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AJAX in Plugins
Action Reference/profile update
Add Link SubPanel
Adding Contextual Help to Administration Menus
Administration Menus
Administration Screens
Allow Origin API
Ana Sayfa
Answers-Trouble Shooting
Antes de instalar
Appearance Editor Screen
Appearance Header Screen
Appearance Menus SubPanel
Appearance Themes Screen
Appearance Widgets SubPanel
Authors and Users SubPanel
Automatic Feed Links
Backing Up Your Database
Backup WPMU
Before You Install:CN
Blog by Email
Brute Force Attacks
CSS Selectors
Category Templates
Changing File Permissions
Class Reference/WP Admin Bar
Class Reference/WP Comment Query
Class Reference/WP Customize Manager/add control
Class Reference/WP Customize Manager/get setting
Class Reference/WP List Table
Class Reference/WP Object Cache
Class Reference/WP Rewrite
Class Reference/WP Screen/add help tab
Class Reference/WP User
Class Reference/Walker Category
Class Reference/ru:wpdb Class
Class Reference\WP Customize Color Control
Class Reference\WP Customize Manager\add setting
Codex Copyright Holders
Coloured Quicktags
Combating Comment Spam/Denying Access
Comment Spam
Comments Screen
Common Spam Words
Conditional Statements
Configuring Wildcard Subdomains for multi site under Plesk Control Panel
Contributing to Codex
Copyright Holders
Core Update Host Compatibility
Creating Admin Themes
Creating Tables with Plugins
Creating a PDF of a Codex Article
Creating an Archive Index
Current events archive
Custom Headers
Custom Taxonomies
Customizing Your Sidebar
Customizing the Registration Form
Dashboard Dashboard Screen
Dashboard My Sites SubPanel
Dashboard Updates Screen
Data Validation
Database Description/1.5
Database Description/2.3
Database Description/2.8
Database Support
Debugging in WordPress
Desarrollo de temas
Design Themes SubPanel
Designing Headings
Developer Documentation
Development Team
Displaying Posts Using a Custom Select Query
Dynamic Menu Highlighting
Editing Files
Editor Style
Emptying a Database Table
Ergate/wpmu bbPress integration
FAQ Codex
.htaccess for subdirectories
API Plugin
Action Reference
Actualizando WordPress
Adding Administration Menus
Adding Post Feeds to the Header
Administration Over SSL
Advanced Topics
Anatomy of a Template Tag
Appearance Background Screen
Appearance Editor SubPanel
Appearance Header SubPanel
Appearance Screen
Appearance Themes SubPanel
Audio Shortcode
AutoInstalling WordPress
Awaiting Moderation SubPanel
Backing Up Your WordPress Files
Before You Create A Network
Blog 设计与布局
CSS Coding Standards
CSS Shorthand
Changing The Site URL
Class Reference
Class Reference/WP Ajax Response
Class Reference/WP Customize Color Control
Class Reference/WP Customize Manager/add section
Class Reference/WP Error
Class Reference/WP List Table/prepare items
Class Reference/WP Post
Class Reference/WP Screen
Class Reference/WP Screen/set help sidebar
Class Reference/WP User Query
Class Reference/Walker Nav Menu
Class Reference/wp image editor
Class Reference\WP Customize Manager\add control
Codex Guidelines
Combat Comment Spam
Combating Comment Spam/FAQ
Commenting Code
Comments in WordPress
Common WordPress Errors
Conditional Tags
Content Visibility
Contributing to WordPress
Core Patch Submission
Creaciones RS
Creating Horizontal Menus
Creating a Favicon
Creating a Search Page
Creating an Error 404 Page
Custom Backgrounds
Custom Post Types
Custom post types
Customizing the Login Form
Dashboard Dashboard SubPanel
Dashboard Screen
Dashboard Updates SubPanel
Database API
Database Description/2.0
Database Description/2.5
Database Description/2.9
Debugging WPMU
Defining Relationships with XFN
Design Header Image and Color SubPanel
Design Widgets SubPanel
Designing Themes for Public Release
Developing a Colour Scheme
Discussion Options
Documentation Team
Easier Expression of Time Constants
Editing wp-config.php
Embed Shortcode
Enable Sending Referrers
Escribiendo un Plugin
Example Dashboard Widget
FAQ About WordPress
FAQ Developer Documentation
About WordPress
Action Reference/admin head-(plugin page)
Actualizar WordPress
Adding Asides
Administering Your Blog
Administration Panels
Alphabetizing Posts
Antes de Instalar
Appearance Background SubPanel
Appearance Header Image and Color SubPanel
Appearance Menus Screen
Appearance Theme Options Screen
Appearance Widgets Screen
Author Templates
Automated Testing
Backing Up Your WordPress Site
Before You Install
Blog Design and Layout
CSS Fixing Browser Bugs
CSS Troubleshooting
Caption Shortcode
Child Themes
Class Reference/
Class Reference/WP Cache
Class Reference/WP Customize Manager
Class Reference/WP Customize Manager/add setting
Class Reference/WP Image Editor
Class Reference/WP Meta Query
Class Reference/WP Query
Class Reference/WP Screen/
Class Reference/WP Theme
Class Reference/Walker
Class Reference/Walker Page
Class Reference/wpdb
Class Reference\WP Customize Manager\add section
Codex Richtlijnen
Combating Comment Spam
Comment Moderation
Comments Comments SubPanel
Conditional Comment CSS
Configuring Wildcard Subdomains
Content Width
Converting Database Character Sets
Core Team
Create A Network
Creating Options Pages
Creating a PDF
Creating a Static Front Page
Current events
Custom Fields
Custom Queries
Customizing Feeds
Customizing the Read More
Daily Hunks
Dashboard My Sites Screen
Dashboard SubPanel
Dashboard Widgets API
Database Description
Database Description/2.2
Database Description/2.7
Database Description/3.3
Debugging a WordPress Network
Design Theme Editor SubPanel
Designing Headers
Determining Plugin and Content Directories
Development Planning
Discussion Options SubPanel
Documentation team
Edit Media
Editing wp-config.php Editing wp-config.php
Ennen kuin asennat
FAQ Advanced Topics
FAQ Forum Hot Topics
FAQ Forums
FAQ My site was hacked
FAQ Security
FAQ Work Page
FTP Clients
File Header API
Files For Direct Translation
Finding Server Info
First Steps With WordPress
Formatting Date and Time
Fun Character Entities
Function API/wp remote get
Function API/wp remote request
Function API/wp remote retrieve headers
Function Reference
Function Reference/The Category
Function Reference/User:Jipsou/fr:the post thumbnail
Function Reference/WP Error
Function Reference/WP Rewrite
Function Reference/Walker Category
Function Reference/ 2
Function Reference/ c
Function Reference/ ex
Function Reference/ get meta sql
Function Reference/ n noop
Function Reference/ nx noop
Function Reference/ return zero
Function Reference/ wp post thumbnail html
Function Reference/absint
Function Reference/add blog option
Function Reference/add comment meta
Function Reference/add custom background
Function Reference/add editor style
Function Reference/add filter
Function Reference/add image size
Function Reference/add management page
Function Reference/add menu page
Function Reference/add metadata
Function Reference/add object page
Function Reference/add pages page
Function Reference/add plugins page
Function Reference/add posts page
Function Reference/add role
Function Reference/add settings section
Function Reference/add submenu page
Function Reference/add user meta
Function Reference/add utility page
Function Reference/admin url
Function Reference/apply filters ref array
Function Reference/auth redirect
Function Reference/background color
Function Reference/balanceTags
Function Reference/body class
Function Reference/cache javascript headers
Function Reference/capital P dangit
Function Reference/check admin referer
Function Reference/check import new users
Function Reference/check upload size
Function Reference/clean blog cache
Function Reference/clean post cache
Function Reference/clean url
Function Reference/comment author
Function Reference/comment author email link
Function Reference/comment author url
Function Reference/comment date
Function Reference/comment form title
Function Reference/comment link rss
Function Reference/comment text rss
Function Reference/comments link
Function Reference/comments popup link
Function Reference/comments template
Function Reference/convert chars
Function Reference/count user posts
Function Reference/create initial taxonomies
Function Reference/current time
Function Reference/dashboard quota
Function Reference/debug fwrite
Function Reference/delete metadata
Function Reference/delete post thumbnail
Function Reference/delete transient
Function Reference/delete usermeta
Function Reference/discover pingback server uri
Function Reference/do action
Function Reference/do enclose
Function Reference/do feed rdf
Function Reference/do meta boxes
Function Reference/do settings sections
Function Reference/do trackbacks
Function Reference/dropdown cats
Function Reference/edit comment link
Function Reference/edit tag link
Function Reference/email exists
Function Reference/esc attr
Function Reference/esc attr e
Function Reference/esc html 2
Function Reference/esc js
Function Reference/esc url
Function Reference/fetch feed
Function Reference/filter SSL
Function Reference/flush rewrite rules
Function Reference/force ssl content
Function Reference/format code lang
Function Reference/funky javascript fix
Function Reference/generic ping
Function Reference/get adjacent post
Function Reference/get admin users for domain
Function Reference/get alloptions
Function Reference/get ancestors
Function Reference/get archives
Function Reference/get attached file
Function Reference/get attached media
Function Reference/get attachment template
Function Reference/get author posts url
Function Reference/get background color
Function Reference/get blog details
FAQ Installation
FAQ New To WordPress
FAQ Troubleshooting
FAQ Working with WordPress
FTP Клиенты
File and Image Attachments
Filesystem API
Finding WordPress Help
Fitur WordPress
Forum Administration
FunctionReference/wp create category
Function API/wp remote head
Function API/wp remote retrieve body
Function API/wp remote retrieve response code
Function Reference/
Function Reference/The category
Function Reference/WP Ajax Response
Function Reference/WP List Table
Function Reference/WP User
Function Reference/Walker Class
Function Reference/ 2ngettext
Function Reference/ cleanup header comment
Function Reference/ get category link
Function Reference/ get plugin data markup translate
Function Reference/ ngettext
Function Reference/ return false
Function Reference/ transition post status
Function Reference/ wp relative upload path
Function Reference/addLoadEvent
Function Reference/add cap
Function Reference/add comments page
Function Reference/add custom image header
Function Reference/add existing user to blog
Function Reference/add group
Function Reference/add links page
Function Reference/add media page
Function Reference/add meta
Function Reference/add new user to blog
Function Reference/add option
Function Reference/add permastruct
Function Reference/add post meta
Function Reference/add query arg
Function Reference/add settings error
Function Reference/add shortcode
Function Reference/add theme page
Function Reference/add user to blog
Function Reference/addslashes gpc
Function Reference/antispambot
Function Reference/attachment url to postid
Function Reference/author can
Function Reference/background image
Function Reference/bloginfo
Function Reference/bool from yn
Function Reference/calendar week mod
Function Reference/cat is ancestor of
Function Reference/check ajax referer
Function Reference/check theme switched
Function Reference/checked
Function Reference/clean comment cache
Function Reference/clean pre
Function Reference/clear global post cache
Function Reference/comment author IP
Function Reference/comment author link
Function Reference/comment author url link
Function Reference/comment excerpt
Function Reference/comment id fields
Function Reference/comment reply link
Function Reference/comment time
Function Reference/comments number
Function Reference/comments popup script
Function Reference/confirm delete users
Function Reference/convert smilies
Function Reference/count users
Function Reference/current filter
Function Reference/current user can
Function Reference/date i18n
Function Reference/delete blog option
Function Reference/delete option
Function Reference/delete site option
Function Reference/delete user meta
Function Reference/did action
Function Reference/display space usage
Function Reference/do action ref array
Function Reference/do feed
Function Reference/do feed rss
Function Reference/do robots
Function Reference/do shortcode
Function Reference/domain exists
Function Reference/dynamic sidebar
Function Reference/edit post
Function Reference/edit term link
Function Reference/ent2ncr
Function Reference/esc attr ()
Function Reference/esc attr x
Function Reference/esc html e
Function Reference/esc sql
Function Reference/esc url raw
Function Reference/fetch rss
Function Reference/fix import form size
Function Reference/force balance tags
Function Reference/force ssl login
Function Reference/format to edit
Function Reference/gallery shortcode
Function Reference/get 404 template
Function Reference/get adjacent post rel link
Function Reference/get all category ids
Function Reference/get allowed mime types
Function Reference/get approved comments
Function Reference/get archives link
Function Reference/get attached image srcs
Function Reference/get attached video
Function Reference/get author feed link
Function Reference/get author template
Function Reference/get background image
Function Reference/get blog id from url
FAQ Layout and Design
FAQ Using WordPress
FR:Theme Development
File Header
Files Automatically Replaced by Core Upgrade
Finding Your CSS Styles
Formattando Data e Ora
Forum Welcome
FunctionReference/wp insert category
Function API/wp remote post
Function API/wp remote retrieve header
Function API/wp remote retrieve response message
Function Reference/$post
Function Reference/User:Jipsou/fr:add meta box
Function Reference/WP Cache
Function Reference/WP Query
Function Reference/WP User Query
Function Reference/Walker Comment
Function Reference/ admin notice multisite activate plugins page
Function Reference/ e
Function Reference/ get list table
Function Reference/ n
Function Reference/ nx
Function Reference/ return true
Function Reference/ wp post revision fields
Function Reference/ x
Function Reference/add action
Function Reference/add chat detection format
Function Reference/add contextual help
Function Reference/add dashboard page
Function Reference/add feed
Function Reference/add help tab
Function Reference/add magic quotes
Function Reference/add menu
Function Reference/add meta box
Function Reference/add node
Function Reference/add options page
Function Reference/add ping
Function Reference/add post type support
Function Reference/add rewrite rule
Function Reference/add settings field
Function Reference/add site option
Function Reference/add theme support
Function Reference/add users page
Function Reference/admin notice feed
Function Reference/apply filters
Function Reference/attribute escape
Function Reference/avoid blog page permalink collision
Function Reference/backslashit
Function Reference/bloginfo rss
Function Reference/build query
Function Reference/cancel comment reply link
Function Reference/category description
Function Reference/check comment
Function Reference/check upload mimes
Function Reference/choose primary blog
Function Reference/clean page cache
Function Reference/clean term cache
Function Reference/comment ID
Function Reference/comment author email
Function Reference/comment author rss
Function Reference/comment class
Function Reference/comment form
Function Reference/comment link
Function Reference/comment text
Function Reference/comment type
Function Reference/comments open
Function Reference/comments rss link
Function Reference/content url
Function Reference/count many users posts
Function Reference/create empty blog
Function Reference/current theme supports
Function Reference/current user can for blog
Function Reference/debug fopen
Function Reference/delete comment meta
Function Reference/delete post meta
Function Reference/delete site transient
Function Reference/delete user option
Function Reference/disabled
Function Reference/do accordion sections
Function Reference/do all pings
Function Reference/do feed atom
Function Reference/do feed rss2
Function Reference/do settings fields
Function Reference/do shortcode tag
Function Reference/download url
Function Reference/edit bookmark link
Function Reference/edit post link
Function Reference/edit user
Function Reference/es:wp login url
Function Reference/esc attr 2
Function Reference/esc html
Function Reference/esc html x
Function Reference/esc textarea
Function Reference/export wp
