HTC BlueAngel Registry Tweaks

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模板:Registry Tweaking


Blue Angel Tweaks

System Hacks & Tweaks to Make Your Blue Angel Do What YOU Want It To Do!

Most of these hacks will require some form of registry editor for the Blue Angel.

I suggest PHM Registry Editor for a free and fully functional editor. Alternatively, you can use Pocket Controller, where all this can be done from your desktop.


  • Philippe Majerus for providing ~RegEdit software for free
  • toenailed for extensive list of reg tweaks

The discussion thread on this topic is here:

Personal Settings in the Registry

Owner and Notes Information

"Notes" -> is for the Notes of Owner Information
"Owner" -> is for Personal Information

Regional Settings and Clock

Regional Settings (set the value then just export the entire key)

Setting the default country and area code in the Address Book/Contacts
"Default_Area" -> Default area code
"iDefault_Country" -> An index number to the country

Clock GMT (set the value then export the entire key)
and in here (sometimes needs to set both)

Tweaking input method:

for Changing the Default SIP
"DefaultIM" <- Change the value of this depends on SIP DestID(can be found in CLSID look for the Key with "IsSIPInputMethod" Subkey)

example: (Dont use this search for the SIP DestID in your device sometimes it differ in different device)
Keyboard -> {42429667-ae04-11d0-a4f8-00aa00a749b9}
Block Recognizer -> {42429691-ae04-11d0-a4f8-00aa00a749b9}
Letter Recognizer -> {42429667-ae04-11d0-a4f8-00aa00a749b9}
Transcriber -> {F0034DD0-2AD4-11d1-9CB0-E84BE8000000}
Phone Pad -> {51A2CB38-154E-4C92-A625-A83871C99EC2}

Make the SIP Draggable
"DragStyle" <- Set 1 to make the SIP Draggable, 0 to fix Position or not movable

WORD Completion Settings
"SuggAutoCorr" <- 1 if AutoCorrect or Replace text as you type, 0 if not
"SuggChars" <-Number of letters before suggesting a word/s
"SuggWords" <- Number of Word/s to be suggested, set 0 to disable Word Suggestion
"SuggSpace"-> 1 to add space after suggested word, 0 if not

Change the Default Control Panel Program Location

on each Control Panel Module key
set the value of "Group" to this
0 -> to locate it to Personal Tab
1 -> to System Tab
2 -> to Connections tab

For example to change the Buttons Setting location goto
Change the value of "Group" to 0 so you will see the button settings in the Personal Tab, 1 if you want to System tab, or 2 if you want to locate the Button setting in the Connections tab

*Unhide Control Panel Program
remove the "Redirect" value in the following
Policy or AdminPassword
Old Backlight Settings
Contrast Settings
Old Power Settings

Change the Device ID

"Name"-> Device Name
"Desc"-> Device Description

Turn On Bluetooth Profile

"ON"=dword:00000001 ->0 if off

SMS Settings

SMS Notification Always On
SMSDeliveryNotify = dword:00000001 ->0 if off

Disable SMS Sent Notification
"SMSNoSentMsg"= dword:00000001 ->0 if Enable

Phone Settings

Phone Ringtone Script [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\ControlPanel\Sounds\RingTone0]
Change the value of "Script"
Here's the code:
a - stands for display
r - repeat/replay the script again
c - sets the volume C50, c150, c100
f - means flash .. f1 flash for 1 second and f0 stands for flash continuously
p -means play ringtone
v- vibrate then incorporate with number to state how many seconds it will vibrate example. v3 vibrate for 3seconds or v0 for continous
w - stands for wait or pause then specify how many seconds like w3(wait for 3 seconds)

Here's an example:
Flash - af1w60f0
Ring - apw3r
Ring Once - ap
Increasing Ring - c50apw3c150r
Vibrate Then Ring - v3w3apw3r
Vibrate - av3w3r
Short Vibrate - av1w3r
Vibrate Long Then Ring - v3w3v3w3apw3r
Vibrate And Ring - av0pw3r
Increasing Ring And Vibrate - c50apv3w3c150r
Fast Vibrate And Flash - af1v1w1f0r
Vibrate and Ring Continously without pausing - av0pr[/b]

Photo Album: Show Hidden Options

This will enable Hidden "Editor" Options
"Disable" -> Set 0 to Enable and 1 to Disable

Camera: Contact Photo Button

This will give you an extra button for taking smaller images.
"Enable" Set to 1 to enable and 0 to disable.

