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The innards of your phone are very small, and some of the wires are about as thin as, if not thinner, than a human hair. If you are in any way uncomfortable with the thought of opening your phone, do not do it.

And as always, no one at the site can or will be held responsible if you break your phone by doing this. Also keep in mind that your individual phone may be slightly different from the pictures and procedure listed below. If what you see in your phone doesn't match what is shown here, do not continue. If you decide to forge ahead, do so very carefully!

First, remove the four screws on the back cover with the appropriate torx driver (if you don't have one, a very small flat-head screwdriver will work if you are careful). Mine had a 'VOID' sticker over one of the screws, just heat it up with a hair dryer and use a razor blade to gently lift under the sticker (that is, if you want to keep it!)


Next, remove the two side screws.

文件:DSC03464B-LR.JPG 文件:DSC03465B-LR.JPG

You may want to remove the stylus, as well as pop the rubber earbud cap loose. Now, carefully lift up the back cover. Start by lifting at the battery bay and keeping the top connected. Then push the entire back panel up and over the camera and antenna housing.


Now you can see the guts of your phone. Take a deep breath! Next, there are three screws that hold the main board in place.

文件:DSC03467B-LR.JPG 文件:DSC03470B-LR.JPG 文件:DSC03471B-LR.JPG

Next, carefully lift the board from the LEFT side (if the antenna and camera assembly is up), you will see the screen/digitizer and button ribbons that are below. BE CAREFUL NOT TO STRETCH THESE TOO MUCH, AS THE CABLES ARE DELICATE!


Using a small flat screwdriver, pry the connectors free from the main board backside before you pull up on the main board too much further. You will be able to get your fingers in there later to push the connectors back on to re-assemble.

The main board will still be connected to the KEYBOARD via a smaller, and more delicate ribbon, as shown below:


Now, you can decide to disassemble with the ribbon attached, or you can remove it. If you want to remove it, you may have wanted to remove it BEFORE you remove the screen cables, but that is up to you. The procedure is as follows:

Back on the other side of the main board, you will find where the keyboard ribbon is attached. Carefully pull up the tape that is installed on the ribbon (release the tape from the sheet metal RF shield).


Next, notice the darker clip that is on the ribbon cable connector. This clip needs to be popped up, away from the ribbon, as shown in the following picture. You can use your fingernail to do this. It should not take too much force. Be very careful doing this, as it is possible to break the clip off of the connector body. If you are lucky, you will be able to snap it back into place. If you are not lucky, well...


Next, gently pull the ribbon cable out of the connector (along the ribbon cable, away from the connector). You can use the two side tabs on the ribbon with an implement, and wiggle it out side to side. BE VERY CAREFUL HERE, as the conductors on the outside run the LED's on your keyboard, and breaking them would mean no more keyboard light, or worse yet, no more keyboard!

2007/09/04 - edited by JDC (Everything from here has been taken from the great guide at http://www.land-of-kain.de/ppc/mda3/disassembly/ by Kai Ruhl. Per Kai, it is perfectly OK to use his information in this article:

"If anybody finds time to edit this article more, please feel free to copy everything over to here."

Next, we have the LCD and digitizer, which are stuck together as a single unit. It is held in place by 6 screws and a connector cable to the bottom which in turn depends on 2 further screws.

文件:07 mda3 tft section back.jpg

(The picture shows where the screws are located at. They have already been removed in this shot)

First remove the red circled screws (the orange tape at the top right covers two of the screws), then the turquoise circled ones. Lift up the screen at the bottom (use a slotted screwdriver on the outer metal mounts circled red) and take out the little board at the bottom (it connects the the 4 soft buttons on the front). The last remaining thing to do is to remove the tape from the back of the screen unit, and then we can take it out of the shell.

Gently lift the ribbon cable up and out of the way, and we have this:

文件:09 mda3 screen unit back.jpg

Reassembly is the reverse. Per my own experience, the easiest way to reattach the screen and button ribbons is to slide open the keyboard. This exposes more of the ribbon cables and makes the task of plugging them back into the motherboard sockets much easier.