Function Reference/file is displayable image
Function Reference/fix phpmailer messageid
Function Reference/force ssl admin
Function Reference/form option
Function Reference/format to post
Function Reference/generate rewrite rules
Function Reference/get active blog for user
Function Reference/get admin url
Function Reference/get all page ids
Function Reference/get allowed themes
Function Reference/get archive template
Function Reference/get attached audio
Function Reference/get attached images
Function Reference/get attachment link
Function Reference/get author name
Function Reference/get avatar
Function Reference/get blog count
Function Reference/get blog option
Function Reference/get blog permalink
Function Reference/get blogaddress by domain
Function Reference/get bloginfo
Function Reference/get body class
Function Reference/get bookmarks
Function Reference/get cat ID
Function Reference/get category
Function Reference/get category feed link
Function Reference/get category template
Function Reference/get comment ID
Function Reference/get comment author url
Function Reference/get comment meta
Function Reference/get comment text
Function Reference/get comments popup template
Function Reference/get content galleries
Function Reference/get content media
Function Reference/get content video
Function Reference/get current site
Function Reference/get current user id
Function Reference/get date from gmt
Function Reference/get default post to edit
Function Reference/get edit user link
Function Reference/get embedded media
Function Reference/get extended
Function Reference/get file data
Function Reference/get header
Function Reference/get hidden meta boxes
Function Reference/get home url
Function Reference/get intermediate image sizes
Function Reference/get lastpostdate
Function Reference/get links list
Function Reference/get locale stylesheet uri
Function Reference/get meta sql
Function Reference/get most recent post of user
Function Reference/get node
Function Reference/get object taxonomies
Function Reference/get option('siteurl')
Function Reference/get page by title
Function Reference/get page link
Function Reference/get page templates
Function Reference/get paged template
Function Reference/get permalink by slug
Function Reference/get post
Function Reference/get post comments feed link
Function Reference/get post custom values
Function Reference/get post format content class
Function Reference/get post format string
Function Reference/get post gallery
Function Reference/get post mime type
Function Reference/get post stati
Function Reference/get post thumbnail id
Function Reference/get post type archive link
Function Reference/get post type object
Function Reference/get posts by author sql
Function Reference/get previous posts link
Function Reference/get queried object
Function Reference/get random header image
Function Reference/get rss
Function Reference/get search comments feed link
Function Reference/get search link
Function Reference/get settings
Function Reference/get sidebar
Function Reference/get site option
Function Reference/get sitestats
Function Reference/get stylesheet
Function Reference/get stylesheet uri
Function Reference/get tag
Function Reference/get tag template
Function Reference/get taxonomies
Function Reference/get taxonomy template
Function Reference/get template directory
Function Reference/get term
Function Reference/get term link
Function Reference/get the author
Function Reference/get the author posts
Function Reference/get the category list
Function Reference/get the content feed
Function Reference/get the modified author
Function Reference/get the post format chat
Function Reference/get the post format quote
Function Reference/get the remaining content
Function Reference/get the taxonomies
Function Reference/get the time
Function Reference/get theme
Function Reference/get theme mod
Function Reference/get theme root uri
Function Reference/get themes
Function Reference/get upload space available
Function Reference/get user count
Function Reference/get user option
Function Reference/get usermeta
Function Reference/get users of blog
Function Reference/global terms
Function Reference/has category
Function Reference/has filters
Function Reference/has post image
Function Reference/has tag
Function Reference/have posts
Function Reference/home url
Function Reference/image constrain size for editor
Function Reference/image hwstring
Function Reference/image resize dimensions
Function Reference/in the loop
Function Reference/insert blog
Function Reference/install themes feature list
Function Reference/is active widget
Function Reference/is archive
Function Reference/is author
Function Reference/is blog user
Function Reference/is comment feed
Function Reference/is day
Function Reference/is email address unsafe
Function Reference/is home
Function Reference/is main site
Function Reference/is multi author
Function Reference/get blog post
Function Reference/get blogaddress by id
Function Reference/get bloginfo rss
Function Reference/get bookmark
Function Reference/get boundary post
Function Reference/get cat name
Function Reference/get category by path
Function Reference/get category link
Function Reference/get children
Function Reference/get comment author
Function Reference/get comment date
Function Reference/get comment pages count
Function Reference/get comment time
Function Reference/get content audio
Function Reference/get content image
Function Reference/get content quote
Function Reference/get current blog id
Function Reference/get current site name
Function Reference/get currentuserinfo
Function Reference/get date template
Function Reference/get delete post link
Function Reference/get editable roles
Function Reference/get embedded video
Function Reference/get feed link
Function Reference/get footer
Function Reference/get header image
Function Reference/get home path
Function Reference/get id from blogname
Function Reference/get last updated
Function Reference/get lastpostmodified
Function Reference/get linksbyname
Function Reference/get media item
Function Reference/get metadata
Function Reference/get next post
Function Reference/get nodes
Function Reference/get objects in term
Function Reference/get page
Function Reference/get page children
Function Reference/get page template
Function Reference/get page uri
Function Reference/get pages
Function Reference/get plugin data
Function Reference/get post ancestors
Function Reference/get post custom
Function Reference/get post field
Function Reference/get post format link
Function Reference/get post galleries
Function Reference/get post gallery images
Function Reference/get post modified time
Function Reference/get post status
Function Reference/get post type
Function Reference/get post type capabilities
Function Reference/get post types
Function Reference/get posts custom keys
Function Reference/get profile
Function Reference/get query template
Function Reference/get registered nav menus
Function Reference/get sample permalink
Function Reference/get search feed link
Function Reference/get search query
Function Reference/get settings errors
Function Reference/get single template
Function Reference/get site transient
Function Reference/get space allowed
Function Reference/get stylesheet directory
Function Reference/get submit button
Function Reference/get tag link
Function Reference/get tags
Function Reference/get taxonomy
Function Reference/get temp dir
Function Reference/get template directory uri
Function Reference/get term by
Function Reference/get terms
Function Reference/get the author link
Function Reference/get the category
Function Reference/get the category rss
Function Reference/get the date
Function Reference/get the modified date
Function Reference/get the post format image
Function Reference/get the post format url
Function Reference/get the tag list
Function Reference/get the term list
Function Reference/get the title
Function Reference/get theme data
Function Reference/get theme mods
Function Reference/get theme roots
Function Reference/get to ping
Function Reference/get user by
Function Reference/get user id from string
Function Reference/get userdata
Function Reference/get usernumposts
Function Reference/get weekstartend
Function Reference/grant super admin
Function Reference/has excerpt
Function Reference/has nav menu
Function Reference/has post thumbnail
Function Reference/has term
Function Reference/header image
Function Reference/htmlentities2
Function Reference/image downsize
Function Reference/image make intermediate size
Function Reference/img html to post id
Function Reference/includes url
Function Reference/install blog
Function Reference/is 404
Function Reference/is admin
Function Reference/is archived
Function Reference/is blog admin
Function Reference/is category
Function Reference/is comments popup
Function Reference/is dynamic sidebar
Function Reference/is feed
Function Reference/is local attachment
Function Reference/is month
Function Reference/is multisite
Function Reference/get blog status
Function Reference/get blogaddress by name
Function Reference/get blogs of user
Function Reference/get bookmark field
Function Reference/get calendar
Function Reference/get categories
Function Reference/get category by slug
Function Reference/get category parents
Function Reference/get comment
Function Reference/get comment author rss
Function Reference/get comment link
Function Reference/get comment reply link
Function Reference/get comments
Function Reference/get content chat
Function Reference/get content images
Function Reference/get content url
Function Reference/get current screen
Function Reference/get current theme
Function Reference/get dashboard blog
Function Reference/get day link
Function Reference/get dirsize
Function Reference/get embedded audio
Function Reference/get enclosed
Function Reference/get field name
Function Reference/get gmt from date
Function Reference/get header textcolor
Function Reference/get home template
Function Reference/get image tag
Function Reference/get lastcommentmodified
Function Reference/get links
Function Reference/get locale
Function Reference/get media items
Function Reference/get month link
Function Reference/get next posts link
Function Reference/get num queries
Function Reference/get option
Function Reference/get page by path
Function Reference/get page hierarchy
Function Reference/get page template slug
Function Reference/get paged content
Function Reference/get permalink
Function Reference/get plugins
Function Reference/get post class
Function Reference/get post custom keys
Function Reference/get post format
Function Reference/get post format meta
Function Reference/get post galleries images
Function Reference/get post meta
Function Reference/get post permalink
Function Reference/get post statuses
Function Reference/get post type archive feed link
Function Reference/get post type labels
Function Reference/get posts
Function Reference/get previous post
Function Reference/get pung
Function Reference/get query var
Function Reference/get role
Function Reference/get screen icon
Function Reference/get search form
Function Reference/get search template
Function Reference/get shortcode regex
Function Reference/get site allowed themes
Function Reference/get site url
Function Reference/get space used
Function Reference/get stylesheet directory uri
Function Reference/get super admins
Function Reference/get tag regex
Function Reference/get tax sql
Function Reference/get taxonomy labels
Function Reference/get template
Function Reference/get template part
Function Reference/get term children
Function Reference/get the ID
Function Reference/get the author meta
Function Reference/get the category by ID
Function Reference/get the content
Function Reference/get the excerpt
Function Reference/get the modified time
Function Reference/get the post format media
Function Reference/get the post thumbnail
Function Reference/get the tags
Function Reference/get the terms
Function Reference/get the title rss
Function Reference/get theme feature list
Function Reference/get theme root
Function Reference/get theme support
Function Reference/get transient
Function Reference/get user by email
Function Reference/get user meta
Function Reference/get userdatabylogin
Function Reference/get users
Function Reference/get year link
Function Reference/has action
Function Reference/has filter
Function Reference/has post format
Function Reference/has shortcode
Function Reference/have comments
Function Reference/header textcolor
Function Reference/human time diff
Function Reference/image get intermediate size
Function Reference/image resize
Function Reference/in category
Function Reference/index rel link
Function Reference/install blog defaults
Function Reference/is active sidebar
Function Reference/is admin bar showing
Function Reference/is attachment
Function Reference/is blog installed
Function Reference/is child theme
Function Reference/is date
Function Reference/is email
Function Reference/is front page
Function Reference/is main query
Function Reference/is ms switched
Function Reference/is nav menu
Function Reference/is network admin
Function Reference/is object in term
Function Reference/is paged
Function Reference/is plugin inactive
Function Reference/is post
Function Reference/is preview
Function Reference/is search
Function Reference/is single
Function Reference/is sticky
Function Reference/is tag
Function Reference/is taxonomy hierarchical
Function Reference/is trackback
Function Reference/is user member of blog
Function Reference/is wp error
Function Reference/iso8601 to datetime
Function Reference/it:get search form
Function Reference/like escape
Function Reference/list cats
Function Reference/load plugin textdomain
Function Reference/load theme textdomain
Function Reference/log app
Function Reference/make url footnote
Function Reference/maybe redirect 404
Function Reference/media handle sideload
Function Reference/menu page url
Function Reference/ms deprecated blogs file
Function Reference/ms not installed
Function Reference/ms upload constants
Function Reference/network admin url
Function Reference/new user email admin notice
Function Reference/next comments link
Function Reference/next post link
Function Reference/nocache headers
Function Reference/paginate content
Function Reference/permalink comments rss
Function Reference/pings open
Function Reference/plugin dir url
Function Reference/post class
Function Reference/post formats compat
Function Reference/post permalink
Function Reference/post submit meta box
Function Reference/post type supports
Function Reference/preview theme ob filter
Function Reference/previous image link
Function Reference/previous posts link
Function Reference/recurse dirsize
Function Reference/redirect this site
Function Reference/refresh user details
Function Reference/register deactivation hook
Function Reference/register nav menu
Function Reference/register post type
Function Reference/register sidebar widget
Function Reference/register taxonomy for object type
Function Reference/register widget
Function Reference/remove action
Function Reference/remove all shortcodes
Function Reference/remove custom image header
Function Reference/remove menu
Function Reference/remove node
Function Reference/remove role
Function Reference/remove theme mod
Function Reference/remove user from blog
Function Reference/require wp db
Function Reference/rewind posts
Function Reference/sanitize comment cookies
Function Reference/sanitize html class
Function Reference/sanitize mime type
Function Reference/sanitize sql orderby
Function Reference/sanitize text field
Function Reference/sanitize title with dashes
Function Reference/screen icon
Function Reference/seems utf8
Function Reference/send nosniff header
Function Reference/set help sidebar
Function Reference/set post thumbnail size
Function Reference/set theme mod
Function Reference/settings errors
Function Reference/shortcode atts
Function Reference/shortcode parse atts
Function Reference/signup nonce check
Function Reference/single month title
Function Reference/single term title
Function Reference/size format
Function Reference/sticky class
Function Reference/submit button
Function Reference/sync category tag slugs
Function Reference/taxonomy exists
Function Reference/term is ancestor of
Function Reference/the author
Function Reference/the author description
Function Reference/the author icq
Function Reference/the author login
Function Reference/the author nickname
Function Reference/the author url
Function Reference/the category ID
Function Reference/the content
Function Reference/the date
Function Reference/the excerpt
Function Reference/the id
