“BlueAngel Linux”的版本间的差异

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2011年1月16日 (日) 18:58的版本


Linux for the BlueAngel links:



idiots guide to booting linux on the blueangel, you'll need a copy of knoppix or any linux distro. you'll need to have basic understanding of the operating system, and the DD program.


first: download this image. it is 256mb, i'll upload a smaller one later but currently this'll have to do, and run the command

dd if=/location/of/blueangelLinux.iso of=/dev/nameofSDdevice

my command would look like this:

cd /root dd if=/blueangelLinux.iso of=/dev/sdb

NOTE you MUST use the correct capitalization of the filename. example, blueangellinux.iso will not work if the real name is BlueAngelLinux.iso. MAKE SURE it's correctly capitalized.

it'll hang for awhile until its done copying, remove the SD card, pop it into the blueangel and it should boot linux. including the GPE window system, i've tested this both on the Blueangel and the HTC_Harrier.

BlueAngel: works. keyboard spazzes out at times, but runs.

Harrier: flashlight turns on, refuses to disable. X Windowing system about 1cm off to the right of the screen, producing a small white line on the very left of the screen. doesnt really effect performance, just looks annoying.