HTC Blueangel WM5 WizardPort v2a

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HTC Wizard WM5 ROM ported to Blue Angel devices - now version 2a

Mamaich has recently ported the WM5 ROM from the HTC Wizard to our BA devices - original thread can be found here.

Please note: This ROM is BETA and has many bugs, you can possibly screw up your device and such. But don't be too scared, you can go back to the official ROM if you follow the safer instructions here.

Here are the advantages and features of the new ROM:

  1. Speed: This ROM is faster than any previous ones
  2. Stability: This ROM seems to be more stable than the previous ones
  3. Working MMS client
  4. Midi and MP3 ringtone support
  5. DirectX mobile/Direct3D mobile (xscale-optimized 3D driver)
  6. Built-in cyberon voice-dial
  7. Wizard's battery indicator, device lock on today
  8. Some cosmetic changes
  9. 32 Mb RAM disk
  10. New look in cleartype - If you turn on cleartype, the fonts will look, well, different... personally I like it
  11. Bugfixes

Here are the current, unsolved bugs of this ROM so far:

  1. Bluetooth disconnect bug is still there, profiles are not tested, and may be broken.
  2. The device cannot be used as an IR/USB modem.
  3. Midlet manager is not working
  4. Voice Command BT Headset Dial (by renaming voicecmd.exe to sddialer.exe) does not work (tested)

Installation instructions

  1. Read This for resizing your storage to 60 MB (step 6)
  2. Download the ROM from here
  3. Download GetDeviceData. Copy to your device, run it, then copy \Windows\DeviceData.txt to your PC.
  4. Download EditFix.bat and XDA3NbfTool. Patch your ROM with the data in DeviceData.txt -- read EditFix.bat for the how-to. (if you are only updating nk.nbf, you may see ms_.nbf: No such file or directory, or radio_.nbf: No such file or directory - that is OK)
  5. Create "EXTROM" foder on your storage card, copy there the contents of EXTROM folder from this archive. The full name of this directory on your device should be "\Storage Card\EXTROM".
  6. Put your device into bootloader mode (How-to here). It is not always necessary, but some users used to have problems with upgrading if they did not enter the bootloder mode manually.
  7. Flash the ROM.
    • If your device is not recognized, make sure you use a fresh Windows XP SP2 or Windows 2000 SP4 installation with Active Sync 4.1.
    • Removing the SD Card may help, too
  8. Do a WM5 hard reset. ( How-to here)
  9. Boot. During the first boot the CAB-files from "EXTROM" folder would be installed. They are unsigned, so you should press "yes" when asked, and install them to the default folder. This process would be silent on newer builds of this ROM.

Note for modifying the EXTROM folder:

All CAB-files should have read-only attribute set. Otherwise they would be deleted after installation. This would be fixed in the future releases. And Config.txt is renamed to Cfg.txt.

CAB files:

Missing-Files.CAB - must be always installed. Wizard's ROM is larger than ours, so several files had to be removed and placed to this CAB.
Default_SmartDialing_enable_0915_signed.CAB - these 4 are from original Wizard's ROM. - camera app and drivers

Solution to bugs

"Record" button is fixedly mapped to Voice Dial

Just remove registry entry LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\OEM\VoiceCommand to have it fixed, then turn off your device for 10-15 secs and do a softreset. Additionaly you can remove the sddaemon shortcut from \windows\startup folder.

File system speed up registry tweaks are not in the ROM

Install the file from here, then turn off your device for 10-15 secs and do a softreset.

Music playback issues

Install the file from here, then turn off your device for 10-15 secs and do a softreset. It is recommended to use GSPlayer for playback.

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