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Windows Mobile 5.0 FAQ

Upgrading problem?

You might have a lot of questions, but before asking, make sure you have read the rest of the Wiki pages and the BlueangelFAQ

Missing applications or functions

  • Where is the system tray (icons at bottom right)?

It will appear above the two softkeys when there is a program that uses it. By default, no program uses this, not even WiFi or BT.

  • Where is MSN Messenger?

MSN Messenger is integrated to Pocket MSN.

  • What happend to my Boot Screen in WM2005?

see this page

  • How can i create or edit a contact on my simcard?

Sim Contacts Manager

  • I don't have Acrobat Reader?

ClearVue PDF & PPT Viewer

  • I get an SMS and my light does not flash red as it used to.

Press Start>Settings>Sound and Notifications then select Notifications choose from the events : Messaging: New Text Message, then mark Flash light for 5 min or ...

Bluetooth Solved?

  • This util from Buzz has to solve the Bluetooth disconnect issue. It supposes to work on all wm2005 devices.Test version 1
  • Why is that Bluetooth disconnects after 10 minutes of turning off my device?

This is a known problem. No solution yet, exept the one above.

  • How do I send files over Bluetooth?

To send files over BT use this method. Turn on BT, in Explorer tap on file and in context menu select "Beam File". It would send file over BT and IRDA.

  • How do I install the 3900 Bluetooth stack that I had in my 1.40 rom

You can't this stack is from MS and it seems it will remain that way. (This could affect users that wants AD2P profile on their devices. Currently it is not possible to have this profile with the MS stack)

Device performance

  • My device is sloooooow. It takes me 10 seconds to just open the start menu.

This mostly happens on *SX66 (PH20B1)*. Turn off Event sounds and maybe all sounds at Sounds & Notifications and keypad sounds at Phone. If it is still slow, disable all sounds.

Desktop and Acivesync 4.X

  • I can't sync my WM5 device now that I have upgraded.

This seems to be the case with some users and not with others. One user reports that it works on his laptop but not on his desktop. Firewalls are a known problem (PC-Cillin 12). Here is a useful thread Otherwise you need to search the forums.

  • It seems that in some configurations Activesync does not sync some data with your Desktop PC.

Data that could be affected:

- Contacts
- Calendar
- E-mail
- Tasks

Files, Notes and Favorites can sync OK. AvantGO Connect could sync OK. In such case check you have an Exchange connection on your desktop Outlook application. If that's the case, you should sync your device having a live Exchange connection first. After that, you should synchronize "offline" (i.e. without Exchange connection) without problems.

  • In some configurations, Activesync should be uninstalled completely from your Desktop PC:
- Use the Control Panel applet on your desktop.
- Remove/rename (make backup first if you should) the folder "Microsoft ActiveSync" under
 "Program Files" on your desktop. It seems the configuration files on this folder could 
 interfere in the new installation
- Download and reinstall a fresh copy of ActiveSync program.


  • I've edited some things in the registry, however, after softreset, all changes have been lost.

A: After you have edited the registry, turn off your device, want 10-15 seconds, then (while it is still off), press the soft reset button. In this way, your changes will be saved.

Software with know issues on the WM5

  • I can't install TomTom Navigator 5.

Just copy the four installation cab files to your PDA and install it from there.

Sync and Wifi

  • Why can't I sync over WiFi (WLAN)?

For security reasons, ActiveSync over WiFi is no longer possible in version 4.


  • Word/Excel/Notes crashes when I'm trying to create a new one.

Create 3 folders in \My Documents: Business, Personal, Templates.

WM5 Rom Issues that are know and have been solved

Upgrade issues (obsolete information)

  • I Cant find a bunch of applictions like Device info

See upgrade Patches (1) WM5 Patches and ChangeLog

  • I can't configure all of my buttons

See upgrade Patch (2) WM5 Patches and ChangeLog

  • *Camera* does not work.

