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BlueAngel Windows Mobile 5.0 Home Page

The WM5 does not work on PH20A2 (Harrier) / CDMA device

Warning None of the version of WM5 is official - demanding help from your OEM (02, Vodafone whatever company!) is absolutely useless! Demanding help in forums without reading the wiki first is even more useless.


  Read this section first, as it will explain: 
  • How to discover your Device configuration
  • How to deal with different Operator and Language Codes
  • How to perform ROM upgrades the right way
  • BlueAngel WM5 For Beginners

Note: Any beginners who skip reading tutorials and go ahead to ask a question in forum will be considered as amoron_

Rom Kitchen

  • Use the ROM Kitchen If you want to roll your own ROM. Check the forum,as information pops up there before being posted in the wiki


Warning: Do NOT use ANY backup software when upgrading ROMs!! If you have to, ONLY backup your PIM data, nothing else, you MUST re-install your softwares.


Problems (Read here before posting on Forum):

Hacks & Tweaks:

WM5 Projects and Problems:

History of development

history page

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