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BlueAngel LCD

There are three different LCDs in the blueangels:

Sony ACX502BMV, Toppoly TD035STEC1 and Toppoly TD035STED1 ( Part numbers).

At least boardid 0x5 needs a different setup than board id 0x6, and

the bootloader on some BAs claims a "Toppoly LCD".

For more information see

Left one is a Toppoly LCD (see ) used in boardid 0x6 BAs

Right one is a Sony one (ACX502BMV) used in boardid 0x5

文件:TOTALE 50 PERC.jpg

The LCD has a LCD module itself (left)

and the touchscreen panel (right)

文件:Balcdfront1.jpg 文件:Batouch1.jpg

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