Function Reference/the modified date
Function Reference/the post
Function Reference/the post format gallery
Function Reference/the post format url
Function Reference/the remaining content
Function Reference/the tags
Function Reference/the time
Function Reference/the title rss
Function Reference/the widget
Function Reference/trackback
Function Reference/trackback url list
Function Reference/translate nooped plural
Function Reference/unregister default headers
Function Reference/unregister sidebar
Function Reference/unregister widget control
Function Reference/update archived
Function Reference/is new day
Function Reference/is page
Function Reference/is plugin active
Function Reference/is plugin page
Function Reference/is post type archive
Function Reference/is random header image
Function Reference/is serialized
Function Reference/is singular
Function Reference/is subdomain install
Function Reference/is tax
Function Reference/is term
Function Reference/is upload space available
Function Reference/is user option local
Function Reference/is year
Function Reference/it:add filter
Function Reference/js escape
Function Reference/link pages
Function Reference/load child theme textdomain
Function Reference/load template
Function Reference/locale stylesheet
Function Reference/login header
Function Reference/map meta cap
Function Reference/maybe serialize
Function Reference/media handle upload
Function Reference/merge filters
Function Reference/ms file constants
Function Reference/ms site check
Function Reference/mu dropdown languages
Function Reference/network home url
Function Reference/newblog notify siteadmin
Function Reference/next image link
Function Reference/next posts link
Function Reference/page uri index
Function Reference/paginate links
Function Reference/permalink single rss
Function Reference/plugin basename
Function Reference/plugins url
Function Reference/post comments feed link
Function Reference/post meta Function Examples
Function Reference/post preview
Function Reference/post type archive title
Function Reference/posts nav link
Function Reference/preview theme ob filter callback
Function Reference/previous post
Function Reference/privacy ping filter
Function Reference/redirect canonical
Function Reference/redirect user to blog
Function Reference/register activation hook
Function Reference/register default headers
Function Reference/register nav menus
Function Reference/register setting
Function Reference/register sidebars
Function Reference/register theme directory
Function Reference/register widget control
Function Reference/remove all actions
Function Reference/remove cap
Function Reference/remove editor styles
Function Reference/remove menu page
Function Reference/remove post type support
Function Reference/remove shortcode
Function Reference/remove theme mods
Function Reference/request filesystem credentials
Function Reference/restore current blog
Function Reference/rss enclosure
Function Reference/sanitize email
Function Reference/sanitize key
Function Reference/sanitize option
Function Reference/sanitize term
Function Reference/sanitize title
Function Reference/sanitize user
Function Reference/search theme directories
Function Reference/selected
Function Reference/set current screen
Function Reference/set post format
Function Reference/set post type
Function Reference/set transient
Function Reference/settings fields
Function Reference/shortcode atts gallery
Function Reference/show admin bar
Function Reference/signup nonce fields
Function Reference/single post title
Function Reference/site admin notice
Function Reference/spawn cron
Function Reference/strip shortcodes
Function Reference/switch theme
Function Reference/tag description
Function Reference/term description
Function Reference/the ID
Function Reference/the author ID
Function Reference/the author email
Function Reference/the author lastname
Function Reference/the author meta
Function Reference/the author posts
Function Reference/the author yim
Function Reference/the category head
Function Reference/the content feed
Function Reference/the date xml
Function Reference/the excerpt rss
Function Reference/the meta
Function Reference/the modified time
Function Reference/the post format audio
Function Reference/the post format image
Function Reference/the post format video
Function Reference/the search query
Function Reference/the taxonomies
Function Reference/the title
Function Reference/the weekday
Function Reference/timer start
Function Reference/trackback rdf
Function Reference/trailingslashit
Function Reference/uk:wp list pages
Function Reference/unregister nav menu
Function Reference/unregister sidebar widget
Function Reference/untrailingslashit
Function Reference/update attached file
Function Reference/is object in taxonomy
Function Reference/is page template
Function Reference/is plugin active for network
Function Reference/is plugn page
Function Reference/is post type hierarchical
Function Reference/is rtl
Function Reference/is serialized string
Function Reference/is ssl
Function Reference/is super admin
Function Reference/is taxonomy
Function Reference/is time
Function Reference/is user logged in
Function Reference/is user spammy
Function Reference/iso8601 timezone to offset
Function Reference/it:get query var
Function Reference/language attributes
Function Reference/list authors
Function Reference/load default textdomain
Function Reference/load textdomain
Function Reference/locate template
Function Reference/make clickable
Function Reference/maybe add existing user to blog
Function Reference/maybe unserialize
Function Reference/media sideload image
Function Reference/ms cookie constants
Function Reference/ms is switched
Function Reference/ms subdomain constants
Function Reference/mysql2date
Function Reference/network site url
Function Reference/newuser notify siteadmin
Function Reference/next post
Function Reference/no admin bar
Function Reference/paginate comments links
Function Reference/permalink anchor
Function Reference/pingback
Function Reference/plugin dir path
Function Reference/popuplinks
Function Reference/post format content class
Function Reference/post password required
Function Reference/post slug meta box
Function Reference/post type exists
Function Reference/preview theme
Function Reference/previous comments link
Function Reference/previous post link
Function Reference/query posts
Function Reference/redirect guess 404 permalink
Function Reference/refresh blog details
Function Reference/register admin color schemes
Function Reference/register importer
Function Reference/register post status
Function Reference/register sidebar
Function Reference/register taxonomy
Function Reference/register uninstall hook
Function Reference/remove accents
Function Reference/remove all filters
Function Reference/remove custom background
Function Reference/remove filter
Function Reference/remove meta box
Function Reference/remove query arg
Function Reference/remove submenu page
Function Reference/remove theme support
Function Reference/require if theme supports
Function Reference/revoke super admin
Function Reference/ru:wpdb Class
Function Reference/sanitize file name
Function Reference/sanitize meta
Function Reference/sanitize post field
Function Reference/sanitize term field
Function Reference/sanitize title for query
Function Reference/save mod rewrite rules
Function Reference/secret salt warning
Function Reference/send confirmation on profile email
Function Reference/set current user
Function Reference/set post thumbnail
Function Reference/set site transient
Function Reference/set url scheme
Function Reference/setup postdata
Function Reference/shortcode exists
Function Reference/show post thumbnail warning
Function Reference/single cat title
Function Reference/single tag title
Function Reference/site url
Function Reference/status header
Function Reference/stripslashes deep
Function Reference/switch to blog
Function Reference/tag escape
Function Reference/term exists
Function Reference/the attachment link
Function Reference/the author aim
Function Reference/the author firstname
Function Reference/the author link
Function Reference/the author msn
Function Reference/the author posts link
Function Reference/the category
Function Reference/the category rss
Function Reference/the content rss
Function Reference/the editor
Function Reference/the feed link
Function Reference/the modified author
Function Reference/the permalink
Function Reference/the post format chat
Function Reference/the post format quote
Function Reference/the post thumbnail
Function Reference/the shortlink
Function Reference/the terms
Function Reference/the title attribute
Function Reference/the weekday date
Function Reference/timer stop
Function Reference/trackback url
Function Reference/translate
Function Reference/unload textdomain
Function Reference/unregister setting
Function Reference/unregister widget
Function Reference/unzip file
Function Reference/update blog details
Function Reference/update blog option
Function Reference/update comment meta
Function Reference/update option new admin email
Function Reference/update post meta
Function Reference/update user cache
Function Reference/update user status
Function Reference/upload is user over quota
Function Reference/url is accessable via ssl
Function Reference/urlencode
Function Reference/user can richedit
Function Reference/username exists
Function Reference/validate current theme
Function Reference/weblog ping
Function Reference/wp add dashboard widget
Function Reference/wp add object terms
Function Reference/wp array slice assoc
Function Reference/wp auth check
Function Reference/wp basename
Function Reference/wp cache reset
Function Reference/wp category checklist
Function Reference/wp check filetype and ext
Function Reference/wp check php mysql versions
Function Reference/wp clean themes cache
Function Reference/wp clearcookie
Function Reference/wp convert bytes to hr
Function Reference/wp count comments
Function Reference/wp create category
Function Reference/wp create thumbnail
Function Reference/wp dashboard quota
Function Reference/wp defer term counting
Function Reference/wp delete comment
Function Reference/wp delete post revision
Function Reference/wp dequeue script
Function Reference/wp deregister style
Function Reference/wp dropdown pages
Function Reference/wp editor
Function Reference/wp embed handler video
Function Reference/wp enqueue media
Function Reference/wp explain nonce
Function Reference/wp filter kses
Function Reference/wp filter post kses
Function Reference/wp generate auth cookie
Function Reference/wp get archives
Function Reference/wp get attachment link
Function Reference/wp get attachment thumb url
Function Reference/wp get comment status
Function Reference/wp get current user
Function Reference/wp get links
Function Reference/wp get nav menu items
Function Reference/wp get post categories
Function Reference/wp get recent posts
Function Reference/wp get schedules
Function Reference/wp get single post
Function Reference/wp get video extensions
Function Reference/wp handle upload
Function Reference/wp head
Function Reference/wp http supports
Function Reference/wp image editor supports
Function Reference/wp insert category
Function Reference/wp insert post
Function Reference/wp install defaults
Function Reference/wp is writable
Function Reference/wp kses allowed html
Function Reference/wp kses bad protocol
Function Reference/wp kses check attr val
Function Reference/wp kses hair
Function Reference/wp kses js entities
Function Reference/wp kses normalize entities2
Function Reference/wp kses split2
Function Reference/wp kses version
Function Reference/wp list bookmarks
Function Reference/wp list comments
Function Reference/wp list pluck
Function Reference/wp localize script
Function Reference/wp login url
Function Reference/wp logout url
Function Reference/wp mail
Function Reference/wp match mime types
Function Reference/wp mime type icon
Function Reference/wp nav menu disabled check
Function Reference/wp new user notification
Function Reference/wp nonce field
Function Reference/wp notify moderator
Function Reference/wp oembed get
Function Reference/wp original referer field
Function Reference/wp parse auth cookie
Function Reference/wp password change notification
Function Reference/wp prepare attachment for js
Function Reference/wp read audio metadata
Function Reference/wp redirect
Function Reference/wp register script
Function Reference/wp register widget control
Function Reference/wp remote fopen
Function Reference/wp remote post
Function Reference/wp remote retrieve header
Function Reference/wp remote retrieve response message
Function Reference/wp reset postdata
Function Reference/wp revisions to keep
Function Reference/wp safe redirect
Function Reference/wp schedule event
Function Reference/wp script is
Function Reference/wp send json success
Function Reference/wp set current user
Function Reference/wp set post categories
Function Reference/wp set post terms
Function Reference/wp signon
Function Reference/wp strip all tags
Function Reference/wp tag cloud
Function Reference/wp text diff
Function Reference/wp title
Function Reference/wp trash post
Function Reference/wp unique filename
Function Reference/wp unregister GLOBALS
Function Reference/wp unschedule event
Function Reference/wp update comment
Function Reference/update blog public
Function Reference/update metadata
Function Reference/update post cache
Function Reference/update posts count
Function Reference/update user meta
Function Reference/update usermeta
Function Reference/upload size limit filter
Function Reference/url shorten
Function Reference/urlencode deep
Function Reference/user pass ok
Function Reference/users can register signup filter
Function Reference/validate file
Function Reference/welcome user msg filter
Function Reference/wp add id3 tag data
Function Reference/wp admin css color
Function Reference/wp attachment is image
Function Reference/wp auth check load
Function Reference/wp blacklist check
Function Reference/wp cache set
Function Reference/wp check browser version
Function Reference/wp check for changed slugs
Function Reference/wp check post lock
Function Reference/wp clear auth cookie
Function Reference/wp clone
Function Reference/wp convert widget settings
Function Reference/wp count posts
Function Reference/wp create nav menu
Function Reference/wp create user
Function Reference/wp debug mode
Function Reference/wp delete attachment
Function Reference/wp delete object term relationships
Function Reference/wp delete term
Function Reference/wp dequeue style
Function Reference/wp die
Function Reference/wp dropdown roles
Function Reference/wp embed defaults
Function Reference/wp embed register handler
Function Reference/wp enqueue script
Function Reference/wp favicon request
Function Reference/wp filter nohtml kses
Function Reference/wp footer
Function Reference/wp generate password
Function Reference/wp get attachment image
Function Reference/wp get attachment metadata
Function Reference/wp get attachment url
Function Reference/wp get cookie login
Function Reference/wp get http headers
Function Reference/wp get linksbyname
Function Reference/wp get object terms
Function Reference/wp get post tags
Function Reference/wp get referer
Function Reference/wp get shortlink
Function Reference/wp get theme
Function Reference/wp get widget defaults
Function Reference/wp hash
Function Reference/wp heartbeat settings
Function Reference/wp iframe
Function Reference/wp initial constants
Function Reference/wp insert comment
Function Reference/wp insert term
Function Reference/wp is mobile
Function Reference/wp iso descrambler
Function Reference/wp kses array lc
Function Reference/wp kses bad protocol once
Function Reference/wp kses data
Function Reference/wp kses hook
Function Reference/wp kses no null
Function Reference/wp kses post
Function Reference/wp kses strip slashes
Function Reference/wp link pages
Function Reference/wp list categories
Function Reference/wp list filter
Function Reference/wp load alloptions
Function Reference/wp login
Function Reference/wp loginout
Function Reference/wp lostpassword url
Function Reference/wp maintenance
Function Reference/wp mediaelement fallback
Function Reference/wp mkdir p
Function Reference/wp nav menu update menu items
Function Reference/wp next scheduled
Function Reference/wp nonce tick
Function Reference/wp notify postauthor
Function Reference/wp oembed remove provider
Function Reference/wp page menu
Function Reference/wp parse post content
Function Reference/wp post mime type where
Function Reference/wp publish post
Function Reference/wp read image metadata