SMS and MMS Server Settings

*Short Route: Set your MMS Configuration then Export The Entire KEY


*More detailed info:
Important Configuration can be found in this section



*And here is a little understanding about MMS and SMS Registry Input
Setting the Server MMS Settings (MMS Settings->Server):

"1"="Globe"->Indicate the index 1 of Server MMS Settings.. identify in [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Arcsoft\ArcSoft MMS UA\Config\mm1] example "Globe" look below
"2"="test"->Indicate the index 2 of Server MMS Settings.. identify in [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Arcsoft\ArcSoft MMS UA\Config\mm1]
"DefaultSetting" -> Set which is the Default Server example set 1 if you want to set "Globe" or 2 if you want the "test".. setting 0 will indicate no Default Server Settings
"TotalSettings" -> View how many Server Settings Viewable, set 1 .. and only the Index 1 or "1" will be view in MMS Settings->Server Tab, 2 if you want "1" and "2" will be view .. etc

*To create Server Information
Create a Subkey in this Registry

Under the SUBKEY create the following Reg value
Name -> String (REG_SZ)
Gateway-> String (REG_SZ)
GatewayPort -> DWORD(REG_DWORD)
MmscURI-> String (REG_SZ)
SendDefault-> DWORD(REG_DWORD)
RecvDefault-> DWORD(REG_DWORD)

*Example of Server Configuration of "test" and "Globe"
[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Arcsoft\ArcSoft MMS UA\Config\mm1\test]
"Name"="Sample Server" -> Indicate the Server Name
"Gateway"="" -> Gateway Address
"MmscURI"="http://" -> the Server Address
"GatewayPort"=dword:000023F1 -> the Gateway Port Number(in decimal 9201)
"SendDefault"=dword:00019000 -> Sending Size Limitation ex. 100K= 19000HEX
"RecvDefault"=dword:0007D000-> Receiving Size Limitation ex. 500K= 7D000HEX

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Arcsoft\ArcSoft MMS UA\Config\mm1\Globe]

"Name"="Globe Telecom" -> Server Name
"Gateway"="" -> Gateway
"MmscURI"="" -> the Server Address
"GatewayPort"=dword:000023F1 -> the Gateway Port Number(in decimal 9201)
"SendDefault"=dword:00019000-> Sending Size Limitation ex. 100K= 19000HEX
"RecvDefault"=dword:0007D000-> Receiving Size Limitation ex. 500K= 7D000HEX

"SendCount"-> Setting how Many "Sending Size limitations" listed in DropDown Listed ..
"SendDefault"=dword:00019000 -> Setting the Default Send Limitation
"SendLimit1"=dword:0000C800 -> Send Limit one can be change ex. 50K=dword:0000C800
"SendLimit2"=dword:00019000 -> Send Limit two can be change ex. 100K=dword:00019000
"SendLimit3"=dword:0003E800 -> Send Limit three can be change ex. 250K=dword:00003E800

*Sending And Receiving Limitations will depend on your Telco Network .. in some country the maximum sending and recieving is only 100K

*Setting The Preferences MMS Settings (MMS Settings->Preferences Tab)
"SendDelayedNotifyResp" -> Set 0 if You want "Retrieve the Messages Immediately", 1 if you will just notify about the MMS receive and will not Download the messages until you tap the download button in the message

"DownloadHomeNetworkOnly" set 0 to "OK to Download when Roaming", 1 if you want Download only on the Home Network
"DefaultResolution"= Setting the sending "PHOTO RESOLUTION" on FF:
dword:00000000 -> QQVGA(160x120)
dword:00000001 -> QVGA(320x240)
dword:00000002 -> VGA(640x480)
dword:00000003 -> Original
"ConnectionVia"="Globe MMS Settings"-> Setting the Connect Via: .. ex Globe MMS Settings or The Internet
"SaveSentMessage"->set 1 if you want to Save the Messages in the Sent Folder, 0 if not

"TryDefault" -> Setting the "Attempts Before Giving UP" Connections
input 0 if will not Give up or 1 to 5 depends of how many tries you want

