HTC Typhoon

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HTC Typhoon

Qtek 8010 / Dopod 565 / i-mate SP3 / Orange SPV C500 / T-Mobile SDA / Audiovox SMT-5600 / UTStarcom & Verizon SMT5600 / Krome Intellekt iQ700 / Eurotel Smartphone II / Telefonica TSM520

there are several similar devices, codenames Vivida and Amadeus. see HTC_PhoneModels for an overview of brand names under which htc phones are sold.

one thing to note, is that there is no memory mapped rom visible. at boot time, all code is loaded in RAM from a disk-on-chip. the first XIP section is loaded entirely in RAM, the rest is mounted via BINFS.

The bootloader works quite similar to that of the Himalaya, HTC Magician and Blueangel

Specs of some HTC Typhoon clones

the device

the sp3 is build around the ti omap 730 cpu


the bootloader

enter bootloader, by turning off device, then hold down camera button, and briefly press the power button.

see for more info

an easier way, that does not require the right timing for button presses, is to hook your device to usb, turn it off. press the camera button, it should immediately enter the bootloader.

hard reset

using clearstorage

to hardreset the device, you can either use the 'clearstorage' application from the accessories menu, this will delete everything from \storage, all applications you installed yourself.

using the bootloader

  • turn the device off
  • press both softkeys ( the 2 keys directly under the screen, used to open menu's etc. )
  • briefly press the power button, 1 to 1.5 sec.
  • keep holding down the softkeys.
  • after about 1 second, you should see the bootsplash screen for about 1 second,
  • then you a black screen with 'press 0 to restore factory defaults'
  • pressing '0' now will hard reset your device.
  • note that the hard reset takes quite a while, several minutes.

misc info

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Software upgrades

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