Function Reference/wp referer field
Function Reference/wp register sidebar widget
Function Reference/wp registration url
Function Reference/wp remote get
Function Reference/wp remote request
Function Reference/wp remote retrieve headers
Function Reference/wp remove object terms
Function Reference/wp reset query
Function Reference/wp richedit pre
Function Reference/wp salt
Function Reference/wp schedule single event
Function Reference/wp send json
Function Reference/wp set auth cookie
Function Reference/wp set object terms
Function Reference/wp set post lock
Function Reference/wp set sidebars widgets
Function Reference/wp slash
Function Reference/wp style is
Function Reference/wp templating constants
Function Reference/wp text diff with count
Function Reference/wp transition comment status
Function Reference/wp trim excerpt
Function Reference/wp unique post slug
Function Reference/wp unregister sidebar widget
Function Reference/wp unslash
Function Reference/wp update comment count
Function Reference/update blog status
Function Reference/update option
Function Reference/update post caches
Function Reference/update site option
Function Reference/update user option
Function Reference/upload is file too big
Function Reference/upload space setting
Function Reference/url to postid
Function Reference/user can
Function Reference/user trailingslashit
Function Reference/utf8 uri encode
Function Reference/validate username
Function Reference/wp
Function Reference/wp add inline style
Function Reference/wp allow comment
Function Reference/wp audio shortcode
Function Reference/wp authenticate
Function Reference/wp cache get
Function Reference/wp cache switch to blog
Function Reference/wp check filetype
Function Reference/wp check password
Function Reference/wp checkdate
Function Reference/wp clear scheduled hook
Function Reference/wp constrain dimensions
Function Reference/wp count attachments
Function Reference/wp count terms
Function Reference/wp create nonce
Function Reference/wp cron
Function Reference/wp defer comment counting
Function Reference/wp delete category
Function Reference/wp delete post
Function Reference/wp delete user
Function Reference/wp deregister script
Function Reference/wp dropdown categories
Function Reference/wp dropdown users
Function Reference/wp embed handler audio
Function Reference/wp embed unregister handler
Function Reference/wp enqueue style
Function Reference/wp filter comment
Function Reference/wp filter object list
Function Reference/wp generate attachment metadata
Function Reference/wp generate tag cloud
Function Reference/wp get attachment image src
Function Reference/wp get attachment thumb file
Function Reference/wp get audio extensions
Function Reference/wp get current commenter
Function Reference/wp get image editor
Function Reference/wp get mime types
Function Reference/wp get original referer
Function Reference/wp get post terms
Function Reference/wp get schedule
Function Reference/wp get sidebars widgets
Function Reference/wp get themes
Function Reference/wp handle sideload
Function Reference/wp hash password
Function Reference/wp html excerpt
Function Reference/wp image editor
Function Reference/wp insert attachment
Function Reference/wp insert link
Function Reference/wp insert user
Function Reference/wp is post revision
Function Reference/wp kses
Function Reference/wp kses attr
Function Reference/wp kses bad protocol once2
Function Reference/wp kses decode entities
Function Reference/wp kses html error
Function Reference/wp kses normalize entities
Function Reference/wp kses split
Function Reference/wp kses stripslashes
Function Reference/wp list authors
Function Reference/wp list cats
Function Reference/wp list pages
Function Reference/wp load image
Function Reference/wp login form
Function Reference/wp logout
Function Reference/wp magic quotes
Function Reference/wp make link relative
Function Reference/wp meta
Function Reference/wp nav menu
Function Reference/wp new comment
Function Reference/wp nonce ays
Function Reference/wp nonce url
Function Reference/wp oembed add provider
Function Reference/wp old slug redirect
Function Reference/wp parse args
Function Reference/wp parse str
Function Reference/wp post revision title expanded
Function Reference/wp rand
Function Reference/wp read video metadata
Function Reference/wp register
Function Reference/wp register style
Function Reference/wp rel nofollow
Function Reference/wp remote head
Function Reference/wp remote retrieve body
Function Reference/wp remote retrieve response code
Function Reference/wp reschedule event
Function Reference/wp revisions enabled
Function Reference/wp rss
Function Reference/wp sanitize redirect
Function Reference/wp scheduled delete
Function Reference/wp send json error
Function Reference/wp set comment status
Function Reference/wp set password
Function Reference/wp set post tags
Function Reference/wp setcookie
Function Reference/wp specialchars
Function Reference/wp suspend cache invalidation
Function Reference/wp terms checklist
Function Reference/wp throttle comment flood
Function Reference/wp transition post status
Function Reference/wp trim words
Function Reference/wp unique term slug
Function Reference/wp unregister widget control
Function Reference/wp update attachment metadata
Function Reference/wp update comment count now
Function Reference/wp update post
Function Reference/wp upload bits
Function Reference/wp validate redirect
Function Reference/wp widget description
Function Reference/wpmu activate signup
Function Reference/wpmu current site
Function Reference/wpmu get blog allowedthemes
Function Reference/wpmu signup blog notification
Function Reference/wpmu update blogs date
Function Reference/wpmu welcome notification
Function Reference/xmlrpc getpostcategory
Function Reference/zeroise
Function reference/register sidebar
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Function Reference/wpmu log new registrations
Function Reference/wpmu signup user
Function Reference/wpmu validate blog signup
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Plugin API/Action Reference/deleted user
Plugin API/Action Reference/edit user profile update
Plugin API/Action Reference/get header
Plugin API/Action Reference/init
Plugin API/Action Reference/login enqueue scripts
Plugin API/Action Reference/manage $post type posts custom column
Plugin API/Action Reference/parse request
Plugin API/Action Reference/personal options update
Plugin API/Action Reference/pre post update
Plugin API/Action Reference/quick edit custom box
Plugin API/Action Reference/revoke super admin
Plugin API/Action Reference/save post
Plugin API/Action Reference/show user profile
Plugin API/Action Reference/sidebar admin setup
Plugin API/Action Reference/untrash post
Plugin API/Action Reference/user profile update errors
Plugin API/Action Reference/wp
Plugin API/Action Reference/wp before admin bar render
Plugin API/Action Reference/wp footer
Plugin API/Action Reference/wp insert post
Plugin API/Action Reference/wp logout
Plugin API/Action Reference/wp print styles
Plugin API/Filter Reference
Plugin API/Filter Reference/ single template
Plugin API/Filter Reference/attachment fields to edit
Plugin API/Filter Reference/authenticate
Plugin API/Filter Reference/bloginfo
Plugin API/Filter Reference/category feed link
Plugin API/Filter Reference/comment author
Plugin API/Filter Reference/comments rewrite rules
Plugin API/Filter Reference/content edit pre
Plugin API/Filter Reference/custom menu order
Plugin API/Filter Reference/date rewrite rules
Plugin API/Filter Reference/excerpt edit pre
Plugin API/Filter Reference/explain nonce (verb)-(noun)
Plugin API/Filter Reference/get comments link
Plugin API/Filter Reference/get the guid
Plugin API/Filter Reference/image resize dimensions
Plugin API/Filter Reference/login body class
Plugin API/Filter Reference/login message
Plugin API/Filter Reference/manage custom posts columns
Plugin API/Filter Reference/manage pages columns
Plugin API/Filter Reference/mce css
Plugin API/Filter Reference/mime type edit pre
Plugin API/Filter Reference/nav menu css class
Plugin API/Filter Reference/nonce user logged out
Plugin API/Filter Reference/parent edit pre
Plugin API/Filter Reference/post limits
Plugin API/Filter Reference/post type link
Plugin API/Filter Reference/posts groupby
Plugin API/Filter Reference/posts orderby
Plugin API/Filter Reference/pre comment approved
Plugin API/Filter Reference/pre option (option name)
Plugin API/Filter Reference/registration errors
Plugin API/Filter Reference/root rewrite rules
Plugin API/Filter Reference/sanitize user
Plugin API/Filter Reference/search rewrite rules
Plugin API/Filter Reference/single template
Plugin API/Filter Reference/template directory
Plugin API/Filter Reference/the content
Plugin API/Filter Reference/the editor
Plugin API/Filter Reference/theme mod $name
Plugin API/Filter Reference/title edit pre
Plugin API/Filter Reference/upload dir
Plugin API/Filter Reference/user has cap
Plugin API/Filter Reference/widget categories args
Plugin API/Filter Reference/wp authenticate user
Plugin API/Filter Reference/wp handle upload prefilter
Plugin API/Filter Reference/wp link pages
Plugin API/Filter Reference/wp mail from
Plugin API/Filter Reference/wp revisions to keep
Plugin API/Hooks 2.0.x
Plugin Submission and Promotion
Plugins Add New Screen
Plugins Editor SubPanel
Plugins Plugins SubPanel
Post Formats
Post Meta Data Section
Post Thumbnails
Post Types
Posts Add New Screen
Posts Categories SubPanel
Posts Post Tags SubPanel
Posts Tags Screen
Press This
Problemas al iniciar sesión
Query Overview
Recursos de Plugins
Referencia de Funciones/add post meta
Reporting Bugs
Restoring Your Database From Backup
Rewrite API
Rewrite API/add rewrite rule
Rewrite API/generate rewrite rules
Riferimento Classi/query posts
Pages Add New Screen
Pages Pages SubPanel
Permalink Structure
Photoblogs and Galleries
Plugin API/Action Reference
Plugin API/Action Reference/ network admin menu
Plugin API/Action Reference/add attachment
Plugin API/Action Reference/admin footer-(plugin page)
Plugin API/Action Reference/admin init
Plugin API/Action Reference/admin page access denied
Plugin API/Action Reference/admin print styles
Plugin API/Action Reference/after switch theme
Plugin API/Action Reference/comment (old status) to (new status)
Plugin API/Action Reference/customize preview init
Plugin API/Action Reference/delete post
Plugin API/Action Reference/dynamic sidebar
Plugin API/Action Reference/generate rewrite rules
Plugin API/Action Reference/grant super admin
Plugin API/Action Reference/load-(page)
Plugin API/Action Reference/login form
Plugin API/Action Reference/manage posts custom column
Plugin API/Action Reference/password reset
Plugin API/Action Reference/plugins loaded
Plugin API/Action Reference/profile personal options
Plugin API/Action Reference/register form
Plugin API/Action Reference/right now content table end
Plugin API/Action Reference/send headers
Plugin API/Action Reference/shutdown
Plugin API/Action Reference/switch theme
Plugin API/Action Reference/upload files (tab)
Plugin API/Action Reference/user register
Plugin API/Action Reference/wp ajax (action)
Plugin API/Action Reference/wp dashboard setup
Plugin API/Action Reference/wp head
Plugin API/Action Reference/wp loaded
Plugin API/Action Reference/wp meta
Plugin API/Action Reference/wp register sidebar widget
Plugin API/Filter Reference/
Plugin API/Filter Reference/allowed redirect hosts
Plugin API/Filter Reference/attachment fields to save
Plugin API/Filter Reference/author edit pre
Plugin API/Filter Reference/body class
Plugin API/Filter Reference/category rewrite rules
Plugin API/Filter Reference/comment link
Plugin API/Filter Reference/comments template
Plugin API/Filter Reference/content filtered edit pre
Plugin API/Filter Reference/date edit pre
Plugin API/Filter Reference/editable roles
Plugin API/Filter Reference/excerpt length
Plugin API/Filter Reference/found posts
Plugin API/Filter Reference/get pung
Plugin API/Filter Reference/get to ping
Plugin API/Filter Reference/image size names choose
Plugin API/Filter Reference/login head
Plugin API/Filter Reference/login redirect
Plugin API/Filter Reference/manage edit-custom columns
Plugin API/Filter Reference/manage posts columns
Plugin API/Filter Reference/mce external plugins
Plugin API/Filter Reference/modified edit pre
Plugin API/Filter Reference/nav menu link attributes
Plugin API/Filter Reference/page rewrite rules
Plugin API/Filter Reference/password edit pre
Plugin API/Filter Reference/post link
Plugin API/Filter Reference/posts clauses
Plugin API/Filter Reference/posts join
Plugin API/Filter Reference/posts request
Plugin API/Filter Reference/pre comment user ip
Plugin API/Filter Reference/preprocess comment
Plugin API/Filter Reference/request
Plugin API/Filter Reference/sanitize option $option
Plugin API/Filter Reference/schedule event
Plugin API/Filter Reference/self link
Plugin API/Filter Reference/status edit pre
Plugin API/Filter Reference/template include
Plugin API/Filter Reference/the content feed
Plugin API/Filter Reference/the permalink
Plugin API/Filter Reference/theme root
Plugin API/Filter Reference/type edit pre
Plugin API/Filter Reference/upload mimes
Plugin API/Filter Reference/user registration email
Plugin API/Filter Reference/widget meta poweredby
Plugin API/Filter Reference/wp feed cache transient lifetime
Plugin API/Filter Reference/wp http accept encoding
Plugin API/Filter Reference/wp list pages
Plugin API/Filter Reference/wp mail from name
Plugin API/Filter Reference/wp title
Plugin API/Hooks 2.1
Plugin UI Standards
Plugins/Plugin Compatibility
Plugins/WordPress Widgets
Plugins Add New SubPanel
Plugins Installed SubPanel
Plugins Screen
Post Images
Post Status
Post Type
Post to your blog using email
Posts Add New SubPanel
Posts Edit SubPanel
Posts Posts SubPanel
Posts Tags SubPanel
Project Ideas
Quicktags API
Referencia de Funciones
Registered User Features
Resetting Your Password
Revision Management
Rewrite API/add feed
Rewrite API/add rewrite tag
Riferimento Funzioni/get query var
Pages Add New SubPanel
Pages Screen
Playing With Fonts
Plugin API
Plugin API/Action Reference/
Plugin API/Action Reference/ user admin menu
Plugin API/Action Reference/add meta boxes
Plugin API/Action Reference/admin head
Plugin API/Action Reference/admin menu
Plugin API/Action Reference/admin print scripts
Plugin API/Action Reference/admin print styles-(hookname)
Plugin API/Action Reference/before delete post
Plugin API/Action Reference/customize controls print scripts
Plugin API/Action Reference/customize register
Plugin API/Action Reference/delete user
Plugin API/Action Reference/edit user profile
Plugin API/Action Reference/get footer
Plugin API/Action Reference/in admin footer
Plugin API/Action Reference/load-themes.php
Plugin API/Action Reference/login head
Plugin API/Action Reference/network admin menu
Plugin API/Action Reference/personal options
Plugin API/Action Reference/pre get posts
Plugin API/Action Reference/profile update
Plugin API/Action Reference/register post
Plugin API/Action Reference/rss2 item
Plugin API/Action Reference/set user role
Plugin API/Action Reference/sidebar admin page
Plugin API/Action Reference/template redirect
Plugin API/Action Reference/user admin menu
Plugin API/Action Reference/welcome panel
Plugin API/Action Reference/wp authenticate
Plugin API/Action Reference/wp enqueue scripts
Plugin API/Action Reference/wp insert comment
Plugin API/Action Reference/wp login
Plugin API/Action Reference/wp print scripts
Plugin API/Admin Screen Reference
Plugin API/Filter Reference/$permastruct rewrite rules
Plugin API/Filter Reference/archive template
Plugin API/Filter Reference/attachment icon
Plugin API/Filter Reference/author rewrite rules
Plugin API/Filter Reference/bulk actions
Plugin API/Filter Reference/check admin referer
Plugin API/Filter Reference/comments link feed
Plugin API/Filter Reference/contactmethods
Plugin API/Filter Reference/cron schedules
Plugin API/Filter Reference/date gmt edit pre
Plugin API/Filter Reference/enable post format ui
Plugin API/Filter Reference/excerpt more
Plugin API/Filter Reference/get comment author link
Plugin API/Filter Reference/get the excerpt
Plugin API/Filter Reference/gettext
Plugin API/Filter Reference/locale
Plugin API/Filter Reference/login headerurl
Plugin API/Filter Reference/manage $post type posts columns
Plugin API/Filter Reference/manage edit-post type columns
Plugin API/Filter Reference/mce buttons, mce buttons 2, mce buttons 3, mce buttons 4
Plugin API/Filter Reference/menu order
Plugin API/Filter Reference/modified gmt edit pre