See upgrade Patch (3) WM5 Patches and ChangeLog

  • I have a PH20B1 which has no Camera and I have no sound

See upgrade Patch (4) WM5 Patches and ChangeLog

  • I cant find the Album application

See upgrade Patch (5) WM5 Patches and ChangeLog

  • I have only 43 MB of storage memory instead of 60.

You have to downgrade to WM2003SE and do step 2-7. [BlueAngel WM5 Upgrade page |BA_5.1.1700_build_14343_Upgrade]

Warning None of the versions of WM5 are official - all have bugs, and they probably always will, so do not complain to your manufacturer if something goes wrong!. Flashing an unofficial ROM will void your warranty, so do so at your own risk!

Questions Before Upgrade

Which is the best version of WM5 available for the BA?

Answer Currently there are two most frequently updated ROMs available - baniaczek ROMs, and xplode ROMs. See below a more detailed analysis.

xplode - Xplode is relatively new to the ROM making world, but already he has begun to make some seriously good ROMs and extras that challenge anything that has been done previously. His latest ROM version is WM5 AKU3.5.2 R5 Rom Kitchen v2 includes the new addition of a ROM Kitchen which allows the user to customize the ROM to their liking. More advanced users can even add their own .cab files to the ROM kitchen. Other interesting features include:

  • Core 5.1.478 (which was originally added by baniaczek).
  • AKU 3.5.2 (not yet added by baniaczek).
  • WM6 lookalike icons and sounds (baniaczek is a bit behind on this).

In his next version (R6?) we can expect some help from Tuatura, who has been working on some tools to make WM5 for the BA much more stable.

baniaczek - Baniaczek is newer to cooking ROMs, but already shows considerable skill and determination. Just looking at his thread will give you an idea of how methodical he is at going through every bug and solving it. He has made hundreds of small tweaks and improvements, making his ROM one of the most stable yet.


The results so far indicate that xplodes ROM is most stable.

The results so far indicate that xplodes ROM is best,

How is WM5 better than WM2003SE?

Answer (Taken from [Wikipedia|]):

A new version of Office called "Office Mobile" PowerPoint Mobile has been added Excel Mobile adds graphing capability Word Mobile adds tables and graphics insertion Windows Media Player 10 Mobile Photo Caller ID DirectShow Support Picture and Video package, which converges the management of videos and pictures Bluetooth support with fewer features than prior Broadcom/Widdcomm alternatives, although some users reportedly have managed to replace the default stack with the legacy Broadcom/Widdcomm stack. Global Positioning System (GPS) management interface to all navigation programs installed Microsoft Exchange Server "push" functionality improvements - Improvements only function with Exchange 2003 SP2 installed. The "push" functionality also requires vendor/device support, with the Palm Treo and Motorola Q scheduled to receive support with Q1 2006 firmware updates. With AKU2 software upgrades all WM 5.0 devices support DirectPush QWERTY keyboard-support is included by default Error reporting facility similar to that present in desktop and server Windows systems ActiveSync 4.2, promising 10–15% increased speed on synchronization Persistent storage (PS) is now supported in Pocket PCs allowing devices to have increased battery life. Previously up to 50% (enough for 72 hours of storage) of battery power was reserved just to maintain data in volatile RAM. Windows-based devices are moving from using RAM as their primary storage medium to the use of flash memory. Windows Mobile updates are released as Adaptation kit upgrade. AKU3.5 is the most current release.


(Taken from Mobile-Review):

Main innovations in Windows Mobile 2005:

The single-handed control of the device, not involving the touch screen. Greatly improved support of QWERTY-keyboards The support of applications for Windows Mobile 2003 for Smartphone. The key devices that will illustrate this approach this year are Asus p515, HTC Blizzard. Brand new memory organization, data safety doesn't depend on battery charge level Possibility to add photos and assign personal melodies to the contacts. Greatly improved Word Mobile (it keeps formats while editing, shows pictures); to a smaller extent - Excel Mobile. New application added - PowerPoint Mobile. Built-in API for GPS and the camera. Integrated localization

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