUpgradeUt.exe'

Thread: - (Go to mamaich post)

Second Method Type I (harder and you need to understand editfix.bat)

1.15.00 Radio Type I
Upgrade files Type I
NOTE: This ROM is prepared for use with Blueangel models PH20B.
It should work on all PH20B models - See your GetDeviceData.txt or edit your fix.bat as needed


  1. Make sure you have a fresh backup of all your data before starting this upgrade, as you will have to hard reset your device after the upgrade
  2. Run GetDeviceData to record your current PDA configuration

Instructions (follow all these steps):

  1. Download file(s) to desktop
  2. Unrar or unzip to a radio upgrade folder
  3. Open the radio upgrade folder
  4. Edit your editfix.bat to your settings
  5. Run the editfix.bat
  6. Soft reset your PDA (WM5 Owners, place the device in Serial Mode: Power+Softreset+Record)
  7. Replace PDA in cradle
  8. Make sure ActiveSync is working
  9. Double-click BaUpgradeUt in the radio upgrade folder
  10. Follow the instructions on your screen
  11. Hard reset your PDA (Power* Reset button for WM2003SE)

The new Radio ROM is now installed on your device.

If you get one of the following errors:

  • Country ID error
  • Language ID error
  • Operator ID error
  • Grey screen, nothing happens

Then have a look here: Problem Solving

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