Plugin API/Filter Reference/nonce life
Plugin API/Filter Reference/page template
Plugin API/Filter Reference/post edit form tag
Plugin API/Filter Reference/post rewrite rules
Plugin API/Filter Reference/posts distinct
Plugin API/Filter Reference/posts join paged
Plugin API/Filter Reference/posts where
Plugin API/Filter Reference/pre link image
Plugin API/Filter Reference/query vars
Plugin API/Filter Reference/rewrite rules array
Plugin API/Filter Reference/sanitize title
Plugin API/Filter Reference/search form format
Plugin API/Filter Reference/show admin bar
Plugin API/Filter Reference/template
Plugin API/Filter Reference/terms to edit
Plugin API/Filter Reference/the content rss
Plugin API/Filter Reference/the title
Plugin API/Filter Reference/tiny mce before init
Plugin API/Filter Reference/type template
Plugin API/Filter Reference/user contactmethods
Plugin API/Filter Reference/user search columns
Plugin API/Filter Reference/widget pages args
Plugin API/Filter Reference/wp get attachment url
Plugin API/Filter Reference/wp insert post data
Plugin API/Filter Reference/wp list pages excludes
Plugin API/Filter Reference/wp redirect status
Plugin API/Hooks
Plugin Resources
Plugins/Calendar Event
Plugins/Plugin Compatibility/
Plugins/WordPress Widgets Api
Plugins Editor Screen
Plugins Plugin Editor SubPanel
Post Locking
Post Status Transitions
Post Type Templates
Posts Categories Screen
Posts Post Tags Screen
Posts Screen
Press It
Privacy Options SubPanel
Protection From Harvesters
Reading Options SubPanel
Referencia de Funciones/Ejemplos de la función post meta
Release Philosophy
Rewrite API/add rewrite endpoint
Rewrite API/flush rules
Riferimento Classi/WP Query
Riferimento Funzioni/query posts
Riferimento funzioni
Riferimento funzioni/query posts
Riferimento funzioni/wp reset postdata
Right to Left Language Support
Roles and Capabilities,
Rwerite API/generate rewrite rules
Security FAQ
Settings Discussion Screen
Settings General SubPanel
Settings Miscellaneous SubPanel
Settings Privacy Screen
Settings Reading SubPanel
Site Architecture 1.5
Sticky Posts
Styling Lists with CSS
Styling for Mobile
Super Admin Admin SubPanel
Super Admin Sites Edit Site
Super Admin Themes SubPanel
Support Forum Volunteers
Telas do WordPress
Tema Etiketleri/the author description
Tema Etiketleri/the author login
Tema Etiketleri/the author url
Template Tags/
Template Tags/bloginfo
Template Tags/cancel comment reply link
Template Tags/comment author
Template Tags/comment author email link
Template Tags/comment author url
Template Tags/comment date
Template Tags/comment form title
Template Tags/comment reply link
Template Tags/comment time
Template Tags/comments number
Template Tags/comments rss link
Template Tags/edit bookmark link
Template Tags/edit tag link
Template Tags/get bloginfo
Template Tags/get bookmarks
Template Tags/get comment author link
Template Tags/get comments number
Template Tags/get home url
Template Tags/get linksbyname
Template Tags/get post class
Template Tags/get post time
Template Tags/get site url
Template Tags/get the category
Template Tags/get the post thumbnail
Template Tags/get the time
Template Tags/has post thumbnail
Template Tags/link pages
Template Tags/next comments link
Template Tags/next post link
Template Tags/paginate links
Template Tags/permalink single rss
Template Tags/posts nav link
Template Tags/previous post
Template Tags/print AcmeMap Url
Template Tags/print GeoCache Url
Template Tags/print Lon
Template Tags/print SideBit Url
Template Tags/query posts
Template Tags/rss enclosure
Template Tags/single post title
Template Tags/sticky class
Template Tags/the DegreeConfluence Url
Template Tags/the GeoURL Url
Template Tags/the Lon
Template Tags/the SideBit Url
Template Tags/the attachment link
Template Tags/the author aim
Template Tags/the author firstname
Template Tags/the author link
Template Tags/the author msn
Template Tags/the author posts link
Template Tags/the category
Template Tags/the category rss
Template Tags/the content rss
Template Tags/the excerpt
Template Tags/the meta
Template Tags/the modified time
Template Tags/the post thumbnail
Template Tags/the tags
Template Tags/the title attribute
Template Tags/the weekday date
Template Tags/trackback url
Template Tags/wp dropdown categories
Template Tags/wp generate tag cloud
Template Tags/wp get links
Template Tags/wp list authors
Template Tags/wp list cats
Template Tags/wp login form
Template Tags/wp logout url
Template Tags/wp page menu
Template Tags/wp title
Templates Hierarchy
The Category
The Theme Development Checklist
The loop
Theme Development
Theme Development Standards
Theme List/One Column
Theme List/Widget-ready
Theme Review/Version Specific Changes
Riferimento funzioni/get query var
Riferimento funzioni/rewind posts
Riferimento funzioni/wp reset query
Roles and Capabilites
Roles and Capabilities-
Search Engine Optimization for WordPress
Separating Categories
Settings Discussion SubPanel
Settings Media Screen
Settings Permalinks Screen
Settings Privacy SubPanel
Settings Writing Screen
Shortcode API
Site Architecture v1.2
Sous-Panneau Gérer des Articles
Stepping Into Template Tags
Still Left Handed People Is In Larger Threat At The Workplace
Styling Page-Links
Styling for Print
Super Admin Admin Menu
Super Admin Menu
Super Admin Sites SubPanel
Super Admin Update SubPanel
Supported Versions
Tag Templates
Technical Articles
Tema Etiketleri/the author
Tema Etiketleri/the author firstname
Tema Etiketleri/the author nickname
Tema Etiketleri/the author yim
Template Hierarchy
Template Tags/Anatomy of a Template Tag
Template Tags/bloginfo rss
Template Tags/category description
Template Tags/comment author IP
Template Tags/comment author link
Template Tags/comment author url link
Template Tags/comment excerpt
Template Tags/comment id fields
Template Tags/comment text
Template Tags/comment type
Template Tags/comments popup link
Template Tags/comments template
Template Tags/edit comment link
Template Tags/get archives
Template Tags/get bloginfo rss
Template Tags/get calendar
Template Tags/get comment author url
Template Tags/get day link
Template Tags/get links
Template Tags/get month link
Template Tags/get post permalink
Template Tags/get posts
Template Tags/get the author
Template Tags/get the content feed
Template Tags/get the tag list
Template Tags/get the title
Template Tags/home url
Template Tags/list authors
Template Tags/next image link
Template Tags/next posts link
Template Tags/permalink anchor
Template Tags/post class
Template Tags/previous comments link
Template Tags/previous post link
Template Tags/print DegreeConfluence Url
Template Tags/print GeoURL Url
Template Tags/print MapQuest Url
Template Tags/print TopoZone Url
Template Tags/register menu
Template Tags/single cat title
Template Tags/single tag title
Template Tags/tag description
Template Tags/the FindU Url
Template Tags/the ID
Template Tags/the MapQuest Url
Template Tags/the TopoZone Url
Template Tags/the author
Template Tags/the author description
Template Tags/the author icq
Template Tags/the author login
Template Tags/the author nickname
Template Tags/the author url
Template Tags/the category ID
Template Tags/the content
Template Tags/the date
Template Tags/the excerpt rss
Template Tags/the modified author
Template Tags/the permalink
Template Tags/the search query
Template Tags/the time
Template Tags/the title rss
Template Tags/the widget
Template Tags/vi:the content
Template Tags/wp dropdown pages
Template Tags/wp get archives
Template Tags/wp get linksbyname
Template Tags/wp list bookmarks
Template Tags/wp list comments
Template Tags/wp login url
Template Tags/wp lostpassword url
Template Tags/wp register
Template tags
Tentang WordPress
Testing/XML-RPC and Atom API
The Loop
The WordPress Gallery
Theme Development Checklist
Theme Features
Theme List/Three Column
Theme Modification API
Theme Switching
Themes/Theme Compatibility
Riferimento funzioni/have posts
Riferimento funzioni/the post
Right-to-Left Language Support
Roles and Capabilities
Running a Development Copy of WordPress
Search Engine Optimization for Wordpress
Settings API
Settings General Screen
Settings Media SubPanel
Settings Permalinks SubPanel
Settings Reading Screen
Settings Writing SubPanel
Site Design and Layout
Spam Words
Stepping Into Templates
Styling Images in Posts and Pages
Styling Theme Forms
Submitting Bugs
Super Admin Admin Screen
Super Admin Options SubPanel
Super Admin Super Admin Menu
Super Admin Users SubPanel
Switching to PHP5
Tag condizionali
Teemat/Teemojen yhteensopivuus/2.8
Tema Etiketleri/the author ID
Tema Etiketleri/the author lastname
Tema Etiketleri/the author posts
Tema Etiketleri/the category
Template Tags
Template Tags/How to Pass Tag Parameters
Template Tags/body class
Template Tags/comment ID
Template Tags/comment author email
Template Tags/comment author rss
Template Tags/comment class
Template Tags/comment form
Template Tags/comment link rss
Template Tags/comment text rss
Template Tags/comments link
Template Tags/comments popup script
Template Tags/dropdown cats
Template Tags/edit post link
Template Tags/get attachment link
Template Tags/get bookmark
Template Tags/get category parents
Template Tags/get comments link
Template Tags/get edit post link
Template Tags/get links list
Template Tags/get permalink
Template Tags/get post thumbnail id
Template Tags/get search query
Template Tags/get the author link
Template Tags/get the date
Template Tags/get the tags
Template Tags/get year link
Template Tags/in category
Template Tags/list cats
Template Tags/next post
Template Tags/paginate comments links
Template Tags/permalink comments rss
Template Tags/post permalink
Template Tags/previous image link
Template Tags/previous posts link
Template Tags/print FindU Url
Template Tags/print Lat
Template Tags/print MapTech Url
Template Tags/print UrlPopNav
Template Tags/register nav menu
Template Tags/single month title
Template Tags/site url
Template Tags/the AcmeMap Url
Template Tags/the GeoCache Url
Template Tags/the Lat
Template Tags/the MapTech Url
Template Tags/the UrlPopNav
Template Tags/the author ID
Template Tags/the author email
Template Tags/the author lastname
Template Tags/the author meta
Template Tags/the author posts
Template Tags/the author yim
Template Tags/the category head
Template Tags/the content feed
Template Tags/the date xml
Template Tags/the id
Template Tags/the modified date
Template Tags/the post image
Template Tags/the shortlink
Template Tags/the title
Template Tags/the weekday
Template Tags/trackback rdf
Template Tags/wp count posts
Template Tags/wp dropdown users
Template Tags/wp get attachment link
Template Tags/wp link pages
Template Tags/wp list categories
Template Tags/wp list pages
Template Tags/wp loginout
Template Tags/wp nav menu
Template Tags/wp tag cloud
Test Driving WordPress
Testing WordPress Performance
The Loop in Action
The category
Theme Customization API
Theme Development Checklist Draft
Theme Frameworks
Theme List/Two Column
Theme Review
Theme Unit Test
Themes/Theme Compatibility/
Themes/Theme Compatibility/2.9
Tim Dokumentasi WordPress
TinyMCE Custom Styles
Tools Export SubPanel
Tools Import SubPanel
Tools Screen
Trademark Use
Translating WordPress with Launchpad
Updating Wordpress
Upgrading WordPress Extended
Usaha Bersama
Users Authors and Users SubPanel
Users Your Profile Screen
Using Alternative Databases
Using FeedBurner
Using Image and File Attachments
Using Password Protection
Using Smileys
Using Themes
Using WordPress as a PhotoBlog
Using the Links Manager
Validating a Website
Version 0.7
Version 0.711
Version 1.0.1
Version 1.2.1
Version 1.4
Version 1.6
Version 2.0.10
Version 2.0.3
Version 2.0.6
Version 2.0.9
Version 2.1.2
Version 2.2.0
Version 2.2.3
Version 2.3.2
Version 2.3:new taxonomy
Version 2.5.1
Version 2.6.2
Version 2.7
Version 2.8.1
Version 2.8.4
Version 2.9
Version 3
Version 3.0.2
Version 3.0.5
Version 3.1.1
Version 3.1.4
Version 3.3
Version 3.3.3
Version 3.4.2
Version 3.5.2
Versiyon 3.3
WPMS Forums
WPMS Theme Login
WPMU Cimy Extra Fields Plugin
WPMU Functions/add blog option
WPMU Functions/create empty blog
WPMU Functions/generate random password
WPMU Functions/get blog count
WPMU Functions/get blog option
WPMU Functions/get blog status
WPMU Functions/get blogaddress by name
WPMU Functions/get current site
WPMU Functions/get most active blogs
WPMU Functions/get user details
WPMU Functions/install blog
WPMU Functions/is blog user
WPMU Functions/is user member of blog
WPMU Functions/remove user from blog
WPMU Functions/template
WPMU Functions/update blog status
WPMU Functions/wpmu activate signup
WPMU Functions/wpmu admin redirect url
WPMU Functions/wpmu create user
WPMU Functions/wpmu signup user
WPMU Functions/wpmu validate blog signup
WPMU Functions/wpmu welcome user notification
WPMU IRC Channel
WPMU Languages
WPMU List New Blogs Widget
WPMU Plugins
WPMU SVN Repository
WPMU Theme Compatibility
WPMU wp-cron-dashboard.php
WP Debug
Weblog Client
Widget List
Widgets API
Widgets API/is dynamic sidebar
Widgets API/register sidebars
Widgets API/unregister sidebar widget
Widgets Api
Wiki Day/2004 API
WordPressMU Site Admin menu
WordPress 3.0 Menu User Guide
WordPress APIs
WordPress Basics
WordPress Coding Standards
WordPress Features
WordPress Forum Tags
WordPress IRC Live Help
WordPress Lessons
WordPress MU
Tools Import Blogroll SubPanel
Tools Network Screen
Tools Tools SubPanel
Transients API
Translation Problems
UNIX Shell Skills
Update Services
Upgrade 1.2 to 1.5
Upgrading WPMU
Uploading Files
Usando Permalinks
Users Add New Screen
Users Screen
Users Your Profile SubPanel
Using Custom Fields
Using FileZilla
Using Images
Using Permalinks
Using Smilies
Using Themes/
Using Your Browser to Diagnose JavaScript Errors
Using the Support Forums
Version 0.70
Version 0.72
Version 1.0.2
Version 1.2.2
Version 1.5
Version 2.0
Version 2.0.11
Version 2.0.4
Version 2.0.7
Version 2.1
Version 2.1.3
Version 2.2.1
Version 2.3
Version 2.3.3
Version 2.4
Version 2.6
Version 2.6.3
Version 2.7.1
Version 2.8.2
Version 2.8.5
Version 2.9.1
Version 3.0
Version 3.0.3
Version 3.0.6
Version 3.1.2
Version 3.2
Version 3.3.1
Version 3.4
Version 3.5
Version 3.6
Video Shortcode
WPMS IRC Channel
WPMS bbPress integration
WPMU Admin Confirmed Username Before Able To Blog
WPMU Database Description
WPMU Forums
WPMU Functions/add site option
WPMU Functions/delete blog option
WPMU Functions/get active blog for user
WPMU Functions/get blog details
WPMU Functions/get blog permalink
WPMU Functions/get blogaddress by domain
WPMU Functions/get bloginfo
WPMU Functions/get current user id
WPMU Functions/get site option
WPMU Functions/get user id from string
WPMU Functions/install blog defaults
WPMU Functions/is email address unsafe
WPMU Functions/load muplugin textdomain
WPMU Functions/restore current blog
WPMU Functions/update archived
WPMU Functions/update site option
WPMU Functions/wpmu admin do redirect
WPMU Functions/wpmu checkAvailableSpace
WPMU Functions/wpmu signup blog
WPMU Functions/wpmu signup user notification
WPMU Functions/wpmu validate user signup
WPMU Global Variables
WPMU Ignore Some Subdomains
WPMU List All Blogs Widget
WPMU Plugin Compatibility
WPMU Random Blog
WPMU Site Wide Categories
WPMU Theme Compatibility:CN
WPMU Widgets
WP Ajax Response
WP Error
Widgetizing Themes
Widgets API/dynamic sidebar
Widgets API/register sidebar
Widgets API/register widget control
Widgets API/unregister widget control
Widgets SubPanel
Windows Live Writer Help
WordPress API
WordPress ATAG Evaluation
WordPress Cookies
WordPress Feeds
WordPress Function Reference
WordPress Installation Techniques
WordPress Localization
WordPress MU Site Admin Menu
TinyMCE Custom Buttons
Tools Export Screen
Tools Import Screen
Tools Network SubPanel
Tools Upgrade SubPanel
Translating WordPress
Trash status
UnMuify the plugin shared tables
Updating WordPress
Upgrading WordPress
Uploading WordPress to a remote host
User Levels
Users Add New SubPanel
Users Users SubPanel
Using Alternate Databases
Using Custom Fields to attach images, links or files to a post easily
Using Gravatars
Using Javascript
Using SVN
Using Subversion
Using Themes/Theme List
Using cPanel
Using the gallery shortcode
Validating Sanitizing and Escaping User Data
Versio 2.8
Version 0.71
Version 1.0
Version 1.2
Version 1.3
Version 1.5.1
Version 1.5.2
Version 2.0.1
Version 2.0.2
Version 2.0.5
Version 2.0.8
Version 2.1.1
Version 2.2
Version 2.2.2
Version 2.3.1
Version 2.3:New Taxonomy
Version 2.5
Version 2.6.1
Version 2.6.5
Version 2.8
Version 2.8.3
Version 2.8.6
Version 2.9.2
Version 3.0.1
Version 3.0.4
Version 3.1
Version 3.1.3
Version 3.2.1
Version 3.3.2
Version 3.4.1
Version 3.5.1
Version MU
WPMS Ignore Some Subdomains
