BA WM5 Extended ROM

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Project: Adapting a Extended ROM for BlueAngel Windows Mobile 5

Problem solved for BA_5.1.1700_build_14343 mamaich v3 patched Rom look here: BA_5.1.1700_build_14343_Upgrade_EXTENDED_ROM

Introduction to this page.

This is going to be a 'Work In Progress Area', since we do not have a extended ROM under WM5....

We now have an Extended Rom under WM5 and as a result you can now go and cook your own Extended Rom for WM5


Starting with:

  • So for first, people have to create one, the bad news to do so is revert back to WM2003 and use "repart_DOC" to resize the ROM,
 In WM2005 the current standard is 128k, you can set it for example to: 
  -  512kb still much to small 
  - 1024kb a bit tiny 
  - 2048kb can do for patches finally 
  - 4096kb good 
  - 8292kb to big 

  • Then (once reverted back to WM5) you have to make it visible in your explorer before you can put files on.

- you have to install this registry settings cabinet file for making it visible.

  • The storage itself survives a hardreset done with the bootloader

The Extended Rom and Autorun feature after hardreset is available in BA_5.1.1700_build_14343_Upgrade_EXTENDED_ROM

Discussion Topics

  • There is already a topic on the forum where everyone is free to make suggestions, or post files concerning the adapting progress, but there is almost nobody left who still has a Extended ROM to play with.

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