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WordPress Version 2.5.1 was comprised of security and bug fixes.


See the list of tickets closed for 2.5.1 !--See the list of code changes for 2.3.1

  • Ticket 4411 clean_url() should not encode ampersands on the way to the db
  • Ticket 4712 get_pages filter may be applied twice
  • Ticket 5007 Email notifications fail on hosted sites that check sender address
  • Ticket 5023 Add Windows Live Writer manifest XML file (and images), enables tagging support
  • Ticket 5058 Convert All Categories likely should be removed
  • Ticket 5067 Ensure Prototype is loaded before jQuery
  • Ticket 5076 Cookie testing prevents login
  • Ticket 5077 Browse interface in Upload broken
  • Ticket 5079 Widget class name is mispelled ( widget_catgories)
  • Ticket 5086 i18n error in MT importer
  • Ticket 5088 Visual Editor Disabled, Editing a Page With HTML Encoded Entities lt;spangt; changes them into changing the content
  • Ticket 5095 Spelling error in UTW importer
  • Ticket 5107 Blogroll - Import Links doesn't use link terms and importing assigns them to numerical categories
  • Ticket 5114 wp_safe_redirect() case sensitive for hostnames
  • Ticket 5115 WordPress (plugin) updates compare unexpected values to find update matches
  • Ticket 5121 statistics reported back from wordpress 2.3 bugged
  • Ticket 5135 Pages are not sanitized in wp-admin/page.php
  • Ticket 5137 Taxonomy intersection queries are inefficient
  • Ticket 5150 Undeclared variable in _cat_row()
  • Ticket 5169 Posting from email addresses with hyphen cannot be assigned to the user
  • Ticket 5179 Use INNER JOIN instead of LEFT JOIN for taxonomy
  • Ticket 5203 Post preview broken
  • Ticket 5223 Duplicate entry errors when inserting term relationships during upgrade to 2.3

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