WPMU Adoption Articles
WPMU Development Methodology
WPMU Functions
WPMU Functions/add user to blog
WPMU Functions/domain exists
WPMU Functions/get admin users for domain
WPMU Functions/get blog list
WPMU Functions/get blog post
WPMU Functions/get blogaddress by id
WPMU Functions/get blogs of user
WPMU Functions/get last updated
WPMU Functions/get sitestats
WPMU Functions/insert blog
WPMU Functions/is archived
WPMU Functions/is site admin
WPMU Functions/refresh blog details
WPMU Functions/switch to blog
WPMU Functions/update blog option
WPMU Functions/validate email
WPMU Functions/wpmu admin redirect add updated param
WPMU Functions/wpmu create blog
WPMU Functions/wpmu signup blog notification
WPMU Functions/wpmu update blogs date
WPMU Functions/wpmu welcome notification
WPMU Internal Flags
WPMU List All Postings Widget
WPMU Plugin Compatibility:CN
WPMU SVN Changeset Log
WPMU Site Wide Feed Plugin
WPMU bbPress integration
WP Link Dump
Widget API
Widgetizing Themes/
Widgets API/is active widget
Widgets API/register sidebar widget
Widgets API/unregister sidebar
Widgets API/wp register sidebar widget
Wiki Day
WordPressMU Site Admin Menu
WordPress 2.7 Sürümü Tema Uyumluluk Listesi
WordPress API's
WordPress Backups
WordPress Bug Hunts
WordPress Deprecated Functions Hook
WordPress Files
WordPress Housekeeping
WordPress Lessen
WordPress MS Network Admin Menu
WordPress Menu User Guide
WordPress Multisite
WordPress Optimization
WordPress Optimization/Offloading
WordPress Philosophy
WordPress Quick Start Guide
WordPress Semantics
WordPress Site Reviews
WordPress Widgets
WordPress Widgets Api/dynamic sidebar
WordPress Widgets Api/register sidebar
WordPress Widgets Api/register widget control
WordPress Widgets Api/unregister widget control
WordPress in Your Language
WordPress Версии
WordPress Цикл
WordPressin asentaminen
WordPressin versiot
WordpressMU Site Admin menu
Wordpress Query Vars
Working with PIE
Wrapping Text Around Images
Write Post SubPanel
Writing Posts
Writing admin themes
XML-RPC Extending
XML-RPC Pingback API
XML-RPC WordPress API/Categories & Tags
XML-RPC WordPress API/Options
XML-RPC WordPress API/Taxonomies
Your Post Meta Data Section
add action
add comment meta
add custom background
add editor style
add help tab
add magic quotes
add menu
add metadata
add option
add permastruct
add post meta
add query arg
add settings field
add site option
add theme page
add user to blog
admin notice multisite activate plugins page
alof punya
apply filters
author can
azr:Ana yarpaq
bg:Main Page
bloginfo rss
bn:Plugin Resources
bool from yn
br:Main Page
br:Página Principal
bs:Hosting WordPressa
cancel comment reply link
category description
check comment
check upload size
clean blog cache
clean post cache
clean url
comment author
comment author ip
comment author url
comment date
comment form title
comment link
comment text
comment type
comments open
comments rss link
content url
count many users posts
create empty blog
current theme supports
current user can for blog
da:Bidrag til codex
da:Opdatering af WordPress
date i18n
debug fwrite
delete metadata
delete site option
delete user meta
did action
display space usage
do all pings
do feed atom
do feed rss2
do settings fields
do shortcode tag
download url
edit post
edit term link
email exists
es:API Plugin
es:Actualizando WordPress
es:Antes de instalar
es:Características para Temas
WordPress Nonces
WordPress Optimization/Caching
WordPress Optimization/Server Optimization
WordPress Policies
WordPress Responsibilities
WordPress Server Optimization
WordPress Taxonomy
WordPress Widgets Api
WordPress Widgets Api/is active widget
WordPress Widgets Api/register sidebar widget
WordPress Widgets Api/unregister sidebar
WordPress Widgets Api/wp register sidebar widget
WordPress Резервное Копирование
WordPress 新手 - 如何开始
WordPressin ominaisuudet
WordPressni O‘rnatish
Wordpress AJAX
Working with PIE in WordPress for older IE versions
Write Link SubPanel
Writing Code in Your Posts
Writing a Plugin
XML-RPC MetaWeblog API
XML-RPC Support
XML-RPC WordPress API/Comments
XML-RPC WordPress API/Pages
XML-RPC WordPress API/Users
Your Profile SubPanel
add blog option
add comments page
add custom image header
add filter
add image size
add management page
add menu page
add node
add options page
add ping
add post type support
add role
add settings section
add submenu page
add theme support
add users page
addslashes gpc
admin url
anatomy of a template tag
ar:Function Reference/is front page
attribute escape
avoid blog page permalink collision
bg:WordPress Backups
bn:Main Page
br:O Loop
cPanel X
capital p dangit
check admin referer
check import new users
clean comment cache
clean pre
cleanup header comment
comment author email
comment author link
comment author url link
comment excerpt
comment id
comment link rss
comment text rss
comments link
comments popup link
comments template
convert chars
count user posts
cs:Main Page
current time
custom post type
de:XML-RPC WordPress API
delete blog option
delete option
delete site transient
delete user option
do action
do enclose
do feed rdf
do meta boxes
do settings sections
do trackbacks
dropdown cats
edit bookmark link
edit post link
edit user
es:API de Widget
es:Actualizar WordPress
es:Before You Install
es:CSS Troubleshooting
es:Category Templates
es:Codex:Codex CSS
WordPress Optimisation
WordPress Optimization/Cheat Sheet
WordPress Optimization/WordPress Performance
WordPress Query Vars
WordPress Screenshots
WordPress Site Maintenance
WordPress Versions
WordPress Widgets Api/
WordPress Widgets Api/is dynamic sidebar
WordPress Widgets Api/register sidebars
WordPress Widgets Api/unregister sidebar widget
WordPress for Non-Developers
WordPress vs
WordPress Скриншоты
WordPress 本地化
Wordpress Nonce Implementation
Working with WordPress
Write Page SubPanel
Writing Options SubPanel
Writing a plugin
XML-RPC MovableType API
XML-RPC WordPress API/Media
XML-RPC WordPress API/Posts
add cap
add contextual help
add dashboard page
add group
add links page
add media page
add meta box
add object page
add pages page
add plugins page
add posts page
add settings error
add shortcode
add submenu page,
add user meta
add utility page
admin notice feed
al:Main Page
auth redirect
bg:Hardening WordPress
bn:Multilingual Codex
body class
br:Atualizando o WordPress
br:Instalando o Wordpress
br:Página Inicial
br:WordPress MU
build query
cache javascript headers
cat is ancestor of
check ajax referer
check theme switched
choose primary blog
clean page cache
clean term cache
clear global post cache
comment author email link
comment author rss
comment class
comment form
comment id fields
comment reply link
comment time
comments number
comments popup script
confirm delete users
convert smilies
count users
current filter
current user can
custom post types
da:Installering af WordPress
dashboard quota
debug fopen
delete comment meta
delete post meta
delete transient
delete usermeta
discover pingback server uri
do action ref array
do feed
do feed rss
do robots
do shortcode
domain exists
dynamic sidebar
edit comment link
edit tag link
edit user profile update
es:About WordPress
es:Advanced Topics
es:Blog Design and Layout
es:Características de WordPress
es:Cliente de blog
es:Codex:Contributing to Codex
es:Contributing to Codex
es:Database Description
es:Editing wp-config.php
es:First Steps With WordPress
es:Function Reference/is single
es:Getting Started with WordPress
es:Hosting WordPress
es:Inline Documentation
es:Introduction to Blogging
es:Main Page
es:Portal de la comunidad
es:Recursos de Plugins
es:Referencia de Funciones/esc attr
es:Registered User Features
es:Separating Categories
es:Template Hierarchy
es:The Loop
es:Translating WordPress
es:Upgrading WordPress
es:Using Images
es:Version 1.5.1
es:WPMU Functions/get admin users for domain
es:WordPress Lessons
esc attr 2
esc html
esc html x
esc url raw
fetch feed
fi:WordPress MU
force balance tags
force ssl login
format to edit
fr:Avant Installation
fr:Changement de l'adresse du blog
fr:Codex:A Propos
fr:Commentaire Indésirable
fr:Creer un Dossier Inscriptible
fr:Decouvrir les Marqueurs de Modele
fr:Details de mise a jour
fr:Equipe de Traduction
fr:FAQ Codex
fr:Fonctions de référence
fr:Gestion de Plugins
fr:Hierarchie de modeles
fr:Héberger WordPress
fr:La Boucle
fr:Main Page
fr:Marqueurs de Modele/add meta box
fr:Marqueurs de Modele/edit comment link
fr:Marqueurs de Modele/get category parents
fr:Marqueurs de Modele/get links list
fr:Marqueurs de Modele/get permalink
fr:Marqueurs de Modele/in category
fr:Marqueurs de Modele/list cats
fr:Marqueurs de Modele/permalink anchor
fr:Marqueurs de Modele/previous post
fr:Marqueurs de Modele/single post title
fr:Marqueurs de Modele/the author ID
fr:Marqueurs de Modele/the author email
fr:Marqueurs de Modele/the author lastname
fr:Marqueurs de Modele/the author nickname
fr:Marqueurs de Modele/the author url
fr:Marqueurs de Modele/the category ID
fr:Marqueurs de Modele/the content
fr:Marqueurs de Modele/the date xml
fr:Marqueurs de Modele/the meta
fr:Marqueurs de Modele/the title
fr:Marqueurs de Modele/trackback url
fr:Marqueurs de Modele/wp link pages
fr:Marqueurs de Tags/the tags
fr:Mise à jour
fr:Modifier les Permissions sur les Fichiers
fr:Nouveau sur WordPress - Ou commencer
fr:Panneaux Administration
fr:Que peuvent faire les utilisateurs enregistres
fr:Services Actualisation
fr:Thèmes Enfant
fr:Trouver votre style de CSS
fr:Using Images
fr:Utilisation des Thèmes
fr:Utiliser les champs personnalisés
fr:Version 3.6
fr:WordPress Fonctionnalites Texte
functions.php list
generic ping
get adjacent post
get admin users for domain
get alloptions
get ancestors
get archives
get attachment link
get author posts url
get blog details
get blog status
get blogaddress by name
get body class
get bookmarks
get cat id
get category
get category feed link
get category template
es:Copias de seguridad de WordPress
es:Desarrollo de temas
es:Escribiendo un Plugin
es:FAQ Layout and Design
es:Formatos de Entrada
es:Function Reference/wp enqueue script
es:Hacking WordPress
es:Importar Contenido
es:Instalando Wordpress
es:Istalando Wordpress
es:Links Manager
es:New To WordPress - Where to Start
es:Plugin API
es:Problemas al iniciar sesión
es:Referencia de Funciones
es:Referencia de Funciones/wp enqueue script
es:Roles y Capacidades
es:Taxonomías Personalizadas
es:Template Tags
es:The Loop in Action
es:Translation Problems
es:Usando Permalinks
es:Using Permalinks
es:Versiones de WordPress
es:Working with WordPress
esc attr e
esc html 2
esc textarea
fetch rss
file is displayable image
force ssl admin
form option
format to post
fr:A Propos de WordPress
fr:Apparence écran des Widgets
fr:Blog by Email
fr:Charger WordPress sur un serveur distant
fr:Contributing to WordPress
fr:Créer un réseau
fr:Demarrer avec WordPress
fr:Donner à WordPress son Propre Dossier
fr:FAQ Combattre les Spams de Commentaires
fr:Fonctions de référence/query posts draft
fr:Hiérarchie de modeles
fr:Installer WordPress
fr:La Boucle En Action
fr:Marqueurs conditionnels
fr:Marqueurs de Modele/category description
fr:Marqueurs de Modele/edit post link
fr:Marqueurs de Modele/get day link
fr:Marqueurs de Modele/get linksbyname
fr:Marqueurs de Modele/get the category
fr:Marqueurs de Modele/link pages
fr:Marqueurs de Modele/next post
fr:Marqueurs de Modele/permalink single rss
fr:Marqueurs de Modele/previous post link
fr:Marqueurs de Modele/the ID
fr:Marqueurs de Modele/the author aim
fr:Marqueurs de Modele/the author firstname
fr:Marqueurs de Modele/the author login
fr:Marqueurs de Modele/the author posts
fr:Marqueurs de Modele/the author yim
fr:Marqueurs de Modele/the category head
fr:Marqueurs de Modele/the content rss
fr:Marqueurs de Modele/the excerpt
fr:Marqueurs de Modele/the permalink
fr:Marqueurs de Modele/the title rss
fr:Marqueurs de Modele/wp get links
fr:Marqueurs de Modele/wp list authors
fr:Marqueurs de Tags/wp tag cloud
fr:Modifier Date et Heure
fr:Modifier wp-config.php
fr:Nouveau sur WordPress - Où commencer
fr:Photoblogs and Galleries
fr:Plugins/Courrier Electronique
fr:Roles and Capabilities
fr:Sauvegardes WordPress
fr:Tableau de bord
fr:Transferer WordPress vers un hébergeur distant
fr:User Levels
fr:Using themes
fr:Utilisation des permaliens
fr:Utiliser un Client FTP
fr:Widgetiser les Themes
fr:WordPress Backups
fr:es:Main Page
funky javascript fix
get 404 template
get adjacent post rel link
get all category ids
get allowed mime types
get approved comments
get archives link
get attachment template
get author template
get blog option
get blogaddress by domain
get bloginfo
get bookmark
get boundary post
get cat name
get category by path
get category link
get children
es:Codex Guidelines
es:Creating Horizontal Menus
es:Developer Documentation
es:Finding Your CSS Styles
es:Function Reference/get post format
es:Function Reference/wp login url
es:Hospedando WordPress
es:Include Tags
es:Installing WordPress
es:Jerarquía de plantillas
es:Localización de WordPress
es:Nuevo en WordPress - Por dónde empezar
es:Recursos de Plugin
es:Referencia de Funciones/add post meta
es:Referencia de Funciones/wp parse args
es:Semántica de WordPress
es:Theme Development
es:Tutorial Intervenciones de Temas
es:Usando los Foros de Soporte
es:Using Custom Fields
es:Using Themes
es:Versión 3.0
es:WordPress Features
esc attr
esc attr x
esc html e
esc url
flush rewrite rules
force ssl content
format code lang
fr:A Propos du Codex
fr:Appearance Header Screen
fr:Child Themes
fr:Creating an Archive Index
fr:Custom Headers
fr:Deplacer WordPress
fr:Effort de Traduction
fr:FAQ Installation
fr:Fonctions de référence/the post
fr:Heberger WordPress
fr:Hiérarchie des fichiers modèles
fr:Know Your Sources
fr:Les Nonces WordPress
fr:Marqueurs de Modele
fr:Marqueurs de Modele/dropdown cats
fr:Marqueurs de Modele/get category link
fr:Marqueurs de Modele/get links
fr:Marqueurs de Modele/get month link
fr:Marqueurs de Modele/get year link
fr:Marqueurs de Modele/list authors
fr:Marqueurs de Modele/next post link
fr:Marqueurs de Modele/posts nav link
fr:Marqueurs de Modele/single cat title
fr:Marqueurs de Modele/the author
fr:Marqueurs de Modele/the author description
fr:Marqueurs de Modele/the author icq
fr:Marqueurs de Modele/the author msn
fr:Marqueurs de Modele/the author posts link
fr:Marqueurs de Modele/the category
fr:Marqueurs de Modele/the category rss
fr:Marqueurs de Modele/the date
fr:Marqueurs de Modele/the excerpt rss
fr:Marqueurs de Modele/the post thumbnail
fr:Marqueurs de Modele/trackback rdf
fr:Marqueurs de Modele/wp get linksbyname
fr:Marqueurs de Modele/wp list cats
fr:Mettre a Jour WordPress
fr:Modifier les Fichiers
fr:Mots de Spam Courants
fr:Plugin API
fr:Plugins/Date Heure
fr:Premiers pas avec WordPress
fr:Référence d'une fonction/Déréférencer un widget
fr:Search Engine Optimization for Wordpress
fr:Sous-Panneau Gérer des Articles
fr:The Loop in Action
fr:Travailler avec WordPress
fr:Using Image and File Attachments
fr:Utilisation des Themes
fr:Utiliser FileZilla
fr:Validating a Website
fr:WordPress Fonctionnalites
function template
generate rewrite rules
get active blog for user
get admin url
get all page ids
get allowed themes
get archive template
get attached file
get author feed link
get avatar
get blog post
get blogaddress by id
get bloginfo rss
get bookmark field
get calendar
get categories
get category by slug
get category parents
get comment
get comment author rss
get comment meta
get comments
get comments popup template
get current site
get current user id
get date from gmt
get default post to edit
get edit post link
get field name
get gmt from date
get header textcolor
get home url
get intermediate image sizes
get lastpostdate
get links list
get locale
get media items
get month link
get next posts link
get num queries
get option
get page by path
get page hierarchy
get page templates
get pages
get plugin data markup translate
get post ancestors
get post custom
get post field
get post format string
get post modified time
get post thumbnail id
get post type archive feed link
get post type labels
get posts
get previous post
get pung
get query var
get rss
get search comments feed link
get search link
get settings
get sidebar
get site option
get space allowed
get stylesheet directory uri
get super admins
get tag template
get taxonomy
get template directory
get term
get term link
get the author link
get the category
get the category rss
get the excerpt
get the modified time
get the tags
get the time
get theme
get theme mod
get theme root uri
get themes
get upload space available
get user id from string
get userdata
get usernumposts
get weekstartend
grant super admin
has category
has filters
has post image
has term
he:Main Page
header image
