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Blue Angel Windows Mobile 6.0 Home Page

WM6 does not work on the PH20A2 (Harrier) / CDMA devices

Warning None of the versions of WM6 are official - demanding help from your OEM (02, Vodafone whatever company!) is absolutely useless! Demanding help in forums without reading the wiki first is even more useless.

Thanks goes to Helmi who made this possible. ALso to MAMAICH,Bepe,Itsme, luv2chill aka Dan at, Misar (great man!), misar, Cmonex, Pof, XOJ Indonesia Community, Especially the indra9110 & black_shadows5150, Biohead, Baniazcek, xplode, kerio, Tautara, imatrix, LGSilva, KanuUli and All who help and support that I cant mention it all... Thanks Guys!

Thanks also to sun_dream for his great work.

Wizard Style WIKI

If you are new in here or just prefer "windows" style information use this one. It covers upgrading, downgrading, problem solving, settings and gps/wifi registry hacks: Run the wizard (in development)

Hacks & Tweaks:

  • Solution for cracking when playing Music in WMP of SD Card (By krishan2207):

This is a registry hack, go to hklm/drivers/sdcard/clientdrivers/class/sdmemory_class and from here modify the value of "Blocktransfersize" from 128 to 64. It will fix the media player sound cracking but also slightly decrease the data writing speed on your card. this will not harm your card and your card will work perfectly with your card reader. If you don't use the card reader, then when you want to transfer large amounts of data(above 256 mb) you can increase this value up to 512.


  • Understanding Extrom
  • RADIO ROM flashing
  • Installers .msi

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