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In addition to the typical installation of WordPress, there are other ways to install WordPress to consider.

Want to use WordPress in a language other than English? There are various versions, tips, sites, and support forums for the various languages of WordPress. Considering moving your old blog to WordPress? If you are working on developing WordPress Themes or Plugins, you may consider installing WordPress to your computer so you can work without connecting to the Internet. There are also tips for installing WordPress to a Linux server.

If you are new to WordPress, we recommend that you start with the introduction to installing WordPress and review the hosting requirements, working with FTP client programs, and be sure you know how to change file and folder permissions on a server.

These special installation techniques are not for the novice. Be sure you backup everything and keep extra copies of your WordPress files, Themes, and Plugins, just in case.

If you are nervous about installing WordPress, do not use these special techniques, simply follow the simple to use WordPress installation instructions and guide

Installing WordPress in Your Language

To install WordPress in a language other than English, see Installing WordPress in Your Language and WordPress in Your Language for support and files.

Moving to WordPress

If you are moving to WordPress from another blogging platform, these articles and tips may help you to import your former blog's content into your new WordPress blog.

Updating/Upgrading WordPress

There are various ways to update your WordPress blog.

Installing WordPress Locally

There are a variety of articles on and off the WordPress Codex to show you how to install WordPress locally - on your own computer. These techniques involve installation of files and programs that turn a portion of your computer's hard drive into a server.

Using Various Web Host Interfaces

Some web hosts allow installation of WordPress through their server interfaces. Here are some articles on how to use the most popular web host interfaces.

Customizing Your WordPress Installation

There may be times when you need a custom form of installation to work WordPress into an already existing website or installing it to its own directory on your server.