home url
hr:Pisanje Postova
hr:XML-RPC WordPress API
hr:Zaslon Korisnici-Dodaj Nove
id:Panduan WordPress
id:Tag Templat/wp link pages
image constrain size for editor
image hwstring
image resize dimensions
includes url
install themes feature list
is active widget
is archive
is author
is blog user
is comment feed
is day
is email address unsafe
is home
is main site
is multisite
is object in term
is paged
is plugin inactive
is post
is preview
is search
is single
is sticky
is tag
is taxonomy hierarchical
get comment author url
get comment reply link
get comments link
get current blog id
get current site name
get currentuserinfo
get date template
get delete post link
get enclosed
get file data
get header
get hidden meta boxes
get id from blogname
get last updated
get lastpostmodified
get linksbyname
get locale stylesheet uri
get meta sql
get most recent post of user
get node
get object taxonomies
get option('siteurl')
get page by title
get page link
get page uri
get permalink
get plugins
get post class
get post custom keys
get post format
get post meta
get post permalink
get post time
get post type archive link
get post type object
get posts by author sql
get previous posts link
get queried object
get random header image
get sample permalink
get search feed link
get search query
get settings errors
get single template
get site transient
get stylesheet
get stylesheet uri
get tag
get tags
get taxonomy template
get template directory uri
get term by
get terms
get the author meta
get the category by id
get the content
get the id
get the post thumbnail
get the term list
get the title
get theme data
get theme mods
get theme roots
get to ping
get user by
get user meta
get userdatabylogin
get users
get year link
hakre/breadcrumb navxt
has excerpt
has nav menu
has post thumbnail
have comments
header textcolor
how to pass tag parameters
hr:Ispitivanje kvarova u WordPressu
hr:Spam Komentari
hr:Zaslon Izgled Pozadina
hr:Zaslon Poveznice
htaccess for subdirectories
id:Halaman Utama
id:Quicktags API
id:Tentang WordPress
image downsize
image make intermediate size
in category
insert blog
is 404
is admin
is archived
is blog admin
is category
is comments popup
is dynamic sidebar
is feed
is local attachment
is month
is new day
is page
is plugin active
is plugin page
is post type archive
is random header image
is serialized
is singular
is subdomain install
is tax
is term
get comment link
get comment text
get comments number
get current screen
get current theme
get dashboard blog
get day link
get dirsize
get extended
get footer
get header image
get home template
get image tag
get lastcommentmodified
get links
get list table
get media item
get metadata
get next post
get nodes
get objects in term
get page
get page children
get page template
get paged template
get plugin data
get post
get post comments feed link
get post custom values
get post format link
get post mime type
get post status
get post type
get post type capabilities
get post types
get posts custom keys
get profile
get query template
get role
get screen icon
get search form
get search template
get shortcode regex
get site allowed themes
get site url
get stylesheet directory
get submit button
get tag link
get taxonomies
get template
get template part
get term children
get the author
get the author posts
get the category list
get the date
get the modified date
get the tag list
get the terms
get the title rss
get theme feature list
get theme root
get theme support
get transient
get user by email
get user option
get usermeta
get users of blog
global terms
has action
has filter
has post format
has tag
have posts
hi:Main Page
hr:Administracijski Zasloni
hr:Prilagodljiva Zaglavlja
hr:Stranice Dodaj Novu Zaslon
hr:Zaslon Izgled Zaglavlje
hr:Zaslon Poveznice-Dodaj Novu
human time diff
id:Main Page
id:Tag Templat/wp get archives
image get intermediate size
image resize
in the loop
install blog
is active sidebar
is admin bar showing
is attachment
is blog installed
is child theme
is date
is email
is front page
is main query
is multi author
is object in taxonomy
is page template
is plugin active for network
is plugn page
is post type hierarchical
is rtl
is serialized string
is ssl
is super admin
is taxonomy
is time
is trackback
is user spammy
iso8601 timezone to offset
it:Installare WordPress
it:Modificare wp-config.php
it:Tag condizionali
ko:About WordPress
ko:Codex:Community Portal
ko:Contributing to WordPress
ko:Function Reference/add action
ko:Function Reference/get the tags
ko:Function Reference/is email
ko:Function Reference/single tag title
ko:Function Reference/wp update user
ko:Hardening WordPress
ko:Main Page
ko:New To WordPress - Where to Start
ko:Plugin Resources
ko:Support Forum Volunteers
ko:Using Themes
ko:WordPress Features
ko:WordPress in Your Language
language attributes
list cats
load template
locale stylesheet
make clickable
maybe serialize
media handle upload
merge filters
mk:WordPress Лекции
mk:Што ви нуди WordPress
ms not installed
network admin url
new user email admin notice
next image link
next posts link
nl:Custom Fields
nl:Introduction to Blogging
nl:Nieuw met Wordpress - Basis
nl:Voor het installeren
nl:WordPress in het Nederlands
no admin bar
nx noop
paginate comments links
permalink comments rss
plugin basename
plugins url
post comments feed link
post permalink
post type archive title
posts nav link
preview theme ob filter callback
previous post
print acmemap url
print geocache url
print lon
print sidebit url
privacy ping filter
pt-br:API WordPress XML-RPC
pt-br:Administrar Rede - Plugins
pt-br:Antes de Instalar
pt-br:Atualizando o WordPress
pt-br:Backups no WordPress
pt-br:Características do WordPress
pt-br:Clientes FTP
pt-br:Codex:Criando uma Página de Usuário
pt-br:Codex:Portal da Comunidade
pt-br:Codex Multilingua
pt-br:Como usar parametros de Tags de modelos
pt-br:Contribuindo com o WordPress
pt-br:Criando uma Página Inicial Estática
pt-br:Donwload do WordPress
pt-br:Editando wp-config.php
pt-br:Escrevendo Postagens
pt-br:FAQ Layout e Design
pt-br:FAQ sobre WordPress
pt-br:Feeds no WordPress
pt-br:Frameworks de Temas
pt-br:Function Reference/is home
pt-br:Function Reference/register nav menu
pt-br:Galeria nativa do WordPress
pt-br:Hierarquia de Modelos Wordpress
pt-br:Importando Conteúdo
pt-br:Inserir Mídia
pt-br:Instalando WordPress em seu Idioma
pt-br:Instalando o WordPress - Outros Ambientes
pt-br:Instalando o WordPress em seu Idioma
pt-br:Interface do Wordpress
is upload space available
is wp error
iso8601 to datetime
it:Main Page
it:Pagina Principale
it:Template Tags/the content
ja:resource team
km:Main Page
kn:Main Page
ko:Blog Design and Layout
ko:Developer Documentation
ko:First Steps With WordPress
ko:Function Reference/get permalink
ko:Function Reference/get user by
ko:Function Reference/is email address unsafe
ko:Function Reference/wp enqueue script
ko:Getting Started with WordPress
ko:Installing WordPress
ko:Multilingual Codex
ko:Template Hierarchy
ko:Upgrading WordPress
ko:Version 3.4.1
ko:WordPress Lessons
ko:Writing Posts
link pages
load default textdomain
load textdomain
locate template
make url footnote
maybe unserialize
media sideload image
mk:WordPress почетник
mk:Дете теми
mk:Насловна страница
mn:Main Page
ms upload constants
network home url
newblog notify siteadmin
next post
nl:Hosting WordPress
nl:Installatie FAQ
nl:Maak kennis met WordPress – Een goed begin
nl:WordPress Lessen
nl:WordPress verhuizen
nocache headers
paginate links
permalink single rss
pings open
pl:Wersja 3.0.4
plugin dir path
post meta function examples
post slug meta box
post type exists
preview theme
previous comments link
previous post link
print degreeconfluence url
print geourl url
print mapquest url
print topozone url
pt-br:Administrando seu Blog
pt-br:Administrar Rede - Temas
pt-br:Anatomia das Tags de modelos
pt-br:Atalhos de Teclado
pt-br:Bem-vindos ao Fórum de Suporte
pt-br:Campos Personalizados
pt-br:Class Reference/wpdb
pt-br:Clientes de Blog
pt-br:Codex:Criando Artigos
pt-br:Combatendo Spam em Comentários
pt-br:Comunidade WordPress
pt-br:Criando Postagens
pt-br:Crie uma Rede
pt-br:Download do WordPress
pt-br:Escrevendo Posts
pt-br:Estilos no Link de Páginas
pt-br:FAQ Resolvendo Problemas
pt-br:FAQ Tópicos do Fórum
pt-br:FAQ sobre Wordpress
pt-br:Formatando Data e Hora
pt-br:Function Reference/esc attr
pt-br:Function Reference/language attributes
pt-br:Function Reference/register sidebar
pt-br:Gerenciando Plugins
pt-br:HTML ISO-8859-1
pt-br:Hierarquia de Temas Wordpress
pt-br:Importando conteúdo
pt-br:Instalando Múltiplos Blogs
pt-br:Instalando o WordPress
pt-br:Instalando o WordPress Localmente
pt-br:Instalando o WordPress localmente
is user logged in
is year
it:Come iniziare a utilizzare Wordpress
it:Modificare l'URL del sito
it:Riferimento funzioni
ja:lang style
js escape
ko:Child Themes
ko:Documentation team
ko:Function Reference
ko:Function Reference/get post format
ko:Function Reference/get userdata
ko:Function Reference/is single
ko:Function Reference/wp register script
ko:Introduction to Blogging
ko:Multilingual WordPress
ko:Plugin API
ko:Reporting Bugs
ko:Theme Development
ko:Using Permalinks
ko:WordPress API's
ko:WordPress Semantics
ko:Writing a Plugin
lamaane Read More
list authors
load plugin textdomain
load theme textdomain
log app
map meta cap
media handle sideload
menu page url
mk:WordPress Верзии
mk:WordPress почетник - Од каде да почнам
ms deprecated blogs file
mu dropdown languages
n noop
network site url
next comments link
next post link
nl:Codex Richtlijnen
nl:Introductie tot Bloggen
nl:Nieuw met WordPress - Basis
nl:WordPress Screenshots
nl:custom fields
page uri index
permalink anchor
pl:Dodawanie wpisów
pl:Settings Miscellaneous SubPanel kontra
plugin dir url
post class
post password required
post type
post type supports
preview theme ob filter
previous image link
previous posts link
print findu url
print lat
print maptech url
print urlpopnav
pt-br:Administras Rede - Temas
pt-br:Antes de Criar uma Rede
pt-br:Ativando o Multisite
pt-br:Backups do Banco de Dados
pt-br:Blindando o WordPress
pt-br:Características WordPress
pt-br:Cliente de Weblog
pt-br:Codex:CSS e Modelos
pt-br:Codex:Criando uma Nova Pagina
pt-br:Codex:Lista de Tarefas
pt-br:Criando Páginas
pt-br:Depurando uma Rede WordPress
pt-br:Desenvolvimento de Temas
pt-br:Editando Arquivos
pt-br:Enviando o WordPress para o servidor
pt-br:Escrevendo um Plugin
pt-br:FAQ do Fórum
pt-br:FAQ sobre backups
pt-br:Formatos de Posts
pt-br:Function Reference/is front page
pt-br:Function Reference/plugins url
pt-br:Hierarquia de Modelos WordPress
pt-br:Hospedando o WordPress
pt-br:Include Tags
pt-br:Inserindo Imagens em Posts e Páginas
pt-br:Instalando Temas WordPress
pt-br:Instalando o WordPress em Diferentes Ambientes
pt-br:Instalando o Wordpress
pt-br:Livro de Códigos Wordpress
pt-br:Movendo o WordPress
pt-br:Mudando para o PHP5
pt-br:Painel Categorias
pt-br:Painel Escrita
pt-br:Painel Ferramentas-Disponíveis
pt-br:Painel Importar
pt-br:Painel Links
pt-br:Painel Menus
pt-br:Painel Mídia-Adicionar Nova
pt-br:Painel Plugins
pt-br:Painel Plugins-Instalados
pt-br:Painel Posts-Todos os Posts
pt-br:Painel Páginas-Adicionar Nova
pt-br:Painel Rede
pt-br:Painel Temas
pt-br:Painel Todos os Usuários
pt-br:Painel Usuários-Seu perfil
pt-br:Photoblogs e Galerias
pt-br:Postagem Desktop
pt-br:Problemas de CSS
pt-br:Publicando por Email
pt-br:Páginas-Adicionar Nova
pt-br:Redefinindo Senha
pt-br:Resolvendo problemas do WordPress
pt-br:Site Invadido
pt-br:Spam em Comentários
pt-br:Sub-Painel Adicionar nova
pt-br:Sub-Painel Categorias
pt-br:Sub-Painel Escrita
pt-br:Sub-Painel Fundo
pt-br:Sub-Painel Leitura
pt-br:Sub-Painel Links Permalinks
pt-br:Sub-Painel Menus
pt-br:Sub-Painel Painel
pt-br:Sub-Painel Plugins-Editor
pt-br:Sub-Painel Privacidade
pt-br:Sub-Painel Seu Perfil
pt-br:Sub-Painel Todos os Usuários
pt-br:Sub-Painel Widgets
pt-br:SubPainel Biblioteca
pt-br:SubPainel Categorias de Links
pt-br:SubPainel Escrita
pt-br:SubPainel Ferramentas Disponíveis
pt-br:SubPainel Importar
pt-br:SubPainel Links-Adicionar Novo
pt-br:SubPainel Meus Sites
pt-br:SubPainel Plugins-Adicionar Novo
pt-br:SubPainel Posts
pt-br:SubPainel Páginas
pt-br:SubPainel Seu Perfil
pt-br:SubPainel Temas
pt-br:SubPainel Todos os Usuários
pt-br:SubPainel Widgets
pt-br:Suporte XML-RPC
pt-br:Tags condicionais
pt-br:Template Tags/bloginfo
pt-br:Texto ao Redor de Imagens
pt-br:Todos os Posts
pt-br:Usando Links Permanentes
pt-br:Usando Smilies
pt-br:Usando o FileZilla
pt-br:Voluntários do Fórum de Suporte
pt-br:WordPress em Diretório Próprio
pt-br:add meta box
pt:-br: Informar Parametros às Tags
pt:Include Tags
pt:Página Principal
pt:referencia de funcao
redirect guess 404 permalink
refresh blog details
register admin color schemes
register importer
register nav menus
register setting
register sidebars
register theme directory
register widget control
remove all actions
remove cap
remove editor styles
remove meta box
remove query arg
remove submenu page
remove theme support
require wp db
rewind posts
rss enclosure
ru:Create A Network
ru:FAQ/Allowed memory size exhausted
ru:First Steps With WordPress
pt-br:Modelos de Páginas
pt-br:O Loop
pt-br:O que é o WordPress
pt-br:Painel Aparência
pt-br:Painel Biblioteca
pt-br:Painel Categorias de Links
pt-br:Painel Exportar
pt-br:Painel Fundo
pt-br:Painel Início
pt-br:Painel Links-Adicionar Novo
pt-br:Painel Meus Sites
pt-br:Painel Plugins-Adicionar Novo
pt-br:Painel Posts
pt-br:Painel Privacidade
pt-br:Painel Páginas-Todas as Páginas
pt-br:Painel Seu Perfil
pt-br:Painel Todas as Páginas
pt-br:Painel Usuários
pt-br:Painel Widgets
pt-br:Palavras de Spam
pt-br:Personalizando "Leia Mais"
pt-br:Plugin API
pt-br:Postando por E-mail
pt-br:Problemas de Cache
pt-br:Publique Isso
pt-br:Recursos do Multisite
pt-br:Referencia das Funcoes
pt-br:Relatando Erros
pt-br:Restaurando Banco de dados a partir do Backup
pt-br:Shortcode API
pt-br:Sobre as Tags de modelos
pt-br:Sub-Painel Adicionar Nova
pt-br:Sub-Painel Aparência
pt-br:Sub-Painel Biblioteca
pt-br:Sub-Painel Categorias de Links
pt-br:Sub-Painel Exportar
pt-br:Sub-Painel Geral
pt-br:Sub-Painel Links
pt-br:Sub-Painel Links Permanentes
pt-br:Sub-Painel Mídia
pt-br:Sub-Painel Plugins
pt-br:Sub-Painel Posts
pt-br:Sub-Painel Páginas
pt-br:Sub-Painel Tags do Post
pt-br:Sub-Painel Usuários
pt-br:SubPainel Aparência-Editor
pt-br:SubPainel Exportar
pt-br:SubPainel Fundo
pt-br:SubPainel Leitura
pt-br:SubPainel Links Permanentes
pt-br:SubPainel Mídia
pt-br:SubPainel Painel
pt-br:SubPainel Plugins-Editor
pt-br:SubPainel Posts-Adicionar Novo
pt-br:SubPainel Páginas-Adicionar Nova
pt-br:SubPainel Tags
pt-br:SubPainel Todas as Páginas
pt-br:SubPainel Usuários
pt-br:Subpainel BIblioteca
pt-br:Tags Condicionais
pt-br:Tags de Modelos
pt-br:Telas do WordPress
pt-br:Template Tags/get bloginfo
pt-br:Tipos de Posts Customizados
pt-br:Usando Feeds no WordPress
pt-br:Usando Links permanentes
pt-br:Usando Temas
pt-br:Usando o Fórum de Suporte
pt-br:Widgets em Temas
pt-br:get template part
pt:Atualizando o WordPress
pt:WordPress MU
query posts
redirect this site
refresh user details
register deactivation hook
register menu
register post status
register sidebar
register taxonomy
register uninstall hook
remove accents
remove all filters
remove custom background
remove filter
remove node
remove role
remove theme mod
request filesystem credentials
restore current blog
ru:Before You Install
ru:Creating Options Pages
ru:FAQ/Cannot modify header information
ru:Function Reference
pt-br:Mudando o URL do Site
pt-br:O que é o Wordpress
pt-br:Painel Aparência-Editor
pt-br:Painel Comentários
pt-br:Painel Disponíveis
pt-br:Painel Ferramentas
pt-br:Painel Geral
pt-br:Painel Leitura
pt-br:Painel Links Permanentes
pt-br:Painel Mídia
pt-br:Painel Painel
pt-br:Painel Plugins-Editor
pt-br:Painel Posts-Adicionar Novo
pt-br:Painel Páginas
pt-br:Painel Páginas -Todas as Páginas
pt-br:Painel Tags
pt-br:Painel Todos os Links
pt-br:Painel Usuários-Adicionar Novo
pt-br:Painel da Rede
pt-br:Papéis e Capacidades
pt-br:Personalizando Feeds
pt-br:Plugin API/Referencia das Acoes
pt-br:Plugins-Adicionar Novo
pt-br:Primeiros Passos com o WordPress
pt-br:Problemas no Login
pt-br:Página Inicial
pt-br:Rede de Sites WordPress
pt-br:Requisitos do WordPress
pt-br:Shortcode Gallery
pt-br:Sobre o WordPress
pt-br:Sub-Painel Adicionar Novo
pt-br:Sub-Painel Aparência-Editor
pt-br:Sub-Painel Ferramentas
pt-br:Sub-Painel Importar
pt-br:Sub-Painel Links-Adicionar Novo
pt-br:Sub-Painel Menu
pt-br:Sub-Painel Mídia-Adicionar Nova
pt-br:Sub-Painel Plugins-Adicionar Novo
pt-br:Sub-Painel Posts-Adicionar Novo
pt-br:Sub-Painel Páginas-Adicionar Nova
pt-br:Sub-Painel Temas
pt-br:Sub-Painel Usuários-Adicionar Novo
