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bin files

this file is generated by microsofts romtools, but I never seen it in an official distribution for Wallaby upgrades.

these files contain most information, several non-contigouos blocks may be present and an entrypoint in the code.

  1. a 7 character signature "B000FF\n" ( that is with 3 zeroes, and ending in a linefeed )
  2. DWORD for image start
  3. DWORD for image length
  4. followd by several records of this format:
    1. DWORD with address where this block is to be flashed to
    2. DWORD with the length of this block
    3. DWORD with the 32 bit checksum of this block, in perl: unpack("%32C*", $data);
    4. followed by <length> bytes of data
  5. the last record has address ZERO, in the length the entrypoint into the rom, and ZERO as checksum.

all dwords are stored bigendian/intel byte order