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This Conditional Tag checks if today is a new day. This is a boolean function, meaning it returns TRUE (1) when new day or FALSE (0) if not a new day.


%%% ?php is_new_day(); ? %%%



This tag does not accept any parameters.

Return Values

TRUE (1) when new day, FALSE (0) if not a new day.


  • Uses global: (ttstring/tt) tt$day/tt Holds the date of the day of the current post during The_Loop.
  • Uses global: (ttstring/tt) tt$previousday/tt Holds the date of the day of the previous post (if any) during The_Loop.

Change Log

Since: 0.71

Source File

!-- Need links to current source code files -- ttis_new_day()/tt is located in ttwp-includes/functions.php/tt.


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