pt-br:SubPainel Categorias
pt-br:SubPainel Disponíveis
pt-br:SubPainel Ferramentas
pt-br:SubPainel Geral
pt-br:SubPainel Links
pt-br:SubPainel Menus
pt-br:SubPainel Mídia-Adicionar Nova
pt-br:SubPainel Plugins
pt-br:SubPainel Plugins Instalados
pt-br:SubPainel Privacidade
pt-br:SubPainel Rede
pt-br:SubPainel Tags do Post
pt-br:SubPainel Todos os Links
pt-br:SubPainel Usuários-Adicionar Novo
pt-br:Subpainel Biblioteca
pt-br:Tags Include
pt-br:Tags include
pt-br:Temas Filhos
pt-br:Template Tags
pt-br:Template Tags/single cat title
pt-br:Tipos de Posts Personalizados
pt-br:Usando Imagens
pt-br:Usando Plugins
pt-br:Usando o FeedBurner
pt-br:Usando o Gravatar
pt-br: Incorporados
pt:Como Passar os Parametros das Tags
pt:Main Page
pt:Página Inicial
pt:WordPress no seu idioma
redirect canonical
redirect user to blog
register activation hook
register default headers
register nav menu
register post type
register sidebar widget
register taxonomy for object type
register widget
remove action
remove all shortcodes
remove custom image header
remove menu page
remove post type support
remove shortcode
remove theme mods
require if theme supports
revoke super admin
ru:Blog Design and Layout
ru:Developer Documentation
ru:FAQ Installation
ru:Getting Started with WordPress
ru:Giving WordPress Its Own Directory
ru:Installing WordPress
ru:Shortcode API
ru:Template Tags/the author description
ru:Upgrading WordPress
ru:WordPress MU
sanitize email
sanitize post field
sanitize text field
sanitize user
search theme directories
set current screen
set post format
set post type
set transient
setup postdata
show admin bar
single month title
single term title
sk:Aktualizácia WordPress
sk:Editing wp-config.php
sk:Presun WordPressu
sk:Problémy s prihlasovaním
sk:Vlastné typy príspevkov
sl:Before You Install
spawn cron
strip shortcodes
switch theme
tc:New To WordPress - Where to Start
th:Writing a Plugin
the Loop
the author
the author email
the author id
the author login
the author nickname
the author url
the category head
the content
the date xml
the excerpt
the geocache url
the lat
the mapquest url
the modified author
the permalink
the post thumbnail
the sidebit url
the terms
the title attribute
the urlpopnav
the widget
tl:Main Page
tr:Ana Sayfa
tr:Fonksiyon Listesi/:wp insert post
tr:Fonksiyon Listesi/get header
tr:Fonksiyon Listesi/get stylesheet
tr:Fonksiyon Listesi/is category
tr:Fonksiyon Listesi/is singular
tr:Fonksiyon Listesi/tr:get search form
tr:Fonksiyon Listesi/wp login url
tr:Fonksiyon Listesi/wp update post
tr:Functions File Explained
tr:Kalici Baglantilari Kullanma
tr:Tema Etiketleri
tr:Tema Etiketleri/comment author IP
tr:Tema Etiketleri/comment author url
tr:Tema Etiketleri/comment text
tr:Tema Etiketleri/comments number
tr:Tema Etiketleri/get bloginfo
tr:Tema Etiketleri/tag description
tr:Tema Etiketleri/the author ID
tr:Tema Etiketleri/the author lastname
tr:Tema Etiketleri/the author meta
tr:Tema Etiketleri/the author posts link
tr:Tema Etiketleri/the category
tr:Tema Etiketleri/the title
tr:Tema Etiketleri/wp dropdown users
tr:Temalari Kullanmak
tr:Versiyon 2.8
tr:WordPress 3.2
tr:WordPress Eklentileri
tr:WordPress ile Yazi Yazma
tr:WordPressi Kendi Dilinizde Kullanmak
tr:WordPressi Yukseltmek
tr:is home
tr:the tags
tr:wp update post
trackback url
transition post status
ug:Bash Bet
ug:WordPresske Yéngi Keldim - Bashlash
uk:The Loop in Action
unregister default headers
unregister sidebar
unregister widget control
update archived
update blog option
update comment meta
ru:Hosting WordPress
ru:Main Page
ru:Template Tags
ru:Template Tags/the author login
ru:Writing Posts
ru:Заглавная страница
ru:Создание страниц настройки
sanitize file name
sanitize term
sanitize title
save mod rewrite rules
secret salt warning
send confirmation on profile email
set current user
set post thumbnail
set site transient
settings errors
shortcode atts
show post thumbnail warning
single post title
site admin notice
sk:Hosting WordPress
sk:Odvodené témy
sk:Zmena URL stránky
sl:Main Page
status header
stripslashes deep
switch to blog
tag description
taxonomy exists
term description
the acmemap url
the author aim
the author firstname
the author lastname
the author meta
the author posts
the author yim
the category id
the content rss
the degreeconfluence url
the excerpt rss
the geourl url
the lon
the maptech url
the modified date
the post
the search query
the tags
the time
the title rss
the weekday
timer start
tr:Fonksiyon Listesi/comments template
tr:Fonksiyon Listesi/get search form
tr:Fonksiyon Listesi/get stylesheet directory
tr:Fonksiyon Listesi/is home
tr:Fonksiyon Listesi/is user logged in
tr:Fonksiyon Listesi/wp delete post
tr:Fonksiyon Listesi/wp logout url
tr:Fonksiyon Referans/get post
tr:Main Page
tr:Sayfa Olusturma ve Kullanma
tr:Tema Etiketleri/bloginfo
tr:Tema Etiketleri/comment author email
tr:Tema Etiketleri/comment author url link
tr:Tema Etiketleri/comment time
tr:Tema Etiketleri/edit comment link
tr:Tema Etiketleri/single post title
tr:Tema Etiketleri/the ID
tr:Tema Etiketleri/the author description
tr:Tema Etiketleri/the author link
tr:Tema Etiketleri/the author nickname
tr:Tema Etiketleri/the author url
tr:Tema Etiketleri/the tags
tr:Tema Etiketleri/the title attribute
tr:Tema Etiketleri/wp list authors
tr:Template:tr:Sunucu gereksinimleri
tr:Versiyon 3.3
tr:WordPress Baslangic
tr:WordPress Hosting
tr:WordPressi Yuklemek
tr:Yorumlarda Spam ile Mucadele
tr:is single
tr:wp delete post
trackback url list
ug:New To WordPress - Where to Start
unregister nav menu
unregister sidebar widget
update attached file
update blog public
update metadata
ru:New To WordPress - Where to Start
ru:Template Tags/the author
ru:WordPress Features
ru:Writing a Plugin
ru:Написание плагина
sanitize comment cookies
sanitize key
sanitize term field
sanitize title with dashes
screen icon
seems utf8
send nosniff header
set help sidebar
set post thumbnail size
set theme mod
settings fields
shortcode parse atts
single cat title
single tag title
site url
sk:Creating a PDF of a Codex Article
sk:Main Page
sk:New To WordPress - Where to Start
sk:Presunutie WordPress
sl:New To WordPress - Where to Start
sticky class
submit button
sync category tag slugs
tag escape
tc:Main Page
term exists
th:Some Page
the attachment link
the author description
the author icq
the author link
the author msn
the author posts link
the category
the category rss
the date
the editor
the findu url
the id
the loop
the meta
the modified time
the post image
the shortlink
the taxonomies
the title
the topozone url
the weekday date
timer stop
tr:Fonksiyon Listesi
tr:Fonksiyon Listesi/get footer
tr:Fonksiyon Listesi/get sidebar
tr:Fonksiyon Listesi/is 404
tr:Fonksiyon Listesi/is single
tr:Fonksiyon Listesi/the author
tr:Fonksiyon Listesi/wp insert post
tr:Fonksiyon Listesi/wp lostpassword url
tr:Function Reference/comments number
tr:Kosul Etiketleri
tr:Option Reference
tr:Secenek Listesi
tr:Tema Etiketleri/comment author
tr:Tema Etiketleri/comment author link
tr:Tema Etiketleri/comment date
tr:Tema Etiketleri/comments link
tr:Tema Etiketleri/edit post link
tr:Tema Etiketleri/single tag title
tr:Tema Etiketleri/the author
tr:Tema Etiketleri/the author firstname
tr:Tema Etiketleri/the author login
tr:Tema Etiketleri/the author posts
tr:Tema Etiketleri/the author yim
tr:Tema Etiketleri/the time
tr:Tema Etiketleri/the title rss
tr:Tema Etiketleri/wp list categories
tr:WordPress 2.7 Sürümü Tema Uyumluluk Listesi
tr:WordPress Tema Listesi
tr:WordPress ve CSS
tr:WordPressi Yuklemek Hakkinda Yardim
tr:Yazar Sablonlari
tr:is 404
tr:is singular
tr:wp insert post
trackback rdf
translate nooped plural
ug:WordPresske Yengi Keldim - Bashlash
unload textdomain
unregister setting
unregister widget
unzip file
update blog details
update blog status
update option
update option new admin email
update post meta
update user meta
update usermeta
url is accessable via ssl
urlencode deep
username exists
uz:Bosh Sahifa
uz:Main Page
validate username
vi:Bat Dau Voi WordPress
vi:Chu Giai
vi:Editing wp-config.php
vi:Function Reference/get post
vi:Giving WordPress Its Own Directory
vi:Introduction to Blogging
vi:Sao Luu
vi:Thành Viên
vi:Trang chu
vi:Version 2.7
vi:WordPress Backups
vi:the content
walker class
wp add dashboard widget
wp ajax response
wp attachment is image
wp cache
wp check filetype and ext
wp check php mysql versions
wp clearcookie
wp convert widget settings
wp count posts
wp create nonce
wp debug mode
wp delete attachment
wp delete post
wp delete user
wp deregister script
wp dropdown categories
wp editor
wp enqueue style
wp favicon request
wp filter nohtml kses
wp footer
wp generate password
wp get attachment image
wp get attachment metadata
wp get attachment url
wp get current commenter
wp get links
wp get object terms
wp get post tags
wp get referer
wp get shortlink
wp get widget defaults
wp hash password
wp http supports
wp insert attachment
wp insert link
wp insert user
wp kses
wp kses bad protocol
wp kses check attr val
wp kses hair
wp kses js entities
wp kses normalize entities2
wp kses split2
wp link pages
wp list categories
wp list filter
wp list table
wp login
wp loginout
wp lostpassword url
wp maintenance
wp meta
wp nav menu
wp next scheduled
wp nonce tick
wp notify postauthor
wp oembed get
wp page menu
wp parse str
wp post thumbnail html
wp rand
wp referer field
wp register sidebar widget
wp rel nofollow
wp reschedule event
wp reset vars
wp rss
wp sanitize redirect
wp scheduled delete
wp set auth cookie
wp set object terms
wp set post tags
wp setcookie
wp style is
wp templating constants
update post cache
update site option
update user option
upload size limit filter
url shorten
user can
users can register signup filter
uz:Installing WordPress
uz:WordPressni O‘rnatish
vi:Codex:Dong Gop
vi:Function Reference
vi:Thanh Vien
vi:Trang Chu
vi:Version 2.8
vi:Writing a Plugin
weblog ping
wp admin bar
wp allow comment
wp authenticate
wp check browser version
wp check for changed slugs
wp clear auth cookie
wp clone
wp count attachments
wp count terms
wp create user
wp defer comment counting
wp delete category
wp delete post revision
wp dequeue script
wp deregister style
wp dropdown pages
wp embed register handler
wp error
wp filter comment
wp filter object list
wp generate attachment metadata
wp generate tag cloud
wp get attachment image src
wp get attachment thumb file
wp get comment status
wp get current user
wp get linksbyname
wp get original referer
wp get post terms
wp get schedule
wp get sidebars widgets
wp handle upload
wp head
wp iframe
wp insert category
wp insert post
wp is post revision
wp kses array lc
wp kses bad protocol once
wp kses data
wp kses hook
wp kses no null
wp kses post
wp kses strip slashes
wp list authors
wp list cats
wp list pages
wp load image
wp login form
wp logout
wp magic quotes
wp make link relative
wp mime type icon
wp new comment
wp nonce ays
wp nonce url
wp object cache
wp old slug redirect
wp parse args
wp password change notification
wp publish post
wp read image metadata
wp register
wp register style
wp relative upload path
wp reset postdata
wp rewrite
wp safe redirect
wp schedule event
wp screen
wp set comment status
wp set password
wp set post terms
wp signon
wp suspend cache invalidation
wp terms checklist
update post caches
update user cache
update user status
upload space setting
url to postid
user pass ok
utf8 uri encode
uz:Installing WordPress in Your Language
validate current theme
vi:Administration Over SSL
vi:Codex:Huong Dan
vi:Function Reference/delete option
vi:Su Dung Thu Muc Rieng
vi:Using Themes
welcome user msg filter
wp-layout.css Reference
wp admin css color
wp array slice assoc
wp basename
wp check filetype
wp check password
wp clear scheduled hook
wp constrain dimensions
wp count comments
wp create category
wp cron
wp defer term counting
wp delete comment
wp delete term
wp dequeue style
wp die
wp dropdown users
wp enqueue script
wp explain nonce
wp filter kses
wp filter post kses
wp generate auth cookie
wp get archives
wp get attachment link
wp get attachment thumb url
wp get cookie login
wp get http headers
wp get nav menu items
wp get post categories
wp get recent posts
wp get schedules
wp get single post
wp hash
wp html excerpt
wp initial constants
wp insert comment
wp insert term
wp iso descrambler
wp kses attr
wp kses bad protocol once2
wp kses decode entities
wp kses html error
wp kses normalize entities
wp kses split
wp kses version
wp list bookmarks
wp list comments
wp list pluck
wp localize script
wp login url
wp logout url
wp mail
wp match mime types
wp mkdir p
wp new user notification
wp nonce field
wp notify moderator
wp oembed add provider
wp original referer field
wp parse auth cookie
wp post mime type where
wp query
wp redirect
wp register script
wp register widget control
wp remote fopen
wp reset query
wp richedit pre
wp salt
wp schedule single event
wp script is
wp set current user
wp set post categories
wp set sidebars widgets
wp specialchars
wp tag cloud
wp text diff
wp throttle comment flood
wp trim excerpt
wp unique post slug
wp unregister sidebar widget
wp update attachment metadata
wp update post
wp upload bits
wp user query
wp verify nonce
wpmu create blog
wpmu delete user
wpmu signup user notification
xmlrpc getposttitle
zh-cn:3.0 版
zh-cn:3.1.2 版本
zh-cn:3.2.1 版本
zh-cn:3.4.2 版本
zh-cn:Class Reference/wpdb
zh-cn:Create A Network
zh-cn:Function Reference/is home
zh-cn:Template Tags/comment text rss
zh-cn:The Loop in Action
zh-cn:Weblog Client
zh-cn:WordPress 备份
zh-cn:WordPress 常见问题解答
zh-cn:WordPress 特性
zh-cn:XML-RPC Support
zh-cn:get option
zh-cn:中文(简体)/wp title
zh-cn:使用 WordPress 的常见问题
zh-cn:关于 WordPress 的常见问题解答
zh-cn:函数参考/fetch feed
zh-cn:函数参考/query posts
zh-cn:函数参考/wp enqueue script
zh-cn:外观 小工具页面
zh-cn:外观 顶部页面
zh-cn:安装 WordPress
zh-cn:将 WordPress 文件置于独立子目录
zh-cn:工具 导入页面
zh-cn:控制板 更新页面
zh-cn:插件 API
zh-cn:文章 分类目录页面
zh-cn:版本 2.8
zh-cn:编辑 wp-config.php
zh-cn:设置 固定链接页面
zh-cn:设置 讨论页面
zh-cn:链接 链接分类目录页面
zh-tw:3.3.1 版本
zh-tw:Class Reference/wpdb
zh-tw:FTP 客戶端
zh-tw:The Loop
zh-tw:WordPress 常見問題解答
zh-tw:WordPress 的特點
zh-tw:關於 WordPress
Версия 3.0.2
Версия 3.0.5
Версия 3.1.2
Версия 3.2.1
Версия 3.3.2
wp title
wp trim words
wp unique term slug
wp unregister widget control
wp update comment
wp update term
wp upload dir
wp validate auth cookie
wp widget description
wpdb Class
wpmu create user
wpmu get blog allowedthemes
wpmu update blogs date
xmlrpc removepostdata
zh-cn:3.0 版本
zh-cn:3.1.3 版本
zh-cn:3.2 版本
zh-cn:3.4 版本
zh-cn:Adding Administration Menus
zh-cn:CSS Troubleshooting
zh-cn:Codex:Community Portal
zh-cn:Editing wp-config.php
zh-cn:FAQ About WordPress
zh-cn:Function Reference/get embedded media
zh-cn:Main Page
zh-cn:Template Tags/edit comment link
zh-cn:Version 3.1.1
zh-cn:Widgets em Temas
zh-cn:WordPress 代码规范
zh-cn:WordPress 安装技巧
zh-cn:WordPress 教学
zh-cn:WordPress 网站主机
zh-cn:XML-RPC WordPress API
zh-cn:为 Codex 文章创建 PDF 文档
zh-cn:使用 WordPress工作
zh-cn:准备使用 WordPress
zh-cn:函数参考/add action
zh-cn:函数参考/get comments
zh-cn:函数参考/register post type
zh-cn:函数参考/wp insert post
zh-cn:升级 WordPress
zh-cn:协助开发 WordPress
zh-cn:在 WordPress 中调试
zh-cn:外观 背景页面
zh-cn:工具 导出页面
zh-cn:开始使用 WordPress
zh-cn:控制板 我的站点页面
zh-cn:插件 安装插件页面
zh-cn:文章 文章标签页面
zh-cn:模板标签/wp list pages
zh-cn:用户 我的个人资料页面
zh-cn:论坛 欢迎
zh-cn:设置 媒体页面
zh-cn:设置 阅读页面
zh-cn:调用模板部分/get template part
zh-tw:3.4.2 版本
zh-tw:Main Page
zh-tw:The loop
zh-tw:WordPress 教學
zh-tw:WordPress 課程
zh-tw:使用 WordPress
zh:cn:文章 文章标签页面
zh CN:WordPressMU
Быстрые клавиши
Введение в теги шаблонов
Версия 3.0.3
Версия 3.0.6
Версия 3.1.3
Версия 3.3
Версия 3.4.2
wp transition comment status
wp unique filename
wp unregister globals
wp unschedule event
wp update comment count
wp update user
wp user
wp validate redirect
wpdb class
wpmu delete blog
wpmu signup user
wpmu welcome user notification
xmlrpc getpostcategory
zh-cn:3.1.1 版本
zh-cn:3.1.4 版本
zh-cn:3.3.1 版本
zh-cn:3.5.1 版本
zh-cn:Class Reference/WP Query
zh-cn:Contributing to WordPress
zh-cn:FTP 客户端
zh-cn:Function Reference/is front page
zh-cn:Plugin API
zh-cn:Template Tags/edit post link
zh-cn:WordPress 博客搬家
zh-cn:WordPress 官方中文文档
zh-cn:WordPress 新手 - 如何开始
zh-cn: WordPress 官方中文文档
zh-cn:zh-cn:函数参考/wp title
zh-cn:中文(简体)/post class
zh-cn:使用 WordPress
zh-cn:关于 WordPress China 的常见问题
zh-cn:函数/esc attr
zh-cn:函数参考/add theme support
zh-cn:函数参考/get theme support
zh-cn:函数参考/register taxonomy
zh-cn:函数参考/wp title
zh-cn:功能参考/wp enqueue script
zh-cn:升级 WordPress 进阶
zh-cn:外观 菜单页面
zh-cn:媒体 添加多媒体文件页面
zh-cn:工具 网络页面
zh-cn:控制板 控制板页面
zh-cn:插件 编辑页面
zh-cn:文章 写文章页面
zh-cn:模版标签/get posts
zh-cn:设置 API
zh-cn:设置 常规页面
zh-cn:设置 隐私页面
zh-cn:调试 WordPress 站点网络
zh-cn:链接 添加页面
zh-tw:3.2.1 版本
zh-tw:3.5.2 版本
zh-tw:FAQ About WordPress
zh-tw:WordPress 新手 - 如何開始
zh-tw:準備使用 WordPress
zh-tw:開始使用 WordPress