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Blue Angel as USB Modem


Your Blue Angel (or any other Windows-powered mobile device that has the Wireless Modem application) can function as a wireless modem, allowing your computer to connect to the Internet through your WAP or GPRS connection.


You need to start the Wireless Modem application on your Pocket PC, install the driver provided in the ZIP file below, and launch the HTC USB Modem Dialer. To do that, follow these steps:

  1. Download the driver and the dialer software, and unzip them to any folder on your PC. Click here to download: Perform the next 2 steps while your device is NOT connected to the PC.
  2. Go to Start -> Programs -> Wireless Modem.
  3. Select USB from the list, and click on Start.
  4. Place the device in the cradle.
  5. Windows will start the "New hardware found" wizard momentarily. Browse for the USBMDM.INF file that was provided in the ZIP file. Continue the driver installation.
  6. Go to the unzipped files folder, and launch USBModem_Dialer.exe. Enter your WAP/GPRS connection credentials, and in the APN field, type the server's name (for example:
  7. Press Dial, and you're connected.


While the mobile device is functioning as a USB modem, flight mode will appear to be turned on. You will not be able to receive calls, but you can connect to your provider's WAP/GPRS access point.


WModem does not exist in WM5, instead use internet connection sharing. GPRS (and probably wlan) can be shared with a Windows PC. First install ActiveSync 4.5 on the PC. The above mentioned dialer and driver are now unnecessary. On the phone, go to Programs->Extras->Internet sharing. Select USB and the connection you would like to share with the PC. Put the phone in the cradle. The phone may fail the activesync setup, but the internet link (RNDIS miniport) should be functional anyway. (You can check with ipconfig /all).

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