*Other Settings
[b]"MaxSlides"=->[/b] Setting the Maximum Slide that you can create .. Default is 9
"NeedLoadSimCard"-> Setting 1 will load all the contacts in your SIM card, 0 if not
"CaptureVideoEnable"-> Set 1 to Enable the "Capture Video ..." options or able to capture video in MMS Composer, 0 if not
"CameraEnable" ->Set 1 to Enable the "Capture Picture..." options or able to capture Picture in MMS Composer, 0 if not
"AlwaysChooseCustom"-> 1 if you want to Always Choose the Custom MMS template, setting 0 will always popup a MMS template everytime you want to create a MMS
"AutoResend"-> 1 to set Auto Resend if Sending Failed .. 0 if not

Other System Tweaks and Hacks

Set Display name order in Contacts

Note: Requires cproghook to be installed on your PDA
"FL"-> Set 0 if LastName then FirstName, 1 if FirstName then LastName

Changing the Message Sent Notification Message

Change the Value "MessageSent" to whatever you like the Default is "Message Sent"

Microsoft Bluetooth Stack Status after Softreset

"ScanMode" -> set 7 if Discoverable, 5 Turn on only, 0 if OFF

Broadcom/Widcomm Bluetooth Stack Status after Softreset

"StackMode" -> 0 means Bluetooth OFF, 1 Means Bluetooth ON

Broadcom/Widcomm Discoverable and Connectable

"WhoAllowedToConnect"-> if 0 No one allow to connect, 1 if All Devices allow to connectble, 2 if Paired Devices Only
"AllowOthersToDiscover"-> 0 if Bluetooth Undiscoverable, 1 if Discoverable

Broadcom/Widcomm Device Identification

"UsePocketPCName" -> 1 if you want to uset the Pocket PC Device ID Name, 0 if you want to set on your own Device ID
"DeviceName"-> Preffered BroadCom/Widcomm Device ID

Broadcom/Widcomm Setting maximum Simultaneous Connection


Changing Starting Page in PIE

[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main]
"Start Page"="" <-example

Setting ~ClearType Text in PIE

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Internet Settings]
"ClearTypeText"<- Set 1 to Enable Cleartype in PIE, 0 to Disable

Setting ~ClearType Text in Pocket PC thru Registry

Create a Subkey then Name it "CLEARTYPE"

Setting ClearType in landscape mode too (IF Cleartype is enabled, not effective but harmless otherwise)

Enable ClearType in Landscape mode
To enable:
OffOnRotation = 0 (DWORD decimal)
To disable:
OffOnRotation = 1 (DWORD decimal)

Settings Screen Text Size thru Registry

"CurFont"= change to the ff value ..
dword:00000258 -> Smallest
dword:000002BC -> Smaller
dword:00000320 -> Normal/Default
dword:000003E8 -> Larger
dword:0000044C -> Largest

Screen Orientation

Set the Screen Orientation thru Registry and works only after soft reset
Change the Value of "Angle" to the FF:
dword:00000000 or dword:00000360 -> Portrait Mode
dword:00000090 -> Landscape(Right-Handed)
dword:00000180 -> Portrait Up-side Down
dword:00000270 -> Landscape (Left-Handed)

Hide/Unhide Screen Orientation Option in Screen Module[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\GDI\ROTATION]
"HideOrientationUI" -> set 0 to unhide, 1 to hide

Set Fix Landscape(Right-Handed) Mode and No Landscape(Left-handed) in Screen Settings
"Landscapefixed"-> set 0 if disable, 1 to enable

Prevent Users from Installing Applications on your Blue Angel

1) Go to the HKLM\ControlPanel\AdminPassword\ key.
2) Rename the "Redirect" value to "xRedirect".
3) Soft reset.
4) Go to Start > Settings > System tab > Policy applet to set the policy restriction on the device.
This enables the built in Policy Editor on Pocket PC which can be used to prevent the addition of applications to your device.

Disable the Flashing Right Side Red/Green LED

1) Go to the HKLM\Drivers\BuiltIn\NLEDMgr key.
2) Rename the "Dll" value to "xDll"
3) Soft reset.
This COMPLETELY disables the right LED for ALL alerts.
The same can be done for the Left Blue LED by renaming the "Dll" value under the BWLEDMgr key.

For WM6 & WM6.1 do the following
1) Go to the HKLM\Drivers\BuiltIn\NLEDMgr\
2) set Index to 0
3) Go to HKLM\Drivers\BuiltIn\NLed\
4) Rename the "Dll" value to "xDll"
5) Soft reset, and your Green LED is flashing is disabled.

