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Summary of the 29 June 2005 WordPress IRC Meetup.

The Raw log is available.

WordPress Wednesday

  • photomatt right now two JS hackers from jotspot and the Dojo project are over at my place hacking away

Past Topics


The official directory could use some coding help.

  • photomatt: 'no progress has been made since last week', so nothing new to report.
  • mdawaffe asks if only photomatt is working on it?
  • photomatt: just me right now. Firas is working on something similar and I'd be happy to have some help with what we're doing
  • Firas: yeah, i'd be happy to help out with the official directory but i also don't want to limit to the svn repo in terms of listinsg

Quick Linking to Codex

WordPress Support forums will gain ability to link to Codex articles with the Pagename syntax used in MediaWiki.

  • mdawaffe: 'a quick-link syntax would be divine: Template Tag or codex Template Tag /'
  • photomatt: 'that would be groovy'
  • skippy: 'is there a preference for quick-link syntax? [[]] == bbPress. / == faux HTML.'
  • photomatt: I really like the [[]] syntax

(Most who chime in agree that [[]] is good.)

Work on the WordPress logo is on hold for now, awaiting a new design.

photomatt: new logo is waiting for the new design, which is currently on hold because more important stuff is taking precendence Jalenack: is there a link with current status of the image? MCincubus: but nothing really to discuss mdawaffe: photomatt: will the new whatnot be rolled out before or with the next version? mdawaffe: but i suppose it doesn't really matter photomatt: yeah it's not really a release holdup

Suggested Topics

WordPress Openness

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