Put Date and Time in Top Bar

1) Go to the HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Shell key.
2) Add a Binary value called "TBOpt" if it does not already exist.
3) Set the value to "0x 00 00 00" where x=0 (Nothing), x=1 (Time), x=2 (Date) and x=3 (Date and Time)
4) Soft reset.

Change the Long Date to Your Own Format

1) Go to the HKLM\nls\Overrides key.
2) Add a String value called "SLDte" if it does not already exist.
3) Set the value to a valid date format (ie for "Tuesday 8 February 2005" use "dddd d MMMM yyyy")
4) Soft reset.

Disable the Start Menu Animation

1) Go to the HKLM\SYSTEM\GWE\Menu key.
2) Set the "AniType" value data to 0 (Set to 6 to return to full animation).
3) Soft reset.

Enable Window Animation

1) Go to the HKLM\SYSTEM\GWE key.
2) Set the "Animate" value data to 1 (Set to 0 to return to no animation).
3) Soft reset.

Pocket IE to Version 5.5 (For Secured Sites)

1) Go to the HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Internet Settings\User Agent\ key.
2) Set the default value to "Mozilla/4.0" (Default is "Mozilla/2.0").
3) Set the "Version" value to "MSIE 5.5" (Default is "MSIE 3.02").
4) Set the "Platform" value to "Windows NT 5.0" (Default is "Windows CE").
This will only work on some secure sites that check version number rather than perform a check for support of secured transactions.
This registry hack will make Pocket Internet Explorer identify itself as IE 5.5 on Windows 2000.
However it will prevent web sites that provide Pocket PC specific content to be able to know you're actually using a Pocket PC.

Change the Tap & Hold Dots Color

1) Go to the HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Color\ key.
2) Add a Binary value called "40" if it does not already exist.
3) Set the value to "rr gg bb 00" (RGB hex values 00 to FF so "FF 00 00 00" is Red), (RGB hex values 00 to FF so "00 FF 00 00" is Green),(RGB hex values 00 to FF so "00 00 FF 00" is Blue).

SMS Delivery Reports - Always on!

1) Go to the \HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Inbox\Settings\ key.
2) Add a Dword called "SMSDeliveryNotify" if it does not already exist.
3) Set the value to "(0x000001)" or just "1" depending on your reg editor.
No need for soft reset - create new SMS and check Tools > Options - already ticked for delivery notification.
Please note: This only works for NEW created messages - you stll have to manually select if replying or forwarding.

Change the width and height of scroll bars

1)Browse to \HKLM\SYSTEM\GWE\
2)cyHScr : Horizontal Scrollbars Height in pixels (default is 13)
3)cxHScr : Horizontal Scrollbars Width in pixels (default is 20)
4)cyVScr : Vertical Scrollbars Height in pixels (default is 20)
5)cxVScr : Vertical Scrollbars Width in pixels (default is 13)

Speed up your Display (Faster opening programs/menus)

Change the "limit" value :

2.1)4096 : this will slow down the display, but use less memory
2.2)8192 : this is the default value on Pocket PC, average memory/performances
2.3)16384 : this will speed up the display, but use more memory, twice the default Pocket PC value
2.4)32768 : Or even more

Enable built-in handsfree during a call:

Just press the call button (the green one) and hold for two seconds while calling.

End a GPRS connection fast

Just press the red button and hold for two secconds while connected.

Disable ringtone sound while someone is calling and you don't want to answer the call

Use the volume left button, it doesn't affect sound settings, just silents the ringer.

Set PIE Cache size

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Internet Settings\5.0\Cache\Content
Change the DWORD Data from 19456 (decimal value) to any value of your preference from 512 up to any given value (BoSJo's default BA value 42929).
Values reflect the size in KB.
Physical plasement = \Windows\Profiles\guest\Temporary Internet Files\Content.IE5

Microsoft Application Installer -> Changing the setting so that it asks you where to install a cab

"HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE" -> "SOFTWARE" -> "Apps" -> "Microsoft Application Installer"
and set fAskDest to 1 (0x1)

from now on, whenever you install anything, you'll get a popup confirming the installation destination folder, and storage device (memory, storage card, etc )

To Get The AM/PM on The Top Bar

1) Creat new String value with Name = S1159 & Data = Am.
2) Creat new String value with name = S2359 & data = Pm.
3) Creat new String value with name = STFmt & data = h:mm tM.
Capital letters and small letters must be followed exactly or it may cause hard resets!
You will get capital "AM/PM" on the top bar eventhough the registry data value above was entered as "Am/Pm"

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